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Screenshots of DynastyDetective
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
  • 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
Description of 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임

Joseon Fantasy Monster Mystery Story Game [Jeongjeong Yadam: Paldo Gyeonmunrok]

“People often misunderstood. Humans are the only beings with intelligence in heaven and earth.”

○ Game Introduction

[Jeonggeum Yadam: Paldo Gyeonmunrok] is a visual novel style mystery story game set in a fictional Joseon, where monsters haunt.

Joseon is in chaos due to the movements of fallen monsters.
Become 'Dosa Jeong', a monster extermination expert,
and solve mysterious cases in various parts of Joseon with 'Soldier Cho', a former military officer!

○ Synopsis

Long ago, the Jade Emperor, who felt
pity for humans on the earth, gave orders to the gods of the good world.

“Go down and benefit humans widely.”

The divine beasts descended to the earth and helped humans build civilization.
Satisfied with his appearance, the Jade Emperor begins to fall asleep while sitting on the throne.

Many years have passed since then.

After completing their mission, the gods wanted to return to the realm of the gods, but
they couldn't because of Sangje's order.

The divine beasts imprisoned on the earth gradually lost their nature and became corrupted.
Humans started calling them evil monsters.

The four gods, who looked over the earth on behalf of the Jade Emperor, were among human beings.
I entrust the extermination of monsters to those with the most powerful swordsmanship.

That's people like me.

It must be difficult to get rid of monsters, but... .

If the price is eternal life, is
n't he a surplus business?

○ Gameplay

1. Episode Composition
- Monsters are entangled in the background of each town in 8 Joseon provinces. Play various episodes reconstructed based on local tales and uncover the truth behind the incident.
- Supports 3 to 4 multi-ends per episode

2. Reasoning
- Investigate the scene of the incident, and collect the clues necessary to solve the case.
- Talk to NPC characters to obtain testimony.
- Construct a reasoning based on the obtained clues and testimonies.
- Combine the inferences you've made to arrive at the conclusion of the case. Of the many conclusions, there is only one truth.

3. Encounter
- If you correctly point out the culprit (or culprit) of the case, you will enter into a one-on-one logical confrontation.
- Break through the lies of the darkness and attack with clues.

4. Character Chemistry
- The player takes the position of 'Master Jeong' and goes on a journey with his fellow 'Sergeant Joe'.
- Experience the story of Doo Jeong and Military Officer Cho growing up through various incidents.
- If you need a hint during play, you can consult with Officer Joe at any time.

○ Skin System

- Purchase the skins of 'Master Jeong' and 'Sergeant Joe' through in-game currency.
- Skins are divided into 3 types: head, accessories, and body.
- Meet skins with various themes, from items that have proven traditional clothing of the Joseon Dynasty to items implemented with virtual concepts.
Developer contact:
Mobile phone +082-010-9354-0665

Version history 청구야담 : 팔도견문록 - 조선판타지 괴물 추리게임
New in DynastyDetective 0.97.04
1. 에피소드별 타이틀 카드 추가
2. 이야기 5 대사 오탈자 수정
3. 핫스팟 보는 중에 심안 사용 시 핫스팟 아이콘이 표기되지 않는 문제 수정
4. 일부 기기에서 이야기 하나 진행되지 않는 문제 수정
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