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Description of Dragon Champions

A fantasy adventure of epic heroes in Dragon Champions, a free fantasy-themed turn-based RPG on mobile. Familiar graphics, an engaging storyline, tactical battles, PvP, PvE, and a few more awesome things for you to enjoy! Are you an avid MMORPG fan? Do you miss the vibe of old computer games? Download Dragon Champions, and we'll show you the true dragon magic quest!

Take part in the legendary RPG multiplayer battle of the Dragon Champions against demon warriors and the mysterious Reflections. Recruit warriors and lead an action squad of fantastic heroes to battle and determine the fate of the war in the world of Korador using the best combat strategy. Humans, orcs, elves, pandas, goblins, beastmen, dwarves, halfpigs or demon warriors are some of the warlords to choose from to create the most powerful squad! Assemble and upgrade your epic team and save the medieval world of Korador, become the strongest champion in the Arena, and learn the secret of the immortal dragon protectors in this role-playing quest.

The myth tells us the story of the Ancient Gods, describing how they exterminated each other and left this world to the dragons as their heirs. The dragons swore to protect the races of Korador from conflict, thereby becoming the protectors of the races. Centuries passed, and dragons eventually stopped meddling in mortal fights. Now, orcs and humans are waging an endless war, elves and goblins are all-time enemies, while pandas and the beastmen hide in their faraway lands. That's when an army of demons invades the world, an army of halfpigs marches up to the walls of the dwarven Stone Fortress, and the mythical dragons return. Become a part of this dragon legend RPG simulator! Prepare your best military tactics to defend yourself and defeat your enemy warriors in the Arena! Do you have a real warrior soul?


FOUR ENGAGING ACTION STORY CAMPAIGNS: Enjoy the memorable story of Dragon Champions in the spirit of classic fantasy, filled with humor, fights, and a ton of pop culture references. The story of Crown Prince Darian and Tromgar, the orc khagan, is like a high-quality blockbuster, starting with a personal magic story and ending with global-scale war events. Create an army of dragon champions ready for the battle in a fantastic multiplayer dragon simulation campaign!

PLAYER VS. PLAYER RPG BATTLES: Assemble the best heroes' squad in your battle to participate in the raid PvP Arena battles! Your results will be recorded in global rankings in this free adventure RPG. Fight until victory is won!

MANY HEROES AND WARRIORS TO CHOOSE FROM: More than 70 warrior characters from nine playable races and different rarity levels will join you in the ultimate raid adventure! Find 'em all, obtain and craft equipment, and don't forget that you have a world and friends to save!

DYNAMIC BATTLE SIMULATOR: Work out your own action tactics in this free multiplayer turn-based RPG strategy with dynamic battles, time speedup, and a convenient soldier autobattle feature! Clash your legion warriors against the enemy in an epic war without limits!

JOIN ARMY GUILDS AND PARTICIPATE IN RAIDS: The wise strategists and military leaders of Dragon Champions join guilds, chat with other guild players, and combine their efforts to win raids. Participate in raids and attack to encounter the most powerful beasts of Korador and defeat the elder dragons. Survive at all costs!

GET READY FOR WARFARE: Completed the raid campaigns? Fight waves of epic enemy troops in the tower to test your mettle. Each battle is more difficult than the last, but you get generous rewards for each battle you complete in this magic multiplayer simulator! Ready for adventure?

