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Description of سيارة

Best application for buying and selling cars in Saudi Arabia
Car Application Features:
1) Free App, where you can post your car without any commission
2) Search for cars by car brand, model car, the price of the car, the car lane, and the condition of the car (new / used).
3) The application of the car provides the user with the address of the car showrooms and exhibitions.
4) The Car Application provides the user with contact information for full auto showrooms and lounges.
5) The application of the car is updated with the latest offers, prices of cars directly from the exhibitions, and instantaneously.
6) You can buy a car in installments through the application and shipped to your place easily.
7) Car application allows a user to browse car ads with ease.

A Syarah application is a market and garage for the sale of new cars used in Saudi Arabia in cash and installment.

Syarah App presents over 100 thousand new cars used car has been offered for sale at prices are the lowest in the market and forest Saudi cars
It is estimated through the application of a car choose the car company, for example, Toyota or Hyundai and then choose the type of Land-cruiser, nitro, Sonata or Nissan. You can choose the model year or even several years.

You can also look at the walkway, for example, cars that are less than 50 000 km in diameter. The scope of the search is limited to the type of lime and cylinders and all this in a car application according to your needs.

Do not forget to share the application with your friends to shorten the time and effort.

You can now browse the latest offers of new cars and used cars from Saudi auto showrooms and galleries directly on your mobile phone through the Syarah application.

Syarah Application The car advertisements for sale in the Kingdom's car showrooms, as well as car specifications and prices, with full contact information are available.

The Car Application Team welcomes your suggestions and feedback via "Contact Us" in the application, or via:

- Standard number: 920033106
- Contact Us via WhatsApp https://goo.gl/S39h06
- Snape Chat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/syarah_ksa
- Instagram: https://instagram.com/syarah_ksa
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/syarah.KSA
- Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113145920974811818097
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/syarah_ksa

Version history سيارة
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.84
fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.83
fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.82
In this version we added:
1. Enhancements on the Search performance to bring smoother experience to find your car.
2. Reserve used cars from any showroom.
3. Small fixes and enhancements.
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.81
Register now and verify your account using SMS or WhatsApp.
Reserve your car from any showroom.
Minor fixes and enhancements.
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.78
In this release we enhanced Syarah App as follows:
Performance and User Interface enhancements
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.74
1. Excluding Car Road Service package once you purchase Car Warranty package.
2. No need to upload your documents once you booked your new car.
3. Display “You Are Protected” promotional message for Syarah Online section.
4. New section for cars installments.
5. Better push notifications service
6. Small UI enhancements
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.56
Syarah has launched a new experience for buying cars online.Click on buy a car button in the bottom of home page and enjoy booking your new car at no hassle.
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.52
When buying a car through Syarah online, the car will be fully insured until it is delivered to you.
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.49
Now you can enjoy the new search on Syarah. It will help you finding your new car easier.
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.47
Now you can pay using your Mada cards to premium your car posts and to get Mojaz report also to book for buying your new car online
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.45
Now you can know the financing firm for Tanazul cars, it will ease searching for your suitable car and save your time.
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.41
Performance improvements and general fixes
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.40
- New in app chat feature for individual sellers, Syarah now provides this feature to organize the selling and buying process for individuals while also giving the ability to share location and send voice messages using the app without sharing your mobile number.
- General bugs and stabilization fixes.
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.39
General bug fixes to guarantee the quality
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.37
Fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.36
- New wakalat section, you can now check the latest from al wakalat.
- New test drive functionality
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.35
We have added a new comments feature for private offers by private buyers
We have also done bug fixes and performance enhancements
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.34
- Saved search and notification features to keep track and get notified for cars of your choice- Ability to hide plate number by using a special filter in images editing section
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.31
Keep working for you- Add new section to track your finical application- redesigned the bottom bar and we make better for you- We make Syarah faster now
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.30
Keep working for you- Add new section to track your fainical application- redesigned the bottom bar and we make better for you- We make Syarah faster now
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.28
-Fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.26
-Fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.25
-Fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.24
-Fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.23
-fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.21
-fix bugs
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.19
-اضافة بعض التحسينات
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.18
اصلاح بعد الاخطاء
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.15
اصلاح بعد الاخطاء
New in app.com.syarah 1.9.14
تعديل ارقام خدمات التواصل مع العملاءاصلاح بعد الاخطاء
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