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Screenshots of Yummy Partner
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
  • Yummy Rides Driver
Description of Yummy Rides Driver

Enjoy our Yummy Rides service. We take you to your destination quickly, easily and safely.

Our main commitment is your safety, from the moment you request the service until you arrive at your destination.

Yummy Drivers are duly registered and trained. Their vehicles meet the appropriate standards to provide you with a safe and enjoyable journey.

With Yummy Rides, your destiny is at your fingertips. You simply open the application on your phone and request the service, and a certified driver nearby will help you get where you want to go comfortably and safely.

Whether you are looking for convenience, space, comfort or affordability, with Yummy Rides you cover these needs through a perfect trip.


With Yummy Rides you can see the estimated price in advance before booking. This means that you will always have an idea of ​​what you will pay before requesting your trip.


We are committed to making every trip with Yummy Rides as safe as possible.

By hiring our service you can obtain the complete driver's identification card on your phone for more information. In addition, each driver has a card with their basic data in case you want to identify them.

In addition to providing you with properly registered and reliable vehicles and drivers, you can record emergency contacts and make an automated call at any time during the trip.

On the other hand, you can contact a Yummy Rides customer service agent in the "Contact Us" section if necessary.


Yummy Drivers and their vehicles are committed to health safety. You will always find dispensers of alcohol or similar solutions for your hands and for your environment inside the vehicle.

The driver will wear a mask throughout the journey for greater safety.
We care about your health too and we recommend that all our users wear a mask during their trip.


After each trip, you can submit a rating along with comments. This is important to both the driver and the community of people who use Yummy Rides. You can also let your driver know that you appreciated their experience by adding a tip for them directly in the app.

Version history Yummy Rides Driver
New in Yummy Partner 1.0.7
Minor bugfixes
New in Yummy Partner 1.0.6
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