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Screenshots of EPHEMERAL
  • EPHEMERAL -français-
  • EPHEMERAL -français-
  • EPHEMERAL -français-
  • EPHEMERAL -français-
  • EPHEMERAL -français-
Description of EPHEMERAL -français-

※ This is the French version App of "EPHEMERAL -The residents in the dark-"

A dark fantasy work that will surprise you with its lovely illustrations---

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◆Recommended for users who…
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・are interested in romance games or otome game genre.
・want to play high quality otome game
・like the genre fantasy
・like to live a college life
・like shoujo manga and Japanese animation
・have an interest in werewolves and vampires.
・want to read a serious story
・want to read sweet nothings that will make your heart skip a beat wildly.
・Want to read a story with some twists.

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Far from any contact, Cloé (changeable name) lived locked up in an isolated village , surrounded by barriers like a bird in a cage.

Including her, the inhabitants were zombies.

And before they could let go of their last breaths, taking their own lives was the daily life of many of them in this peaceful place...

Until one fine day, the destiny of our heroine is upset by the arrival of a letter of admission from the famous school of which she had dreamed so much, she, so curious about the outside world.

You could find Mummy, Werewolf, Vampire, Mummy...

Live a life full of surprises in the company of charming residents of Darkness! Where a forbidden love will cross the social boundaries that separate them――

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◇Shiba (Wolf Man)
Clear, kind, and a bit mean...he's always in the middle of the class. He tries to make it look trendy and classy......?

◇Nagi (The Invisible Man)
Good for studies and kind, more than anyone.
Contrary to his gentle and tender appearance, he is an honest and mature boy.
He can sometimes show a morose expression from one second to the next which could surprise more than one.

◇Ray (Vampire)
He is an arrogant man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Coming from a powerful class, he is very proud of his origins. He has an obsession for beautiful things. All these prey must have a beautiful face.

◇Natsume (Mummy)
Cool and seems to keep his distance but has a commanding presence. Although he is a low-class mummy, he remains very elegant in his manner and is also very intelligent. A strange character.

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All characters have 10 episodes and 2 different endings. The prologue and the first episode are free.

As you progress through the story you will be faced with different choices. Depending on the choice you have chosen, the opinion of the characters will change. Improve your good impression gauge to get the good ending!

◆General Information
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・Free download (some episodes will be chargeable)
・Memory required: 100MB

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◆About the company
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About Hunex Company -- We have developed many genres of games whose major themes are: Dream, Emotion and Courage! Using the knowledge and technology we possess, we have done our best to share high quality applications with you.

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Version history EPHEMERAL -français-
New in EPHEMERAL 1.2.1
・Corrections de bugs et améliorations des performances.
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