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Screenshots of Me Loop
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
  • Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
Description of Me Loop 探索生活の每一步

Me Loop free dating software, a new anonymous chat community for young people, allows you to make friends, date, and fall in love easily.
Break your impression of dating software, and create the first task to match friends, where you can freely find friends, expand your new social circle, and make your life no longer boring!
Don't want to just look at your face to make friends or chat in embarrassment? Create the strongest chat room function, automatically let you generate love topics. Come and try the latest APP-Me Loop!

► Taiwan free most sincere friends dating software APP
► first task dating system, through to complete the assigned task, the paired explore the object you are interested in
► Tasks dating personality AI analysis through real practice, so that all users true presentation of self
► build With the strongest chat room function, Milu will save your chat world through the love topic savior

[Me Loop’s first mission dating mechanism]
Don’t want to meet emotional crooks or impatient scumbags again?
Through task mechanism in Me Loop, will be automatically eliminated objects do not want to show the true self and meaning of
a character scores to greatly improve the matching rate, to help you easily find friends and enjoy a chat with their favorite object.
Start to improve the quality of your friendships today!

[Provide personality analysis labels and perfect anonymity system] The
first impression is more important than you think? Re-define your bad habit of making friends with only looks!
Before completing the pairing within Me Loop begin with blurred photo show, we invite you to first understand his / her personality and interest
not to love as the only demand, but the freedom to explore your living area
from the inside out to know a person, believe me , You deserve to be recognized and understood by more people

[chat room auxiliary dating function, love topic savior]
Still worrying about what to talk to each other? You can let the microphone chatter save the embarrassment of cancer
through people Gereida diagram analysis and personalized labels, we will automatically generate a key topic for you in the chat room
allows you to use how to learn in the process of Me Loop chat, chat become a leading expert!
In the future, whether it is love making friends or interested friends, it will be easy to start!

Features of the Me Loop platform:
According to the National Mental Health Index survey conducted every two years by the Mental Health Foundation, one out of every four interviewees said they felt lonely, that is, there are 4.22 million "lonely people in Taiwan". ". In addition, the proportion of Chinese people with depression is increasing year by year, so Me Loop was born! We hope that each user can re-recognize themselves in our App, explore things they have never understood, and at the same time get out of their original life circle and comfort zone, promise us a happy life, okay?

No.1 imported "life coach" elements
we believe allow more people to know themselves, understand themselves, to do yourself, and then live out better themselves and enhance community more positive upward force. "Me Loop" can be used in many aspects to help you explore your inner self through different series of tasks.

No.2 Five personality theory achievement task
the five personality traits (Big Five personality traits), also known as the Big Five personality model or a five-factor model, is described in modern psychology of personality traits five most senior levels of the organization. We gamified these five personality traits, corresponding to passion, self-discipline, EQ, perception, and kindness, and verified the user's behavior patterns through real-world tasks to achieve accurate matching.

No.3 Make friends and develop a community ecosystem
Me Loop will redefine your thoughts on the dating community. In Me Loop, you can freely share the tasks you have completed, contribute to the life achievements you have completed, discuss with others what they have completed, and record your own life achievements. At the same time, through gamification, a brand new online character is cultivated.

Ecosphere No.4 anonymity of
strangers anonymity - we believe that people will be affected by the first impression, and decide whether or not serious about this person. For this reason, before you become a friend, please watch each other's self-introduction carefully!

Download Me Loop now and accompany you to explore every step of your life!
Product information:
-"Me Loop Exploring Every Step of Life" official website: https://meloop.fun
-"Me Loop Exploring Every Step of Life" fan page: https://www.facebook.com/i.loop. u
-"Me Loop Explore Every Step of Life" IG: https://www.instagram.com/i.loop.u

Version history Me Loop 探索生活の每一步
New in Me Loop 1.2.0
New in Me Loop 1.1.0
New in Me Loop 1.0.8
- 更改任務探索牆
- 個人檔案上顯示任務
- 下架不適合的任務類型
- 優化個人檔案與咪嚕頁面
New in Me Loop 1.0.5
你常不知道自己想要的是什麼嗎?Me Loop 將打造一款匿名的遊戲化社群平台,以完成實境任務的方式達到五大性格特質的探索,消彌從眾效應在性向問卷上的影響,創造一種全新型態的養成遊戲,並透過專屬的生活教練幫助你找到真實的自己,近一步達到心靈上的快樂。
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