Version history Dragon Champions
New in Dragon Champions 1.5.4
What's new:
- New heroes: Ace & Sin - available soon, Can & O’neer - available from the campaign event
- Baldur's legendary event is almost here
- Reworked Dieselrog’s abilities and added level 7 for them
- Dracoins from Monthly Packs now count for Special events
- Tweaked daily Global Arena quest - now you only need to defeat 6 heroes
- Hero abilities animations are now automatically playing the lobby
- Fixed Blessings behaviour
- Other small fixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.5.0
What’s new:
New game mode - Global Arena - battle players from all over the globe
New hero upgrade feature - Blessings - a passive stat bonus that benefits a whole race
New heroes:
Teenty -available from Season of Sparks starting September 1st
Ace & Sin- available soon!
New backgrounds for battles
Wizz & Ard and Baldur Legendary events and the Dwarf campaign coming soon
Fixed a chance to Resist mechanics
Fixed an error with Last Chance offers
Other small fixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.102
What's New:
- New heroes:
Mara - available from Season of Ash starting from August 1st
Garn - available in the game soon
Nelly - available in the game soon
- 7 and 8 ability levels for Cruelle
- Various visual improvements
- You can now fix the camera at preferred angle when in battle
- You can now purchase missing parts items with Dracoins
- Other small fixes, balance changes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.99
What's new:
- New 17 and 18 Challenges levels
- New rewards for reaching Campaign milestones
- Ability levels 7 and 8 for another batch of heroes
- Better rewards and a new chapter for the Rune Campaign, new Rune Chest and new 6-star Runes
- Optimized Runes menu performance
- Improved Summoning Heroes menu
- New battling location visuals
- Balance Changes, other small fixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.83
What's new:
- New Hero - Telias - soon available in the game
- New and improved Heroes menu navigation
- New ability levels 7 and 8 for multiple heroes
- Camera POV on the battlefield can now be adjusted manually
- You can now choose more than one tag in hero filter
- Bug fixes, balance changes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.66
What’s new:
- New game mode - Expeditions - gather your crew and send your heroes on exciting missions, explore various regions of Korador, and wait for them to come back to you with rewards
- Rebalanced starter missions in the Campaign
- Rantha’s portrait is back on Tromgar’s shield
- Small fixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.55
- New Hero — Sabator available from Easter competition
- New Hero — Niya available from Season of Sun starting April 1st
- Easter is coming to Korador! The celebration will start on April 3d
- Battlegrounds: now you get 15 points for winning on the 2nd attempt and 10 points on the 3d attempt
- Free Runic Energy was returned to Daily Quests
- Fixed the error that occurred upon opening Daily Quests
- Minor fixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.40
What's new:
- Archi & Ro (Clans, Halfpig, Ranger) - will become available soon
- Tobald (Order, Dwarf, Ranger) - available from Hunting Season from March 1
- Removed base 2% Dodge from all heroes
- Added a new level up animation
- Added a ‘Update Teams’ button in the Battlegrounds
- Tromgar has received a new hero model
- Fixed Thalanne’s 3d ability
- Fixed Rantha's 2nd ability
- Other small fixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.29
What's new:
- Love Fever activities
- Reduced the requirements for Tournaments participation for players level 70 and below
- Tournaments: divided 80 lvl battle group into different subgroups
- Added new herostones to the Shops
- Improved Battlegrounds matchmaking
- Now you can get Legendary Runes as a reward
- Rune Shop redesign
- Redesigned player profile screen
- Added abilities’ level 7 and 8 for some heroes
- Bugfixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.19
What’s new:
- New hero - Wukong
- Will soon become available in the game: Toole and Ambu & Lance
- New 7th and 8th ability levels for 7 heroes
- Legendary Ability Scrolls can now be found in Honing Your Skills Challenge 17, some upcoming Legendary and Epic events, among the Battlegrounds rewards, and from Abilities Chest
- Removed holiday decorations
- Battlegrounds and Heroes balance changes
- Bugfixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.4.5
What’s new:
- New race - Halfpigs: 5 new heroes
- New race - Dwarves: 5 new heroes
- New locations: Twin Pigs Bootcamp and Stone Fortress
- New Heroic Erochar’s Madness Guild Raid IX
- New 7th and 8th Ability levels for 7 heroes
- New Legendary Ability Scrolls
- New Ratings system
- Winter Dragondays and festive events will begin
- Rebalanced all Artifacts’ base stats
- A lot of other UI and QoL changes and bugfixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.3.51
What’s new:
- Fixed an error that appeared after auto assigning runes while having full runes inventory
- Fixed the issue that prevented new players from collecting the reward for Competition of New Champions
- You can now see total stats boost in Rune recommendations mode
- Improved Battlegrounds matchmaking
- Added auto fill for non full teams on defense in the Battlegrounds
- Guild search system now offer by default even more suitable guilds for the new players
- Various UI fixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.3.43
What’s new:
- Added the remaining Personal Hero Challenges
- Improved Battlegrounds Matchmaking
- Added a Guild activity parameter
- Reworked a lot of Panda heroes
- Season of Fireworks starts December 1st
- New Hero - Uncle Ho
- Updated Chests location - now it looks like a proper treasury!
- Buff, Hardorc, Dieselrog hero models got a little makeover
- Team selection screen redesign
- Various bug fixes and UI improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.3.34
What’s new:
- Tournament score bonus now drops by 0.25 per loss
- Added new events for beginner players to help them get to know the game better
- Updated Hero models for Nightiel, Solius, Zerra and Yogi
- Removed Hallowdays decorations from the game
- Minor improvements
- A lot of bugfixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.3.20
What’s new:
- Two new heroes
- A lot of hero reworkd and balance changes
