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  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
  • Hitradio Ö3
Description of Hitradio Ö3

With the official Ö3 app, you can listen to Ö3 live on your smartphone and listen to all programs over the past 7 days.

- Ö3-Player: On the display you can see the moderator of the current program and the cover of the hit song that was just played.
- 7-day player: You navigate comfortably in the program of the last 7 days and can listen to all programs and contributions. (For licensing reasons, all music tracks can be listened to, but not directly controlled.) No matter what you listen to, the contribution continues while you are browsing in the app. With the "Live" button you can easily return to the live program at any time. You can jump back and forth in the program with the "20 seconds" button.
- Search: Thanks to the search function, you can search for specific articles (e.g.: Alone against Kratky, Ö3-Mikromann) and listen to all episodes of the last 7 days at once.
- Under Highlights you will find the best contributions from the last 7 days (live guests, comedy, etc.) that we have selected for you. There you will also find the latest news program, the current weather forecast and the last time the traffic started.
- Ö3 Live Cam: You can take a look at the Ö3 broadcasting studio at any time, even in “landscape mode”.
- Podcasts: You will find all podcasts from Ö3, you can listen to them in the app immediately or load them into another pod catcher (iOS: Apple podcast, Spotify).
- Have a say: Let us know whether you want to hear the displayed hit more or less often. Your rating influences the weekly Ö3 listener charts.
- Favorites: Posts and favorite hits can be saved in your personal favorites list.
- Under Stories you will find the current articles on the Ö3 homepage (oe3.ORF.at).
- Ö3 traffic service: You will also find all current traffic reports on a road map and in a list.
- Send a personal message to Ö3 and send a photo, video or audio file directly to the Ö3 studio.
- Push messages: Activate numerous free push messages, the Ö3 news flash from the newsroom, the Ö3 sports news flash, the daily horoscope for your zodiac sign by Gerda Rogers, the weather for your state or, if you want, information about current Ö3 campaigns and sweepstakes. If you subscribe to the - Push message Ö3 highlights, we will send you a message so that you can listen to selected program highlights live (prominent live guests, unforgettable program moments).
- Clock radio & sleeping function: Let yourself wake up with Ö3. Use the sleep timer to fall asleep with Ö3.

Version history Hitradio Ö3
New in at.orf.android.oe3 2.1
• Dark Mode: The app supports the dark mode with its own elegant graphic implementation in the "Dark" setting under "Display".
• My alarm clock: Revised design for clearer setting of the alarm time.
• Traffic service: Messages are displayed more clearly on the map.
• Various bug fixes
New in at.orf.android.oe3 2.0.7
fixes and stability improvements
New in at.orf.android.oe3 2.0.5
Bug fixes and stability
New in at.orf.android.oe3 2.0.1
- With the new 7-day player all programs and contributions can be listened to.
- With the new search you can search for programs and contributions from the last 7 days.
- Under Highlights, the editors present selected program highlights from the past week.
- Podcasts: You can find all of Ö3's podcasts, listen to them immediately in the app or load them into another pod catcher.
New in at.orf.android.oe3 1.4.3
Improvement of the player.
New in at.orf.android.oe3 1.4.2
We've increased the discoverability of the live cam and improved some processes in the background.
New in at.orf.android.oe3 1.4.1
• Push messages: Messages from Ö3 can now contain a picture or a link. • Audio content can be stopped directly via the notification. • Until you log in with "Ö3-Connect", you will be able to read your full name and email address within the app, even though all personal data will be transmitted in encrypted form. • Various bug fixes
New in at.orf.android.oe3 1.4
Sleep timer: From now on you can also use the app to fall asleep with Ö3. With the sleep timer, the audio player automatically turns off after the set time. Various bugfixes.
New in at.orf.android.oe3 1.3.4
Bug fixing: The audio player has shut down after a few minutes in combination with the latest Android operating system (Android 7.0 Nougat). This error is fixed.
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