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Description of 橫掃千軍

The latest expansion pack "Tian Ming Jin will", super rich game system!
Reinvented the "Destiny Skills" on the basis of the original military commanders
The various genres derived from this will surely usher in a hundred flowers.

The battlefields of the national battlefields The new chapter of the national battlefield [national battlefield] will be incorporated into the daily system of the game after being upgraded to the [national battlefield]

In addition, the highly-defended generals [Sun Jian] finally brought the Dong Wu Confucian [Zhu Gejun] in the long-awaited battle, and the two famous players who will be in a new version will set off another bloody hurricane in the new version. Please wait and see!

The kings contend for glory and glory to the king of Kyushu, who enjoys the fun of the whole people.

The official operation of the Buddha's heart is to create the role of the ingots and privilege, send you ten strokes a day, activities, copies, festivals, horses, team play all sent to the ingot! ! Zero-score players can also sweep the popular hand-to-hand tour of the Qianjun! !

Version history 橫掃千軍
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 19.3.0
1, the new military will: Zhang Jiao;
New military commander: Gong Sunjun
2, part of the song 2.0;
The trilogy is completely redone, and the new arms card is attacked;
After the update, all player parts will be reset to the initial state, and the re-cultivation attribute bonus will be slightly higher than now;
3, destiny 2.0;
Kim will adjust the system resources, and the main line will no longer consume Shengxing Dan, and Tiantian Ji will do it again;
After the update, all players will be reset to the initial state of gold, and the attribute bonus will be slightly increased after re-cultivation;
4, family 2.0;
All functions of the family system are ported to the family premises;
Wuchao cuts grain and family building is cancelled;
Added a new altar to build the gameplay, and then fight the unparalleled join to get through the current sweeping function;
5, the words - the war tigers close;
A new book, experience the three British wars Lu Bu. Added the difficulty of adjusting the book BUFF: the power of the main public;
6, random phone system;
7, treasure system expansion;
8, no double trial 360-380;
9, single ride Shaoguan redo, shortened to 20 levels, increase hidden levels, overall rewards;
10, join the anniversary skin and skin function;
11, login interface, loading interface update;
12, activity system classification integration;
13, the new treasure map gameplay;
14, ordnance talent expansion
15, gold coin sacrifice: ten consecutive function cancellation, single gold coin sacrifice income increase
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 18.3.0
[New] New military commander: Guan Xing;
[New] New military commander: Zhang Wei;
[New] New words: four worlds;
[New] Six new main public skills;
[New] gemstone craft;
[New] 斩 will win the treasure 2.0;
[New] inheritance system 2.0;
[New] Gold 3 equipment: Sui Emperor suit;
[New] No double trial 341-360;
[New] Purple gold horse soul open level promotion;
[New] The main city building and barracks technology level ceiling is raised;
[New] Shenbing grade 161-200;
[New] The ceiling of the talent increase;
[New] Settings - Security Trivial Function;
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 17.1.0
Fixed the problem that the scores of the world and the Junzhou Kyushu score could not be displayed.
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 17.0.0
New content:
[New] Zijin Wars will be advanced again, Zijin skills, Zijin talent debut.
[New] New military commander: Lu anti-new exhaustion effect, treatment of nemesis.
[New] New military commander: Ma Yunlu's unique imprisonment characteristics, control the rhythm.
[New] textbook-eight-frame map [new] unparalleled trials 321-340 off [new] 3rd-order ordnance [new] new syllabus level and new battle flag [new] Tianmingjin will develop expansion [New] Shenbing 17-18 order [new] main line copy 28-30 chapter [new] level upper limit 400 level [new] Duobao 物品 article, multi-selected military shards, heavenly scroll
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 16.0.0
[New] Zhang Wei Zhang Wei communicated the earth and attacked the enemy's random target 7 times, causing 150% damage. Each attack target was randomly selected, and multiple hits of the same target were degraded. Passive: After each release of the main acrobatics, Zhang Wei attack increased by 25% (can be superimposed 4 times), this battle is permanently valid.
