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Description of 說文字典

 Learning characters has never been an easy task, but characters are the foundation of all knowledge and subjects. No matter which country's characters you are learning, if you don't pay attention to the method, just learn word by word, it will be ineffective , it is also difficult to progress. If the efficiency of the learning method is too low and the process of looking up characters is too troublesome, you will develop the habit of not asking for deep understanding, and the articles you write will be full of mistakes and omissions. This is the main reason for the decline in the Chinese level of modern people.

 Thinking back to the Chinese language courses in the student days, the school focused on the standard answers of the exam. Under the atmosphere of the pressure of further education, students were passive in learning. If they had any questions, they would directly read the ready-made annotations, and seldom took the initiative to look them up in the dictionary. Under this kind of cramming education, reciting standard answers becomes the only way of learning, and there is no motivation to find answers by yourself. Since it is just memorizing by rote, of course there will be no difference in learning methods, and there will be no room for increased efficiency.

 In fact, the structure of Chinese characters is extremely rigorous. Whether it is the way of forming characters or the way of forming sentences, they all have extremely modular characteristics, which can be used to understand and deduce characters and improve the efficiency of learning. The ancients used Only by learning characters with these characteristics can we be familiar with ancient and modern articles and become a generation of literary giants. If modern people can make good use of science and technology and integrate learning methods, it will not be difficult to catch up with the ancients.

 However, although the dictionaries of apps are very popular today, and there are many softwares for learning Chinese characters, there are only a handful of apps that can really improve learning efficiency. The reason is that the way of learning Chinese characters has changed. The process, on the surface, is more in line with the standards of Western colloquial writing, but in fact it has caused structure confusion, difficulty in retrieval, and reduced learning efficiency. It seems that Chinese characters will never be learned. Generally, the applications designed only cater to the current learning style, but do not design applications for the characteristics of Chinese characters. Although there are many types, it makes people feel at a loss.

 We are fortunate to have discovered these problems at an early stage, found the right direction, invested a lot of effort in the research and development of "Shuowen Dictionary", and designed learning methods such as "graph analysis and font retrieval". Only by integrating ancient and modern characters at the same time can we learn Tracing back to the source, deducing the text, and improving learning efficiency.

 Now that the era of intelligence is coming, the original idea has finally been realized. To make the dictionary itself a real learning tool, we must thank the ancestors of Chinese civilization. It is they who created Chinese characters so scientifically and elegantly that future generations can achieve this ideal. We also hope to fulfill our responsibilities as scientific and technological people , worthy of the long history of Chinese characters.

1. Tree structure [Glyph Analysis]
  uses [Tree structure] to analyze the shape structure of individual characters in detail, and lists [Xiaozhuan] and [Regular script] for comparison. You can also open each layer to observe the position of the radicals and analyze the strokes Changes, and related to the [Vocabulary List], one [click] action to view related explanations, eliminating the cumbersome query process and improving learning efficiency.

  If you compare the way of grouping characters in Western characters, most of the [initials, endings, and roots] of Pinyin characters are just [syllables] rather than complete single characters, while Chinese is a model of [grouping characters by characters]. For grouped characters, each [radical component] is a complete word, so it is most suitable to use a multi-layered [dendrimer] to present its structure.

2. Dynamic [radical prompt]
  According to the input [radical combination], a high-brightness color is displayed in the [font] of a single character to highlight the position of the radical.

  Since Chinese is a [square] text, each [radical] that makes up a single character is not [arranged in a straight line] and easy to distinguish like the letters of the pinyin text, but is combined into a square character in a [two-dimensional arrangement], and some The shape has been changed or simplified, which makes it difficult to identify, but only need to mark the position of the radical with a high-brightness color, and the original structure can be clearly presented.

3. Visual [Character Search]
  is different from other dictionaries on the market that use fixed [radicals table] or colloquial [Zhuyin, Pinyin] to retrieve individual characters, resulting in a lack of relevance in the search results. Instead, they use [ The [radical structure] defined by Grammarology, precise search for glyphs, and dynamic classification of words, so the search results have clear and rigorous relevance. Moreover, you can search for each level of a word, and then combine the function of [radical prompt] to achieve the effect of [what you see is what you get].