- Pumpkin Hallowdays is coming, special halloween themes
- Season of Rockets will begin November,1
- Updated Hero Lobby
- New gear and personal hero challenges
- A lot of quality of life and small updates
- Bugfixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.3.2
What’s new:
- Tournamets bugfixes
- Battlegrounds bugfies
- Minor improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.3.0
What’s new:
- Reworked Battlegrounds
- Reworked Tournaments
- Two new heroes
- New achievements
- New power calculation formulas’ actual power with more precision
- New Gear Level items
- The 1-year anniversary celebration begins September 30
New in Dragon Champions 1.2.53
What’s new:
- New items available in Star Shop
- Shadar, Snorri, Eric Shieldbreaker and Kaggie have received updated hero models
- Added new looks for Race Chests - they look really stunning now!
- At the end of the battle you will be able to see if your actions let you progress in any of active daily quests or achievements
- Reworked drops from Tournament Chests and Expedition Chest
- Fixed the Invite and View Guild buttons in player profile
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.2.41
What’s new:
- New difficulty tier for heroic Guild Raid Erochar’s Madness VIII
- Added various skins for Erochar the Dragon
- New Battle Pass Season - Season of Arrows begins on August 1st
- Hew hero - Garrett, available from the Season of Arrows and a special chest
- Enhanced visuals for new heroes’ summoning
- Balance changes, bug fixes, and other improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.2.33
What’s new:
- Redesigned Rune Shop
- Redesigned the game start and tutorial missions
- Added voice over in the first chapter of Order Campaign
- Improved drop for Artifacts Skill Chests
- Added a new Skill Chest with scrolls
- New hero models for Alyria, Mor’Doom, imps, and Megawheel
- Kirri and Roxy herostones are now available from the Battlegrounds Shop
- Bug fixes, balance changes and other small improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.2.21
What’s new:
- Minor improvements
- Graphis updates
- Bugfixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.2.0
What’s new:
- New PvP game mode - Battlegrounds! Fight 1 vs 1 battles with friends and guild mates (3 vs 3 is coming soon)
- Battlegrounds Shop with rare herostones, such as of Zerra’s, and various Artifacts.
- Introducing Artifacts - a new type of items designed to customize your heroes and amplify their power
- Faelia, Major Shott, Freezard and Darian’s hero models got a makeover
- Added a 24-hour option to the Guild Raid registration settings
- Minor bugfixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.180
What's new:
- Added chapter 9 to the Runic Journey
- Added the option to register for a guild raid in advance
- Tournaments are now available to players starting from level 16
- We removed Tournament qualification and replaced it with registration
- Added a cooldown time for raid rewards
- Old Loor's character model has been updated
- Season of Feathers begins on July 1
- New hero: Roxy (Clans, Pride, Healer) available in Feather Season
- AI improvements
- Minor bugfixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.165
What's new:
- "Instan Loot" function now available for level30+ player for free
- Minor bugfixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.164
What's new:
- Korador welcomes a new hero - Kirri
- Season of Claws - starting from June 1st
- Introducing a new premium feature with which autobattle tickets are no longer required - all existing tickets will be converted to Dracoins
- Added story dialogue translation for French, German and Korean languages
- Changed characters power formula
- New cool character models for ATOM and Xantara
- Balance changes
- Minor improvements and bugfixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.155
What's new:
- Added the option to save up to 15 team compositions
- New hero: Doctor Frank
- Added in-game news
- The game is now available in German, French, and Korean
- Autobattle AI will no longer prioritize summoned creatures
- Summoned creatures no longer have classes, just factions and races
- More graphical updates and improvements
- Fixed Slinger's leadership ability
- Fixed the unknown error that was appearing if you left a battle in the middle of an attack animation
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.137
What's new:
- New Hero - Count Delman
- Balance changes
- Season of the Hunt begins on May 1
- New Tournaments and Events
- Graphic improvements
- Bugfixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.128
What's new:
- Fixed Selena's scale
- Fixed event double reward bug
- Fixed tournament preview bug
- Minor improvements and bugfixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.119
- Fixed bugs with Zerra's abilities
- Minor improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.93
What's new:
- Minor improvements and fixes
- Battle pass bugfixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.92
What's new:
- Battle pass bugfixes
- Lots of minor improvements and fixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.77
What's new:
- A new hero — Lake!
- Gorram is now available for farming
- Implemented a brand new Campaign - ‘Runic Journey’ and a lot of Rune farming changes
- Now there are two difficulty modes of the Tower — Normal and Hard
- Added new Tournaments and Events
- A new seven-day reward available for players of level 16 and above
- Ability Scrolls events, Gold and XP Tomes events will now take place more often
- Balance changes
- Lots of improvements and bug fixes
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.65
What's new:
- Fixed bug with an unknown error on some devices
- Fixed Puncherface's passive ability
- Guild Search works again
- Auto-Tower now counts in quests
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.48
What's new:
- Fixed the timer settings issue;
- Fixed a critical bug that prevented dazed heroes from gaining turn meter;
- Timer settings attempts restored;
- Decreased prices on certain items in the shop you can buy for Gold;
- Minor fixes and improvements
New in Dragon Champions 1.1.3
What's new:
- Fixed bug when Cruelle can't summon reflections
- Fixed purchacement bugs
- Fixed tournament requirements
- A lot of minor bugfixes
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