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  • Satellite dog
  • Satellite dog
  • Satellite dog
  • Satellite dog
  • Satellite dog
  • Satellite dog
Description of 衛星犬

Satellite dog fleet management system, vehicle real-time status query program, providing the following functions
1. Instant location of the vehicle
2. Driving track release
3. Vehicle location display
4. Vehicle driving call function
5. Vehicle status inquiry function.

Version history 衛星犬
New in EupFin 2.7.2
Increase some of the features
New in EupFin 2.6.9
increase some of the features
New in EupFin 2.6.7
Fixed some app question
New in EupFin 2.6.2
optimization section of the page
New in EupFin 2.4.9
adjusting the typeface
New in EupFin 2.4.4
Reminder adjust
New in EupFin 2.3.9
increase only shows the license plate features
New in EupFin 2.3.8
Fix the push broadcast and construction site issues
New in EupFin 2.3.5
Page adjustments and increased abnormalities inform the project
New in EupFin 2.3.4
real-time image display map features can increase
New in EupFin 2.3.2
history optimized video playback
New in EupFin 2.2.9
image adjustment
New in EupFin 2.2.7
cloud image adjustment
New in EupFin 2.2.6
driving sobriety test abnormalities push
New in EupFin 2.2.5
prohibited links functional.
New in EupFin 2.2.4
increased humidity and forbidding road push
New in EupFin 2.2.3
to increase functionality of all vehicles information display
New in EupFin 2.2.2
increase temperature display
New in EupFin 2.2.1
to connect to adjust the
New in EupFin 2.2.0
to increase cloud imaging capabilities
New in EupFin 2.1.9
Start flameout function increased push
New in EupFin 2.1.8
abnormal remind correction
New in EupFin 2.1.6
abnormal route correcting
New in EupFin 2.1.5
vehicle information display bug fixes
New in EupFin 2.1.1
Andrews 10 abnormal correction
New in EupFin 2.0.8
android 10 to adjust the
New in EupFin 1.9.5
Fixed some mobile phone images could not be expanded
New in EupFin 1.8.9
Add a car search function
New in EupFin 1.8.6
Partial problem correction
New in EupFin 1.8.1
Partial problem correction
New in EupFin 1.8.0
Partial problem adjustment
New in EupFin 1.7.3
Fixed some phones without temperature display problem
New in EupFin 1.7.1
1. Loss of connection and power off push setting
2. Fixed the problem that there is no transfer problem in the general monitoring table of the factory area.
New in EupFin 1.7.0
1. Fixed no display of temperature field problem
2. Fixed some mobile phone failure to log in.
3. Modify the account information display
4. Fixed some mobile phones unable to record and display all vehicle settings
New in EupFin 1.6.8
1. The team's parent account login stop right verification function is corrected
2. Fix the system font setting too large running board problem
3. Fixed some mobile phone landmarks query font color black problem
New in EupFin 1.6.6
Fix some mobile phone flashback issues
New in EupFin 1.6.4
1. New account inquiry page
2. Fix image display error vehicle
New in EupFin 1.6.3
Fixed partial login exceptions
New in EupFin 1.6.2
Fixed a problem where some customers could not use the driving status table
New in EupFin 1.6.1
Vehicle selection new query function
New in EupFin 1.6.0
Fixed some images with no sound problems
New in EupFin 1.5.9
1. New tire pressure push notification 2. Factory monitoring new memory vehicles
New in EupFin 1.5.7
1. Factory monitoring without vehicle display 2. Historical track fill temperature display 3. Add temperature meter version page
New in EupFin 1.5.6
1. Add image waiting icon 2. Fix click image flashback problem
New in EupFin 1.5.5
1. New 4 mirrors for factory monitoring 2. Vehicle selection adds vehicle status 3. Adjust the video playback speed
New in EupFin 1.5.3
New monitoring of prohibited road sections for regional monitoring
New in EupFin 1.5.2
1. Correct the problem of vehicle selection and general condition list 2. Adjust the DVR image playback speed
New in EupFin 1.5.1
1. New driving status table 2. Add new ads 3. Add the latest product page
New in EupFin 1.5.0
1. Add a security dashboard 2. Added timeout push setting
New in EupFin 1.4.9
Fixed some customers without landmark forwarding issues
New in EupFin 1.4.8
Correction of abnormality of vehicle speed after regional monitoring of vehicle stall
New in EupFin 1.4.6
Added exception notification push function Fence abnormal display function Improper stop display function
New in EupFin 1.4.5
Exception notification function added
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