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  • Cyber Compact (Havalandırma ve EPEF Hesaplama)
  • Cyber Compact (Havalandırma ve EPEF Hesaplama)
  • Cyber Compact (Havalandırma ve EPEF Hesaplama)
  • Cyber Compact (Havalandırma ve EPEF Hesaplama)
  • Cyber Compact (Havalandırma ve EPEF Hesaplama)
  • Cyber Compact (Havalandırma ve EPEF Hesaplama)
Description of Cyber Compact (Havalandırma ve EPEF Hesaplama)

Performance is very important in broiler breeding. Various calculations are made to determine performance all over the world. The most used performance criteria in broiler breeding are the values ​​called FCR and EPEF. Performance is calculated and efficiency is evaluated according to these values, which are an important criterion for many companies in the world.

Broiler farming in our country is mostly done according to the production method we call contract production. Firms provide chicks, feed and other services to breeders. At the end of the term, it pays the farmer a fee according to the performance. FCR and EFEF are very important in evaluating this performance.
EPEF is the abbreviation of the words European Efficiency Productivity Factor.

It was transferred to Turkish as the European Productivity Index. Again, it is an important value in broiler breeding. In fact, it is a criterion that emerged with the detection of the inadequacy of the FCR value in calculating efficiency.

When calculating productivity by looking at FCR, criteria such as average live weight, average slaughter age, mortality rate were not taken into account. As a result, a flock with an FCR of 1,600 but an average body weight of 1,750 kg appeared to be more efficient than a flock with an FCR of 1,700 but an average live weight of 2,450 kg. However, the second option for the company was more profitable than the FCR being higher. Again, mortality and average slaughter age were also important. Taking these into consideration, EPEF emerged.

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