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  • İzmir Tarımı
  • İzmir Tarımı
  • İzmir Tarımı
  • İzmir Tarımı
Description of İzmir Tarımı

With the mobile application, the producers operating in agriculture throughout Izmir can receive professional agricultural support by analyzing satellite imaging systems with agricultural algorithms, monitor the status of the field remotely, make spraying, fertilization, irrigation and aquaculture decisions with data support, as well as exhibit the products of the producer with the mobile application. and a platform has been created where they can meet with buyers.

Registration Module: It is the section where the identity, communication, production area parcel and product information of the producers engaged in agricultural production throughout İzmir are obtained and the registration process is completed.

Stories: This is the section on the main screen of the application where agricultural news and stories are shared and information about production is conveyed.

My Fields: In the section where the producers register their fields or gardens, field registration can also be made with the parcel number of the island or by drawing it manually on the map. The type of product to be produced in the field, planting date, harvest date, etc. information can be entered. Saved fields and production information can be seen on the field cards on the main page and can be navigated through them.

With the buttons on the field cards;
• Breeding suggestions can be obtained regarding the field and the product produced by selecting breeding suggestions.
• By selecting the weather condition, the weather events and soil temperature information in the coordinates where your field is located will be seen on a weekly basis. Approaching frost, excessive precipitation warnings will be sent as instant notification.
• By selecting the spraying recommendations, the days and times to be sprayed can be seen and the spraying program can be prepared in this way. At the same time, the possibility of disease occurrence and the precautions to be taken can be taken according to the product produced.
• When the soil analysis values ​​are entered by selecting fertilization suggestions, the amount and types of fertilizer needed can be taken as suggestions.
• Irrigation program can be taken according to the location of the field and the product produced by selecting irrigation suggestions.
• By selecting Disease Risk Status, the probability of occurrence of many diseases will be followed on a weekly basis.

Phytosanitary Monitoring: The phenological development status of the farmer can be analyzed with a date by following the product in the registered field by using satellite imaging systems and agricultural algorithms. In this way, the development areas of the plants in the field can be seen with colors and percentages, and the problematic points will be followed historically.

Live Precipitation Tracking and Storm Tracking: It will be possible to instantly follow the precipitation clouds and precipitation over the areas where the fields are located in terms of intensity, mm/h and dBZ.

Agricultural News: It is the module that contains news about İzmir Metropolitan Municipality or agricultural news about agriculture.

Open Market: It is the module where the producers can sell their products wholesale or retail and bring them together with the consumer without an intermediary. With this module, the consumer will be able to enter the open market and find products produced with the features they want, or they will be able to produce by giving a purchase guarantee.

Grant Support: It is the screen where the province, district and product information and the grants that can be received are displayed. The producer will be able to see all the support and application methods given to production through this module.

Market Prices: With this module, it will be possible to reach market prices for the following items related to agricultural production.

Market Prices • Stock Market Prices
• Pharmaceutical Prices
• Fertilizer Prices
• Diesel Prices
• Feed Prices
• Egg Prices
• Meat Prices
• Milk Prices

Ask the Engineer: With this module, questions can be asked to agricultural engineers about production, either by calling or by opening a photo record. Answered questions and unanswered questions will be displayed.

Income and Expenditure: With this module, income and expenses incurred during the production period can be recorded and followed.

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