  Due to the differences in the principles of character formation between Chinese and Western characters, after countless years of [phonetic evolution], the [spelling] of pinyin characters will change with the spoken language, and most of the [prefixes, suffixes, roots] They all only preserve the syllables, not the complete text. Although the [oral language] of Chinese has evolved different pronunciations and dialects, the text itself has developed independently and has not changed with the [oral language]. Most of the text has been preserved. the complete structure of the original glyph. As long as the original structure preserved by this kind of writing is used, a series of words with (derivative meaning) can be searched from any single word.

4. Quick [Vocabulary Search]
  You can input [simplified and traditional characters, synonyms] at will, and the correct vocabulary will be found automatically. You only need to enter a few words in the vocabulary, and enter question marks (or spaces) for other uncertain parts. Can. Each different vocabulary found will be sorted according to the position of the entered [known words] in the vocabulary, and marked in red to improve the speed of visual search.

  The characteristic of Chinese is that each word is a fixed-sized square, and will not change shape with the different words and sentences used, unlike [Pinyin characters] whose length is not fixed and often changes, so the position of Chinese words in words and sentences is It can be accurately positioned, and it is very neat after sorting. Using the characteristics of this [square word] to design [vocabulary retrieval], users can easily and quickly find vocabulary.

5. Quick [interpretation search]
  Use [single finger] to click on the words in the [interpretation screen] to find the explanation and record the complete query process. You can open [History Records] and click on each record in the past, and you can quickly restore each action that has been operated, including [radical tree, word list, vocabulary list], all of which can be restored to the original state. This works better than bookmarks, and is useful for repeatedly going back and forth between explanations.

6. Complete [Favorite Words]
  is not only a simple collection of the name of [words] itself, but a complete collection of the current query status, including [input content, radical tree, word list, vocabulary list] can be completely collected Get up, save all the associations, and call it at any time to continue the query steps at that time.

7. The font can be scaled at will
  If there is something unclear, just use the [two-finger gesture] to zoom in on the screen at any time.

8. Vocabulary Pronunciation
  You can easily listen to the vocabulary pronunciation without having to look at the phonetic symbols.

9. Stroke exercises
  Provide stroke exercises that conform to the [radical structure], which can be copied directly on the screen. It can be combined with [stroke analysis] to open each layer of [radical tree] to observe each stroke of [regular script]. It can be seen that the [stroke shape and structure] of regular script are related to the corresponding [small seal script]. If you want to write good handwriting, you must first write the correct radicals, and then you can use your creativity.

10. Simplified and Traditional Search
  You can input [Simplified and Traditional] words at the same time, and both [Character Search and Vocabulary Search] are applicable. You can also press the [Jane] button at any time, and each window will switch fonts without interrupting any operation status.

Description of "Normal Edition":
After the first installation, you can check the explanation of [single words and vocabulary], and you can continue to increase the usage time of [full version] by clicking on the advertisement.

Description of "Subscription Edition":
The [Subscription] method is provided on the [Settings] screen, and the period is one year. During the subscription period, all functions are provided and advertisements are removed.

