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Description of 省道即時交通資訊

This is a road traffic information providing system that operates 24 hours a day through five regional control centers in Taiwan through the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications. Happiness Highway will be your most competent and caring navigator, always telling you the location or the latest road conditions ahead.

Its features:
1. The traffic control center collects road conditions (accidents, incidents, congestions, etc.) at any time, and immediately marks them on the map of the application. When you pass through the place, the Happy Highway will remind you of the traffic information ahead, and provide road information without gaps.
2. Personalized and adaptable information services only provide the road conditions you need at the local and the time, so that you will not be overwhelmed and disturbed by huge irrelevant road conditions.
3. In addition to the provincial roads under the jurisdiction of this Council, the integration of highways, expressways, urban roads (continuous) information boards, road cameras, etc., is the most complete traffic information platform.
4. National road replacement route information combined with real-time travel time comparison, map display and voice broadcast, help drivers choose to drive alternative roads at the right time, and make necessary guidance to reduce the possibility of getting lost.
5. In addition to the road conditions, there is also a one-touch dialing with the passer-by service center to inform the big and small, to explore the roads along the road to introduce the scenic spots, and to augment the reality (continuously built) to increase the fun, the beauty of the road photography and many other fun. The function is waiting for you to discover.
6. Personalized style fun app, you can customize your own style and choose the information you want.

Precautions for use:
1. Please turn on GPS positioning and know your location to filter and transmit local real-time traffic conditions.
2. Please open the "Traffic Information" layer for traffic notification, and please open the information type switch of voice notification, and actively inform the immediate important road conditions through voice broadcast, so that your driving information is not missed.

Happy Highway Application Data Collection and Application Statement:
1. If you are allowed to access your location during the installation of this application, the application will collect the current location of your mobile device during your use to calculate traffic information such as provincial travel time. You can use the mobile phone. Set to change related functions.
2. If you are allowed to send notifications to you when the application is installed, you will receive the immediate provincial road traffic information that the application pushes. You can also change the related functions through the phone settings.

※Continuous use of GPS in the background will significantly reduce the amount of power available to the unit.

Version history 省道即時交通資訊
New in com.iisi.motc 2.0.19
1. Update the third-party library.
2. Correct the traffic advocacy area and load the large resolution image file. The application will have problems with OOM.
3. Re-adjust the judgment logic of the data update.
4. Other bugfixes.
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