[New] Wei Yan Wei Yan assists the military commander with the lowest strength and the highest attack power, provides himself with 15% of the maximum strength of the shield, and takes 35% of the damage when the target is attacked, lasting 8 seconds; Passive: The general attack reduces the main target by 8% of the treatment effect, and has a 35% probability of recovering the 5 points of the person who gathers the lowest gas.
[New] This book - the yellow towel is a new PVE game, the battle is not repeated, not based on the cultivation system, the reward is rich.
[New] The national battlefield re-enactment of the maps, stages, and events of the national battlefields has been completely redone.
[New] Extreme War Horse Red War Horse can advance to the golden level through Supreme Awakening, gaining new appearance, attribute ceiling, and secondary skills.
[New] Golden Warrior Awakening Golden Warrior, open high-level reinforcements talent and new inscriptions.
[New] 舜王装备, 240 level open [new] 15 gems, 240 levels open [new] two layers of treasure gems treasure [new] added 壹 layer red will copy, red will talent.
[New] No double trial 300-320 off
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 15.0.0
[New] New military commander: Wen ugly. Inflicts 350% damage to the main target and reduces the enemy's effect by 10%, which can be superimposed, and the battle will take effect permanently. [New] New military commander: Yan Liang. Deals 350% damage to the three targets with the lowest level of enemy damage, and triggers an additional 100% damage, stuns for 2 seconds, and silences one effect in 1 second. [New] Purple Gold Horse Soul 1, after the main public level 200, the 30-level golden horse soul can be advanced purple gold horse soul. 2, plus injury and damage to the horse soul can be advanced in the 150 level gold, 240 advanced purple gold. [New] Add a new talent map talent, you need to open a certain number of pre-positions. The talent map now adds a one-click feature. [New] Golden ministry soldier. [New] Added 281-300 layers of unparalleled trials. [New] The rank of the Shenbing is +20, and the new copy of the Shenbing is difficult. [New] 2 level engraving, gold equipment can engrave 2 engraving. [New] The upper limit of gem refining level is +2. [New] The upper limit of the main city building upgrade is open to 300.
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 14.0.2
[New] New Wujun: Pound [New] New Wujun: Zhang Chunhua [New] Armory [New] Suichuan Grand Event [New] new military book rank and battle flag [New] will star trial the fifth chapter, the sun trial. [New] Optimum rating [New] 7-8 layers of new treasures, new treasures [New] Unparalleled trials increase 251-270
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 13.2.0
[New] Generals Han Dang, shooting lightning arrows on the three targets of the enemy's highest attack, causing 275% damage and triggering the paralysis effect (reducing the attack speed by 100%), and continuing to return to the normal state in the next 3 seconds; [New] The generals of the military will cause 650% damage to the main target, resulting in a 10% defense against the target, lasting 10 seconds. 65% of the physical defense and legal defense in the battle can be converted into an attack, and the normal attack ignores the target 25% armor; [New] Cross-service PVP activities - the decisive battle of the capital. Entry conditions 1. The server has been opened at least once for the king; 2, the character level is greater than 50; [New] Inscriptions on the inscriptions of the soldiers, obtained the attribute bonus by engraving the gods on the soldiers; [New] Gem grade upper limit +1, gem refining level upper limit +1; [New] 27 copies of the main line, the 3rd talent of the military commander is opened; [New] The equipment and gemstone copies are increased by 1 difficulty, which are opened at 160 and 180 levels respectively; [New] Golden equipment - 禹王套装; [New] War horses are awakened in ancient times and awakened in ancient times; [New] The upper limit of the main public level is raised to 300; [New] Shenbing level 121-140; [New] No trials 231-250 layers;
New in tw.txwy.and.hsqj 12.0.0
[New] National Battlefield [New] Generals Zhuge [New] Red disassembly function [New] Tianmingjin will system [New] Wu Jiang Sun Jian [New] War horse inheritance function [Welfare] The role of level 100 or above can receive 100 yuan from daily tasks. [Welfare] Increase in the income of the character treasury of level 150 or above [Optimization] Increase the upper limit of the racecourse level and increase the number of daily copper coin calls. [Optimization] Equipment optimization [Optimization] Add a seven-star platform to sweep a key [Optimization] Add a new one-click training function [Optimization] Add a new elite copy one-click sweeping [Optimization] Add a key to Putian
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