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  • DX Ultra Trigger Sim
  • DX Ultra Trigger Sim
  • DX Ultra Trigger Sim
  • DX Ultra Trigger Sim
  • DX Ultra Trigger Sim
  • DX Ultra Trigger Sim
  • DX Ultra Trigger Sim
Description of DX Ultra Trigger Sim

This is A Guts Sparklence simulation game of Ultraman Trigger using DX Ultraman Trigger with complete features. Its simulation game is Complete Selection Modification (CSM) of Ultraman Trigger in High Definitions Sounds and Animation.
Suitable for you who are looking for Dx Guts Sparklence simulation for Ultraman Trigger.

This is DX Trigger Sparklence for Android includes all Hyper Keys. Starting from the Showa Era to Heisei. There are many single Hyper Keys. You may also can be use in Guts Sparklence with Kaiju Hyper Keys.
Every Hyper keys is representing of Type Change: Trigger changes forms to adapt to different combat situations.

The following is Type Change forms of Guts Sparklence List from DX Trigger Hyper Keys :
Ultraman Trigger Multi Type
Ultraman Trigger Power Type
Ultraman Trigger Sky Type
Ultraman Tiga
Ultraman 55 Aniversary
Ultraman Belial M-20

GUTS Hyper Keys are the items used by Kengo Manaka in the GUTS Sparklence to transform into Ultraman Trigger and in the Circle Arms to access different finishers. They are stored in holder of the GUTS Buckle
Kaiu Keys are GUTS Hyper Keys that can scientifically replicate and demonstrate the abilities of monsters hidden inside the item.

The following is List of Kaiju Hyper Keys :
Gomora Key - M01
Gomora Key - M02
Zetton Key - M03
Gamakujira Key - M04
Sevenger Key - M11
Windom Key - M12
King Joe STORAGE Custom Key - M13
Alien Baltan Key - M15
Golza Key - M16
Melba Key - M17
Kyrieloid Key - M18
Evil Tiga Key - M19

Lets play the GUTS Sparklence Simulations Game for Ultraman Trigger every time. And please share this DX Guts Sparklence of Ultraman Trigger to other fellow Ultraman Trigger fans.

Version history DX Ultra Trigger Sim
DX Ultra Trigger Sim Ver 1.0
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