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Description of 携程企业商旅

Ctrip is the leading travel management company in China and is part of Ctrip Group. For more than ten years, relying on strong resources, advanced technology, quality service and professional management, we have helped many companies optimize the business travel reservation and authorization approval process, improve and implement corporate travel policies, and comprehensively control travel costs; Travel data analysis, propose business travel management recommendations, improve corporate travel management, and achieve travel savings of up to 30%. Serving enterprise users over ten million! As the first enterprise business travel management APP in China, through Ctrip Business Travel APP booking, an order can be completed in an average of 30 seconds, up to 17 seconds, APP orders accounted for 58%.

How Ctrip Business Travel helps companies manage their travel:

1. One-stop travel travel product reservation "Air ticket reservation" through Ctrip business travel client to book all domestic routes and agreement airlines, one-way, round-trip air tickets, multi-segment and gap travel quotes of international mainstream routes; mobile automatic check-in, Book online reservations in advance; flight reminders, refunds and changes are all in control!
Domestic air tickets include tripartite agreements, business travel privileges, exclusive flight attendants, airline direct connections, travel packages, B2G products, shared products, etc.
The international air ticket covers the private freight rate of the business travel, the tripartite agreement, the business travel privileges, the package products, and the direct connection of the airline company;
Ctrip's business travel ticket products take into account the rich, preferential and service experience, and are committed to making business travel more efficient and efficient.

"Hotel reservation" covers more than 1000 cities in China, more than 680,000 hotels; international coverage of 234 countries and regions, more than 1.2 million hotels; open hotel agency platform, self-acquisition channel price, optimal within the scope of compliance price! The hotel enjoys more than 1,000 partner hotels in China. The client negotiates the price of more than 2,000 large companies to help customers better evaluate the price of their agreements and better bargaining.
By optimizing the agreement hotel, hotel travel policy strict implementation, hotel price comparison system, hotel priority recommendation, non-compliance with travel policy tracking and analysis to help companies save travel hotel booking fees.

"Train ticket booking" train tickets for high-speed rail trains, ordinary trains, etc.; train tickets at home and abroad are free to order, 12306 direct purchase tickets. The new speed cloud grabs the ticket, grabs the ticket and is quicker and more worry-free; provides the return and change and can be customized service, convenient and fast. Ctrip BlackTech train tickets can be selected online.

"Use the car to book" "Immediately call the car" employees to commute to and from work, visit customers to use the car immediately, make an appointment for a car, or call a car for others; "domestic international airport, train service" business trip is more comfortable, save queues, etc. Taxi troubles, according to flight, train ticket information to arrange pick-up time, reliable and worry-free; domestic and international car rental self-driving service, convenient location, travel more worry-free, "business charter" to meet corporate conference vehicles, team travel, domestic / overseas The demand for chartered vehicles solves the problem of car-raising in enterprises, enriches the choice of models, is convenient and fast, delivers cars to the door, and supports vehicles in different places.

"Value-added service product reservation"
“Airport VIP” service, “Airport VIP” supports 37 cities in China, enjoys the one-stop service experience and supports the reversal;
The “Airport VIP Lounge” is fully covered by 74 domestic airports and more than 400 airports around the world, enjoying a quiet, comfortable and private VIP lounge space and supporting a one-week validity period;
"Insurance products" are divided into Online - with the ticket sales and Offline - separately purchased, covering domestic and international flights, flight insurance, aviation insurance, combination insurance, travel insurance, people-oriented, travel without worry!
“Visa Service” business and tourist visa services cover many countries and regions such as Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa. Support monthly knots and open large invoices.

2, corporate travel management and control of the entire process Ctrip business travel management full-process services to achieve the travel application before travel, travel booking, travel in the travel function and travel after the travel reimbursement and other product features upgrade, build Comprehensive, intelligent and integrated one-stop travel management service. Not only can help companies save on travel costs, but also help companies improve the efficiency of travel management.

3, a variety of payment methods Ctrip business travel support company account and personal account payment, through the monthly settlement, pre-existing two company account payment methods, can achieve business staff travel-free, free reimbursement, free of invoices, transparent compliance, convenient and efficient ! The monthly service supports ticket reservations for travel, hotel, train tickets, and car travel.

4. The difference standard management and control supports the setting of the control and control of the company's air tickets, hotels, vehicles, train tickets, etc. The travel policy shows that the management process is flexible and control, helping enterprises to better implement the travel policy and save costs.

5. Mobile authorization approval
The APP receives the authorization approval information in real time, completes the authorization approval process in time, automatically issues the ticket after the authorization is completed, implements the company's travel policy with the highest efficiency, and realizes travel expenses savings!

6, travel management functions continue to upgrade "order management" at any time to view the order status; "trip management" automatically manage the difference travel, promptly travel, important trips are not delayed, business travel is smarter, worry-free, save trouble! “Employee Management” has more efficient employees and easier access settings.

7. Docking platform Ctrip Enterprise Business Travel supports a rich API interface, which can be connected with mobile office software (OA), SAAS, PAAS, CRM, SCRM, financial management software, etc., and supports WeChat, Enterprise WeChat, Mingdao, Concur, and Fanwei. , Feikongbao, Yi Express, nail, cloud express, cloud home, expense reimbursement and other software and platform and vertical enterprise application docking cooperation, to help enterprises achieve more efficient travel management.

8. Other Ctrip Business Travel supports Chinese and English services, serving international customers, and accompanying customers to the international market;
Support for private bookings, business and life;
Support mobile employee management, maintain enterprise organizational structure, set employee rank, authority, and maintain employee authorization and approval relationship.

For more information, please search for “Ctrip Business Travel”.
Business Travel website: http://ct.ctrip.com
Feedback, customer service phone: 400-826-6699;
Contact Email: shanglv@ctrip.com

Version history 携程企业商旅
New in Ctrip Biz 6.2.9
Fix known issues and improve stability
New in Ctrip Biz
Optimized experience issues
New in Ctrip Biz 6.1.3
New user interface for a smarter travel experience Intelligent management: Travel management: Travelers or travellers can use the itinerary management function to accurately grasp future travel plans in real time. Authorization management: It can manage all kinds of authorization documents at the same time, and more obvious authorization reminders can effectively improve the timeliness of authorization. The authorization result is notified to the applicant in real time. Notification message management: The message center can centrally manage various notification messages, including order notification, authorization notification, security notification, system notification, etc., and various types of message classification management, which is convenient for retrieval and reading. Smart travel: Change of the itinerary: Synchronous order changes, such as flight delays, cancellations, etc., so that the traveler can adjust the itinerary according to the changes. Self-service: self-operated operation order modification, re-signing; self-operating flight selection check-in, system intelligent matching your seat selection preferences, help you automatically complete the selection check-off when you open the seat next time. Travel care: Peace of mind, we will provide you with all kinds of intimate reminders, such as weather reminders, emergency reminders in the itinerary, etc.
New in Ctrip Biz 5.7.2
Optimize known issues to make the experience more stable
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