Business name: Shuowen Dictionary Studio
Unified number: 41402529

Version history 說文字典
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.8.56
Supplement and correct dictionary content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.8.55
Supplement and correct dictionary content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.8.54
Supplement and correct dictionary content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.8.53
and supplementary pronunciation and dictionary content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.8.45
Modified operation buttons: Cancel the [Stroke] and [Radical] buttons.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.8.24
supplements, correct dictionary content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.8.19
supplements, and corrections to dictionary content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.8.0
supplements, and corrections to dictionary content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.96
Amend and supplement dictionary content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.95
Enhanced "Dark Mode" font clarity.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.92
correction "OS multi-window mode" related issues.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.88
Adjust the dark mode of the picture.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.84
modify the "background color" related functions.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.81
new "Full screen" feature: hide [the status bar, navigation bar] to expand the display screen.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.76
1. Modify "Word List": word switching related functions.
2. Modify "Subscription Function": Upgrade to Android IAP 4.0.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.72
add "radical architecture": lack of word structure shows that the lack of the word search function.
Added "Range Retrieval": switch for displaying rare words.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.68
supplement, amend "radical retrieve" Kangxi orphan classical.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.65
Modify the "Interpretation Screen": [Structure, similarity, pronunciation] various signs.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.64
complement "shape retrieval, sorting" :【Mukouaidongzhongtongli is difficult to measure】and other radicals.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.13
correction "font scaling" Keystone vocabulary problem.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.12
Fixed the "font zoom" word screen offset problem.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.8
correction "phonetic, Phonics" font overlap.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.4
modify "radical brightness" related issues.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.7.0
new 'background brightness' adjustment.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.94
Modify the operation mode of "Window Layout" to avoid flickering.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.92
Fix "window layout" movement "frame, graphics" flicker problem.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.80
Fixed "Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese Switching": There are no simplified characters in [Re].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.79
Fix the "Structure" field: the problem of the parsing of single fonts.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.78
Add "shape-like structure": [橆=None].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.73
Added "Ad Mute" setting option.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.67
1. Amend "Structure": [Bar = Kuamu].
2. Add the synonymous word "Miao".
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.66
modified "structure": would [cloud] = people.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.65
Amend "Vocabulary Search": [Simplified Chinese] Wildcard [*? ] Search for questions.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.63
Add "Ad Reward".
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.55
Fixed "Screen Rotation" to remove redundant rotation.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.53
Fixed the scrolling display problem of "Vocabulary Window".
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.52
.Correct the blank area that appears when scrolling the "Interpretation Screen".
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.51
1. Correct the problem that the vocabulary disappeared in the previous edition.
2. Amend the "D" related structure. Such as [Lord, 咅, righteousness].
3. Add "Xing, Xing" variants.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.49
Add "screen rotation" feature: the specified according to the system rotation mode, automatically adjust the display screen.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.46
Modify "Single Character Decomposition": Decompose the text in the [input column] into [Speaking Structure] instead of [Similar Structure], and repeat [Decomposition].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.41
. 1. Add the "Share query" function: Select [Text Sharing] on the screen of other apps, and you can directly send it to [Speaking Dictionary] to find the closest vocabulary.
