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  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
  • Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
Description of Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda

Gebbe Mobile Application video and text contents have been professionally prepared by Gynecologists, Midwives, Obstetrics Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Healthcare Professionals, Pregnant Yoga and Pilates Instructors. During pregnancy, videos suitable for every week come to the weekly screen of pregnant women. The most accurate processes are recommended to you during your pregnancy.

You can follow your pregnancy day by day, week week pregnancy processes with Gebbe and perform pregnancy follow-up. Gebbe is a pregnancy application that you can easily use. You can follow topics such as nutrition during pregnancy and weight gain during pregnancy.

Weekly Mother Development

On the page with the illustrated image of the baby in that week according to the gestational week, the mother; He sees his weight, his supposed weight, the doctor's video with explanations for that week, weekly tips, dietician recommendations and exercise videos.

Weekly Baby Development While the

user can see the week of pregnancy at the top, the page divided into three includes information about the size, weight / gram of the baby, the time to birth and the development process of the baby that week.

Weekly Exercise

User on this page, specially prepared for pregnant women; It will reach videos of yoga, pilates and breathing work. Yoga and Pilates videos are divided into sections and the expectant mother is free to watch the part she chose. The videos differ according to the times of every week and every 3 months (Trimester).

Weekly Nutrition In

this section, the user will find nutrition recommendations specially prepared by nutritionists. When the mother records her current weight in the system, the weight that she should have is calculated and accordingly, the daily calorie intake is displayed on the screen automatically.


The product recommendations that the pregnant woman should use according to the relevant week are made. The pregnant woman sees the products and product categories specially recommended for her. Clicking on the products is directed to the relevant product at www.gebbemarket.com.

Calendar and Forum

User can follow doctor appointment date, medication reminders, if any, event days organized by Gebbe application, shopping list and personal notes in this section.


Notification Thanks to the notifying feature of the application, pregnant women can learn about the week's symptoms, the exercises they missed, and a new response to a topic they are interested in on the forums through notifications on their phones.

Weekly Tips

It is the area where the specific symptoms of the pregnant women are reported beforehand. It is the part where the changes will be in the pregnant women that week and how they should behave in the face of these changes. It is also recommended here if there is a product required for the relevant symptoms.

Version history Gebbe - Gebeliğin Her Anında Yanınızda
New in geBBe 1.2.0
- Google hesabı ile oturum açma eklendi
- Bebeğim ve ben modülü eklendi
- Tetkiklerim modülü eklendi
- Doktor randevularım modülü eklendi
- Hatırlatmalar modülü eklendi
- Bebek müzikleri modülü eklendi
- İyileştirmeler yapıldı
New in geBBe 1.1.9
- Kilitlenme sorunu giderildi.
- İyileştirmeler yapıldı.
New in geBBe 1.1.8
- Kalori hesaplama güncellendi.
- Kilo kontrolü hesaplaması güncellendi.
- İyileştirmeler yapıldı.
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