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Screenshots of DX ULTRAMAN X
  • DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim
  • DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim
  • DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim
  • DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim
  • DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim
  • DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim
  • DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim
Description of DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim

This is A transform game of Ultra-Man X using X - Devizer with complete features. Its simulation game is Complete Selection Modification (CSM) of Ultra-Man X for Ultra-Man X Fusion in High Definitions Sounds and Animation.
Suitable for you who are looking for Dx transform game for Ultra-Man X with Ultra-Man X.
Lets play the Ultra-Man X for Ultra-Man X and transform every time. And share Ultra-Man X to other fellow Ultra-Man X fans.

This Ultra-Man X Ring DX android Simulation game includes all Cards. Starting from the Showa Era to Heisei. There are many single cards and combination cards for 2 cards to become Fussion Up. There is also a Trinity Fussion feature for 3 cards and Ultra-Man Org Origin.

The following is a list of X cards available in the game :
1. Ultra-Man X
2. Ultra-Man Tiga
3. Ultra-Man Taro
4. Ultra-Man Mebius
5. Ultra-Man Jack
6. Ultra-Man Zero
7. Ultra-Man Zoffy
8. Ultra-Man Victory Knight
9. Ultra-Man Ginga Victory
10. Ultra-Man
11. Ultra-Man Cosmos
12. Ultra-Man Max
13. Ultra-Man Saga
14. Ultra-Man Leo
15. Ultra-Man Exceed X
16. Ultra-Man Seven
17. Ultra-Man Ace
18. Ultra-Man Astra
19. Ultra-Man Leo

Cyber Armor list :
1. Gomora Armor
2. Eleking Armor
3. Bemstar Armor
4. Zetton Armor
5. Ultra-Man Zero Armor
6. Beta Spark Armor, with 2 attack mode. Sword and Arrow

And the Cyber Monster includes:
1. Cyber Magma
2. Cyber Super Grand King Spectre
3. Cyber Etelgar
4. Cyber King Joe
5. Cyber Valky
6. Cyber Dada
7. Cyber Sheperdon
8. Cyber Gazort
9. Cyber Thunder Darambia
10. Cyber Inpelaizer
11. Cyber Telesdon
12. Cyber Baltan
13. Cyber Birdon
14. Cyber Gudon
15. Cyber Cowra
16. Cyber Redking
17. Cyber Neronga
18. Cyber Geronimon
19. Cyber Dino Tank
20. Cyber Nurse
21. Cyber Greeza
22. Cyber Fire Golza
23. Cyber Zaigorg
24. Cyber Pigmon
25. Cyber King Guesra
26. Cyber Houling
27. Cyber Gomess
28. Cyber Mold Specter
29. Cyber Demaaga
30. Cyber Fanton
31. Cyber Mecha Gomora
32. Cyber Tyrant
33. Cyber Rudian
34. Cyber Gargorgon
35. Cyber Zarab

Version history DX Ultra X - Devizer Sim
New in DX ULTRAMAN X 1.0
DX Ultra X Sim Ver 1.0
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