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  • Ring riding dream
  • Ring riding dream
  • Ring riding dream
Description of 環騎圓夢

Taking the information of the roundabout on the island line as the main axis, it provides users with the information needed to plan the bicycle round-the-island trip, and the practical functions of various bicycles around the island.
The homepage can be used to view the itinerary information of the roundabout on the 1st line. In addition to the proposed 9-day itinerary around the island, you can also check the route information of the Sun Moon Lake Loop or the bicycle lane.
When you are cycling around the island, you can use this app as a recording tool for your personal roundabout and record the riding trajectory along the way. It also provides a "point query function" for information on rides along the line of supply stations, attractions, restaurants, restaurants, etc.
Another feature of this app is the “route offset detection” function. As long as it is riding the recommended itinerary or bicycle route, the route offset detection will be automatically turned on. When the ride is too far from the correct route, it will vibrate and The prompt tone reminds you to return to the correct route.
This app also provides location information sharing (SOS), which allows users to quickly transfer their location to others via Line or SMS.

Version history 環騎圓夢
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 2.0.27
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 2.0.9
Establish a POI automatic update mechanism
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 2.0.8
Modify some device flashback issues
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 2.0.6
The modification cannot add a ride event.
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.19
Modify some system problems in version 8.0
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.18
Fix some users flashback problem
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.15
Modify the problem of "Search Distance" on the roundabout on Line 1.
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.12
System problem modification
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.11
Modify system problems
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.10
Modify name
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.6
Add "My Trip", "Road Return", "More Information"
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.4
Modify some questions
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.42.2
An error occurred while modifying the storage track.
New in fcu.gis.bicycle1 1.36
Add "My Trips" feature!
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