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Screenshots of iClinic
  • Medical calendar and chart
  • Medical calendar and chart
  • Medical calendar and chart
  • Medical calendar and chart
  • Medical calendar and chart
  • Medical calendar and chart
  • Medical calendar and chart
  • Medical calendar and chart
Description of Agenda e prontuário p/ médicos

With the iClinic Android app you have full control of your clinic or doctor's office in the palm of your hand.

In addition to all the benefits of the system, you still have exclusive features that will make your day-to-day life even easier!

Through the App you can:
# Check your patients' electronic medical records at any time and place;

# Receive alerts whenever your queries are rescheduled or unchecked;

# Protect your data by making it accessible only with your personal password;

# Send photos directly from the camera to your patients' medical records;

# Track your medical calendar: tag, cancel, or reschedule your cell phone appointments;

# Follow the statistical panel with the main indicators of your clinic or
doctor's office;

# Register, verify and edit all the data and contacts of your patients.

All application features are free for iClinic customers.

Download the iClinic app now and have the best system for clinics and doctors' offices on your Android.

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Version history Agenda e prontuário p/ médicos
New in iClinic 2.6.3
Sincronização em tempo real dos eventos na agenda entre múltiplos dispositivos
New in iClinic 2.6.2
- Correção que impedia a renderização da lista de pacientes
New in iClinic 2.5.2
- Adjusted the times that were in random order
- All schedules until the end of the service
- Possible to change agenda from one professional to another
New in iClinic 2.3.0
Correction in the Authentication screen, which presented an error that prevented the user from accessing the system
New in iClinic 2.2.0
- Checkbox with option to save credentials
- When you select a date in Calendar, when creating an event, that date is already filled
- New style for the button and for the fields of insertion of data
New in iClinic 2.1.0
- New UI for scheduling list (icon and description of scheduling status)
- Fixed the header of the add schedule screen
- Fixed edit schedule screen header
- Editing the scheduling status
New in iClinic 2.0.1
"We know that changes are not always easy, but we think of this new design based on the feedback we receive from all our customers, and we also have the support of many of them throughout the process of developing our new experience.
Technical Notes:
- New added permission: android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission
New in iClinic 1.0.11
Correction in communication with our team.
New in iClinic 1.0.10
Correction in support chat communication.
New in iClinic 1.0.9
- Performance improvements; - Integration with our support team;
New in iClinic 1.0.6
The latest version of the iClinic app for Android has the latest features: - Fixed notifications that were not reaching users of the app; - Inclusion of chat to contact iClinic support.
New in iClinic 1.0.4
With the new version of the iClinic app you can: - Change the scheduling status; - Choose which agenda you want to view (receptionist profile); - Easier to choose the time of the appointment; - Make the block for an entire day (and add description). We corrected bugs in the scheduling with the profile of receptionist and the insertion of images in the service in progress. We've also made improvements to the usability and performance of the app. Check out all the improvements: https://goo.gl/7uTt86
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