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  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
  • 暗棋
Description of 暗棋

Exclusive [Endgame] Arena.
That's right, chess endgames? Go endgame? You've heard these all the time, come and try our exclusive Dark Chess Endgame Arena, guaranteed you've never played it before. (strongly recommended)

Create your own endgame; players can set some special endgames for research and cracking, and also provide a mode of playing against the same machine.

Dark chess, also known as blind chess, is a kind of folk evolved from chess. After years of accumulation, the dark chess players have accumulated a lot of esoteric chess records under the multi-party exchanges. This work mainly refers to the experience of folk masters, and refers to some secrets of dark chess to create artificial algorithm (AI).

This work mainly allows players to (purely) enjoy the fun of dark chess. The rules of the game adopt the standard gameplay of Baodao Taiwan, and the gun needs to be separated by a chess piece to attack. You can win by taking all the opponent's pieces.

Player class and scoring method:

@Winning side=+74 points
@Live Chess Points=Live Chess left on the board can earn points
*********************** ************************
General+7 / Sergeant+8 / Phase+6 / Chariot+5 / Horse+ 3 / Artillery+9 / Soldier +1
@100 move points, as long as victory is won within 100 moves, [Victory+74] + [Live Chess Points] will be doubled.

Players' chess skills are classified into four levels; the higher the points, the higher the level, and the difficulty of the game will also be adjusted according to the player's points.

First class: chess boy
Second class: chess player
Third class: chess master
Fourth class: chess master

Advanced class: chess god
Players need to pass the assessment challenge and obtain battle points before they can open the level title of [God of Chess]. Each assessment challenge is the same as a competition, which tests the player's dark chess ability.

[Exclusive and pioneering dark chess and chess skills assessment gameplay] Players can directly obtain the appropriate class title through the assessment challenge. Are you a dark chess prawn (Xia)? Or small shrimp? You decide.

Picture style; using the classical style of ink and wash, with classical soundtrack, elegant and delicate, suitable for you.

You ask me what else is special?
A specially designed for [Dark chess] friends, friends who like dark chess, must come and experience.

Version history 暗棋
New in ANQI 0.152
New in ANQI 0.15
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