2. Modify "Share Query": Improve word search method.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.33
to add "Kangxi" full content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.27
Modify "Interpretation Screen": Speed ​​up the "Font Zoom" action.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.26
Modify "Interpretation Screen": Speed ​​up the "Font Zoom" action.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.25
Add "shape-like structure": [Qing≒Maozhuo][合≒丷亚].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.23
complement "structural shape": [ Nest≒巛果】.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.22
1 . Supplement "shape-like structure": [贝≒目八][other≒叧].
2. Add "synonyms": [歾殁] [暴㬥曓] [脃 crisp] [蟊蝥].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.20
1. Amend "Structure": [Look, Snap].
2. Add "synonyms": [Xi, La] [Bi≒Bi] [欻=歘].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.18
Add "synonyms": [䋣緐...繁].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.17
revised "history": the legacy of incomplete records show.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.14
1. adds text notes.
2. Modify the font of "Li" Xiaozhuan.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.5
1. Add "synonym": [奇竒].
2. Supplement "shaped structure": [competition competition] [妾≒立女] [豙≒立豕].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.3
Add "synonym": [鹡...] [鳽雃].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.5.2
Add "synonym": [had...] [拕拖] [迱迤迤] [沱沲池] [陀陁阤] [炨炧灺] [砣砤] [Camel] [铊鉇釶鍦...].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.99
1. Correct the "structure": [discrimination = sickle].
2. Supplement "synonym": [辧辨] [pseudo-false].
3. Supplement "shaped structure": [suppressing ≒扌卬].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.98
Supplement "Interpretation": [No time] [No time and no moment].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.90
Modify the Dictionary Sharing feature.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.71
1. Added "Copy, Share" icon change mode: Click the [Copy] icon to become the [Share] function.
2. Correct the "speaking, dictionary": [1, 豕, 尥] related content.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.60
Correct the linkage problem of "speaking comment" [open, close].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.58
1. Add "Subscription" function: Please enter [Settings], then click [Subscribe Subscribe], you can subscribe for one year at a time.
2. Fix "Simplified and Traditional Conversion": [面面].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.56
1. Add "synonym": [Wide 濶] [Taiwan too] [汏 】] [驮駄...].
2. Supplement "shaped structure": [Taiwan University] [Disasters and Fires].
3. Supplement "interpretation": Yu, like, Ren, secret.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.48
1. Fixed the problem of continuous expansion of run time memory. If the old version continues to not close the app, it may cause a crash.
2. Fix the group structure of [溑].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.45
1. Supplement "said interpretation": 霒, cloud, 妘, then.
2. Supplement "Synonym": [Flame Flame] [丼井] [刑㓝] [銒钘] [槔槹橰] [嗥噑嘷獆獔獋] [翱翶翱] [鷎鷱].
3. Supplement "shaped structure": [Dayu soil sheep] [皋≒自夲] [testosterone self-fortunate] [Xi Yu Yubai] [百≒一白] [拍≒扌白].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.44
Supplement "synonym": 瑇蝳玳, 瑁蝐, 贰貮, 貭, 谣謡, 斟酙, 椉 multiply.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.42
Add "synonym": abandon, Bing, Bin, 耄眊, 劒劔劎 sword.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.36
1. Add "synonym": [冎=别1=叧] [old 鸺] [walking 赱㞫]. 2. Supplement "shaped structure": [Rui Rui Rui] [Ming ≒冖昗].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.34
1. Supplement "synonym": [旣 = both] related words. 2. Supplement "shaped structure": [a total of all roads] [巽≒巳巳 】].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.33
1. Supplement "said interpretation": [郢]. 2. Add "synonym": [斲斵].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.31
Modify the "function button" arrangement.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.27
Modify the "Single Word List": Use [Slide Down] to open [Flip Mode].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.25
Modify "vocabulary pronunciation": Improve sound quality and eliminate noise.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.24
Fix the problem of "history record, collect word" zoom: the content of the window must be fixed.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.22
1. Fix the "Menu": Disable the zoom function of this window. 2. Supplement "Instructions for Use": Add an example of how to open the [Notes]. 3. Supplement "said interpretation": [pot, 壸]. 4. Supplement "shape-like structure": [Ju Hu Shiya] [壸≒士冖亚].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.21
1. Modify the "Prompt Message": If the network is not connected and the [Advertisement] cannot be displayed, the input method cannot be opened, and the message "Not Connected" is displayed. 2. Supplement "shaped structure": [supporting ten and then] [壴≒十豆].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.20
