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  • 티머니GO–고속/시외, 택시, 따릉이, 씽씽, 티머니고
  • 티머니GO–고속/시외, 택시, 따릉이, 씽씽, 티머니고
  • 티머니GO–고속/시외, 택시, 따릉이, 씽씽, 티머니고
  • 티머니GO–고속/시외, 택시, 따릉이, 씽씽, 티머니고
  • 티머니GO–고속/시외, 택시, 따릉이, 씽씽, 티머니고
  • 티머니GO–고속/시외, 택시, 따릉이, 씽씽, 티머니고
Description of 티머니GO–고속/시외, 택시, 따릉이, 씽씽, 티머니고

Integrated mobile platform in my hand! Experience a mobility life that adds to your life with T-Money GO.

■ Integrated express/intercity bus reservation
· For the first time in the country, you can search for, reserve, and use routes for express and intercity buses in one app, T-Money GO.

■ Taxi call service
· T-money onda taxi call service that comes when you call is also available in T-money GO.

■ Convenient use of Ttareungi
· The same ticket used in the “Seoul Bike Ttareungi” app can be conveniently used in T-Money GO.
· Try using the shortest route guidance function using Ttareungi and public transportation.

■ Singsing kickboard use in T-money GO
· As with the “Singsing” app, you can rent and return it in T-money GO.
· Find the nearest Thingsing location and check the remaining battery level and driving range in advance.

■ Transfer rewards are only available in T-money GO
· Use Ttareungi/Singsing and public transportation to transfer and receive daily transfer rewards.
· Transfer rewards can also be applied to express/intercity buses and public transportation.

■ Use of GO mileage
· Transfer rewards/mileage accumulated by public transportation can be used in all transportation modes of T-money GO.

[Service Access Rights Guide]
■ Required access rights
· Device and app record: Check app errors and manage member information
· Camera: Scan the QR code and take a picture of the return location
· Storage: Save the ticket, attach files
· Bluetooth: Connect the bicycle to the mobile phone when renting a QR Ttareungi

■ Select Access Rights
Location: Current location information, departure and destination settings
Notification: Notifications and benefits provided by T-Money GO
*Selective access rights require permission when using the corresponding function Available.

[Customer Center]
T-Money GO Customer Center 1644-9255

Version history 티머니GO–고속/시외, 택시, 따릉이, 씽씽, 티머니고
New in kr.co.tmoney.tia 2.1.7
1. 티머니GO 씽씽 서비스 전국 확대!
- 티머니GO에서 전동킥보드 '씽씽'이 배치된 모든 지역에서 대여 가능합니다!
이제는 티머니GO에서도 GO마일리지를 통해 할인된 요금으로 이용해보세요!

2. 티머니GO에서 사용 가능한 GO마일리지 무료적립 가능!
- 모든 서비스에서 결제 가능한 티머니GO 마일리지를 무료로 적립해보세요!

3. 티머니GO 메인화면 UI 개편!
- 부르면 오는 “티머니onda”의 택시 호출 서비스도 이젠 “티머니GO”에서 만나보세요!

4. 서비스 이용 개선
- 카드등록 절차 개선 (OCR 도입)
- 고속/시외 예매 시 카드등록 없이 결제서비스 지원 등
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