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  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
  • National Health Insurance Action Express
Description of 全民健保行動快易通

"National Health Insurance Action Autotoll" is an application developed by the Central Health Insurance Agency. Through this program, the public can grasp various information of the Health Insurance Agency anytime, anywhere!

Function and service description:
. Hospital inquiry: query the location map of nearby or specific conditions, check the consultation services and consultations provided.
. Health Passbook: Check your personal health passbook (there are recent medical records of western doctors, dentists, and TCM doctors, dentist clinic information, consultation calendar, physiological measurement records, medical reminders, allergy information, device donation or tranquility to ease medical willingness and liver cancer risk prediction And other functions).
. Mobile counter: check the unpaid premiums, premium payment records, use current accounts or credit cards to pay health insurance premiums, apply for a health insurance card online, query insurance records, apply for investment guarantees, and change personal communication addresses.
. Quick medical search: check medical institutions, drug items, special materials, payment standards, comparison of self-financed medical materials, scan barcodes and reminders for medications, and self-advanced medical expense verification refund cases.
. Service base: Query the telephone number and address of the headquarters and the regional business group, and use the navigation and positioning function to plan the route.
. Health insurance regulations: query health insurance regulations by category.
. Emergency bed: check the emergency information of the national emergency hospitals.
. Emergency treatment: query the emergency treatment method.
. Health Insurance News: Press releases, event gardens, announcements, push messages, health insurance videos, newsletter subscriptions, and health insurance Q & A.

If the Android operating system is upgraded to versions 8, 9, and 10, the device will need to be re-authenticated due to changes in the numbering method of the authentication operating system. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Version history 全民健保行動快易通
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.24
-bug fixed
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.23
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.22
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.21
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.20
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.19
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.18
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.17
因應GOOGLE 政策調整功能
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.15
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.13
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.11
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.10
1. Modify the way the health insurance video is displayed
2. Increase the ID number and phone number to prevent the check
3.bug fixed
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.9
- Frequently asked Q&A Q&A function enhancements
-bug fixed
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.7
-bug fixed
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.4
- Fix anomalies
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.30.2
- Fixed mobile phone authentication error
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.20.1
-Strengthen the error message text content
-Fix mistakes
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.2
- Added "Mobile Phone Authentication" to the device authentication method, and provided functions such as changing the password and forgetting the password reset.
- "Home Health" in the medical quick search to increase the platform for the notification of vulnerable people.
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.1.5
- Added "Map Query" function for inquiries.
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.1.4
- The "Community Medical Group Consultation Line" has been added to the details of the institution.
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.1.2
- Medical Quick Search has added the "Home Health" function. - Some function adjustments and corrections.
New in com.nhiApp.v1 2.1.1
- "Institutional Enquiry" function adjustment.
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