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  • Baby Panda's Chinese New Year
  • Baby Panda's Chinese New Year
  • Baby Panda's Chinese New Year
  • Baby Panda's Chinese New Year
  • Baby Panda's Chinese New Year
  • Baby Panda's Chinese New Year
Description of Baby Panda's Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming! Do you want to learn about Chinese traditional customs? Check it out with baby panda Kiki!

The 12th lunar month is coming! It's time to shop for groceries. There are all kinds of groceries at the fair, window paper-cuts, couplets, red lanterns...Come and choose groceries!

We are ready with groceries. Let's decorate the house with them. Clean the Windows and paste big red window paper-cuts; Wipe the vase and put a bouquet of peony in it. Wow, it's full of the festive atmosphere!

What are we going to have for the Chinese New Year? Dumplings, hot pot, crawfish, and more traditional dishes. Do you want to learn how to cook these dishes? Get the ingredients ready and let's start with dumplings!

Put some meat filling in a dumpling wrapper. Fold the wrapper and press the edges with your fingers, and the dumpling is ready! How do we cook fish? Sprinkle with scallions and ginger, and put it in a pot. Steamed fish is more delicious!

After the reunion dinner, let's set off fireworks to celebrate the New Year! Light the fireworks and, “Bang...”, the firework show starts. Look, there are colorful fireworks in the sky!

The dragon dance performance starts on the first day of Chinese New Year. With just a tap on the screen, you can control the dragon lantern to show off your graceful dance moves. Wow, what a wonderful performance!

Listen to nursery songs and learn more about Chinese New Year customs!

- Learn to cook traditional Chinese dishes.
- Experience entertainment activities for the Chinese New Year celebration.
- Larn about Chinese customs.
- Learn to sing nursery songs of Chinese New Year.
- Learn about the origins of Chinese holidays.

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