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  • Child-raising until 3 years old · Free app that lets you learn about the growth of babies - Child care notebook
  • Child-raising until 3 years old · Free app that lets you learn about the growth of babies - Child care notebook
  • Child-raising until 3 years old · Free app that lets you learn about the growth of babies - Child care notebook
  • Child-raising until 3 years old · Free app that lets you learn about the growth of babies - Child care notebook
  • Child-raising until 3 years old · Free app that lets you learn about the growth of babies - Child care notebook
  • Child-raising until 3 years old · Free app that lets you learn about the growth of babies - Child care notebook
Description of 3才までの子育て・赤ちゃんの成長を学べる無料アプリ-育児手帳

* Children's growth is understood properly! Q & A, useful information as well!
* You can record your child's "done" with photos and comments!
* Since the number of days since birth is automatically displayed, I will not forget the anniversary!

■ Voice of senior mother "I am recommending it by the hospital teacher and using it"
"I can work on child rearing with confidence"
"It will be a measure of what we can do from now on."
"It will solve the question that matches the age of the age clearly"
"Even though it is supervised by a doctor and an expert, various information can be seen for free and it is convenient!"
"Read the past articles and be useful"
"Even if you are busy, it will be easier to use and easy to use!

■ Concept of Child Care Handbook The child care notebook is a popular free application that makes it easy to understand childcare from babies to infants 3 years old with information supervised by hospital teachers and experts.

"Week's Baby", "Child care Q & A", "Useful information", a growth column of children arriving weekly. The child care notebook firmly supports parenting life with many uneasiness and many doubts with various contents (eg breast-feeding, information on immunization etc.).
In "child rearing record" which can record the growth of child, we can understand child's growth more deeply with commentary referring to "Denver type development screening test".

In addition, if a hospital in hospital is cooperating with "child care notebook", advice and notification from the hospital will be delivered to your smartphone.

Now, "child care notebook". Please spend peace of mind every day that you can feel the growth of your child.

■ Perfect for such a person "Anxiety at first child-rearing ..."
"I want to know the growth of a baby"
"I want to record what I have done day by day with pictures and comments"
"I want to know advice from the hospital"
"I want to know reliable information supervised by experts, not by word of mouth"
"I do not want to forget about anniversaries such as 100 days after birth"
"There are various information, but I do not know what to believe"
"First child, second child, third child ... I want to record with one application"
"There are things that you can argue with your mother-in-law, but I would like you to learn the difference between your child-rearing theory and the past"
· · It is an application perfect for such mama.

■ Main functions and contents of childcare notebook ○ Old birthday counter After registering birthday, the number of days since a birth and the age are automatically displayed. Now, it is easy to understand how many days, weeks after birth from childbirth.

○ Child-nursed educational record children made! You can record with photos and comments. You can look back on the growth log with the diary feel.

○ This Week's Baby
We will deliver a column on child development and development, how to care for you, how to interact, and physical condition management of mama and dad every week.

○ Child-rearing Q & A
We will deliver Q & A supervised by pediatricians and experts according to your child's growth, with reference to questions raised from parenting mothers and dads.

○ What you want you to do for your child (* 1)
Advice on parenting is distributed weekly from hospital where child goes.

○ Notice from hospital (※ Note 1)
Notifications of leave information and events will be received from hospitals currently in attendance.

○ Hospital Page (* Note 1)
We will introduce various information of the hospital you go through from address and telephone number to facility information and service introduction.

○ Emergency telephone consultation We will inform you of the number that can receive advice on the phone in case of emergency.

○ MY emergency contact information You can register information necessary for emergency such as hospitals and family contacts that pass through

○ Useful Information Pick up topics such as goods and services that make parenting more enjoyable and make mothers and children comfortable. We will deliver it according to your child's age.
※ Note 1: "What you want for your child" "Notice from hospital" "Hospital page" can be used only when a hospital in the hospital is affiliated with "child care notebook".

■ Thank you for your interest in the child care notebook from the child care note production staff.
The first childcare, the one who is already raising children, is uneasy about parenting.
I made an application that supports child rearing up to 3 years old, which will keep me close to such feelings.
The most sticking thing is to distribute information on supervision of doctors and experts.
As an obstetrician or an expert recommending an obstetrician working on the front line, "Childcare notebook" will be helpful to your childcare.
If you can use it, I am waiting for your impressions.

■ When there is a problem with the application, there is a request for improvement We are sorry to trouble you very much, please do not hesitate to contact us from "Help", "Contact Us" in the application.

■ Press Release
# Shokudensha "nina's" was taken up as "Papa mama's child rearing new classic"! (2016.8.6)
# Takarajima "Talk of Money When You Can Do Baby" was featured as a "Perfect Follow App for Parenting the First Doki Doki"! (2016.1.23)
# It was featured as "the strongest application that Mama gets" at Asahi Shimbun Publishing "AERA with Baby" (February issue)! (2016.1.15)
# Won the 9th Kids Design Award! (2015.7.3)
# It was featured as "app that understands child's growth & recording point" by mobile phone Watch! (2014.12.19)
# Medical Category Free We have won first place in new arrival! (2014.12.1)

■ Credit planning, development and operation Hakuhodo DY Media Partners

Version history 3才までの子育て・赤ちゃんの成長を学べる無料アプリ-育児手帳
New in jp.co.hakuhodody.media.ikujitecho 1.3.0
Thank you for always using "child care notebook". Please update to the latest version so that you can comfortably use "child care notebook". · Version 1.3.0 - Enhanced content of parenting records. Please contact us from the menu [Help] → [inquiries] for opinions and requests. I would like to ask you for your future "child care notebook"
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