1. Supplement "shaped structure": [Zhu Xiong brother] [Ke Xi ten brothers] [虡≒虚八] [Drumsticks]. 2. Supplement "said interpretation": [East, Cao, heavy, moving].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.19
1. Fixed an issue where the "paid version" occasionally still had ads. 2. Correct "Simplified and Traditional Conversion": [Embroidery = Embroidery, Embroidery]. 3. Amend the "Structure Interpretation": [body = person application]. 4. Supplement "shaped structure": [Wu Yumu] [Ji Yu Li]. 5. Supplement "synonym": [noisy] [璿璇琁琼].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.18
1. Modify "Glyph Search": Improve the marginal integrity of [Front Tips]. 2. Supplement "shaped structure": [Shou Shishi completed one inch] [尉≒尸示寸].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.14
1. Improve the efficiency of "vocabulary search" and make the screen operation faster and simpler. 2. Amend the "Interpretation": When you are in Simplified mode point to [Simplified Chinese], you must carefully find the corresponding "normal body".
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.10
1. Fixed "synonym" merge search: some words in the previous version were not automatically searched. 2. Modify the "synonym" merge search: When you click on the [synonym] in the blue area, "Merge Search" is not used.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.4.3
Modify the "interpretation": When you click on the words in the [Interpretation Screen] to the polyphonic word, the [Language List] will also list the related words. For example, enter [occupation] and select [occupation (2)].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.89
1. Correct the "side display": [Cheng=毋贝] [虏=虍毋力]. 2. Supplement "shaped structure": [毋 = string] [string ≒ 丨 丨 【 【 ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ ≒ 。 。 。 3. Supplement "synonym": [柰奈] [气气] [汽汔] [????圪] [刏刉...] [叜叟, related words] [俛俛俯].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.88
1. Amend the "side display": [乞] to "qi". 2. Amend the "simplified and complex conversion": [deep] [沨沨] [濜浕] [Shen 渖, according to the "review" simplified as "trial"]. 3. Supplement "word explanation": [発, 廃, 溌, 醗].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.85
Modify the "Interpretation" display format: Add the "Interpretation" capture function, which can be combined with [Translate App] for multi-language translation. Add "shaped structure": "chemical".
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.81
Added "Interpretation" copy function, which can be combined with [Translate App] to achieve multi-national translation function.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.78
1. Supplement "shaped structure": [Book]. 2. Supplement "synonym": [廿卄] [㩅㨨 】] [亁干乹漧] [dry]. 3. Amend "Structure, Interpretation": [亁, 乹]. 4. Fix "string operation": The old version [computing space] has one less Byte, which sometimes causes the APP to fail to start.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.76
1. Supplementary "Shape-like structure": [Between the day and the door] [After the violent day] [垦≒貇土] [恳≒貇心]. 2. Add "synonym": [丌亓 】] [slightly 畧] [vertical vertical] [攴攵 扑 ” 】 【事倳剚】【敕敕】【鷘鶒】【leisure, related words】. 3. Amend the relevant definition of "丌".
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.74
1. Correct the "tips": When some [Traditional] is converted to [Simplified], there is no high-brightness [tips], such as [stage] [request] [system]. 2. Supplement "shaped structure": [Sangyu].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.71
1. Complement the definition of "morning". 2. Supplement "shape-like structure": [Stayed in the mouth] [Although ≒ 隹 隹] [Strong ≒ bow????] [厽≒ㄙㄙㄙ] [≒厽㐱 ≒厽㐱]. 3. Supplement "synonym": [畎甽圳] [斅斆学学]. 4. Amend the structure of [ruling].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.70
1. Supplement "shaped structure": [豊≒曲豆] [Nongken Quchen]. 2. Supplement the relevant interpretations of [擀,潮,航]. 3. Fix the [倝] structure.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.69
1. Supplement "shape-like structure": [spoon ≒勹丶] [draw ≒ 冖 】] [Yuan ≒ 口 】] [叀≒屮田幺] [舄≒臼勹灬]. 2. Amend the "synonym, vocabulary search": [stain = pollution] [volume = volume].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.67
Fix "Chinese Pinyin": The old version [ü] is marked incorrectly.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.65
1. Supplement "similar to the side": [Yu Fangfang] 2. Fixed "single word decomposition": some old words will be garbled if they are broken down, such as "戋".
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.64
1. Fix "Structure": [琁=璇=玉旋] 2. Supplement "similar to the side": [spin 1 party]
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.63
1. Supplement "similar to the side": [Yi ≒ ⺄, 乛] [得得旦寸] [楞≒木罒方]. 2. Fix "Structure": [Man = take another].
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.62
1. Add "synonym": [dredging]. 2. Modify "Individual Model": Lenovo P1a42 [Menu] is a problem with the machine.
New in com.wordinterpret.dictionary 3.3.60
Supplement "like a radical": [旡≒匚儿] [爱≒爫冖心夊].
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