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Screenshots of Empire in War
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
  • Empire in War - Strategy Game
Description of Empire in War - Strategy Game

Empire in War offers a unique experience from Match-3 puzzle games, combining RPG elements in the form of progression, and PVE battles with base building, an MMO-like social experience, and Real-Time strategy gameplay. The game’s story is inspired by a medieval fantasy setting where the vast realm of Nara is at war with a clan of wizards wielding demonology and necromancy. Their unholy army has captured many lands which need to be liberated.
You are the leader of your village who has made the decision to mobilize their effort to defend the village from monsters and other ambitious rulers. Start recruiting heroes to your clan and use your glyph magic to summon them on different battlefronts. Craft items, upgrade offensive spells, level up heroes, and increase your power and prestige among other rulers and within your own clan of kings and queens.

Fight various monsters, declare war on others, gain epic loot, experience a highly social game, powerful heroes and striking visuals in a world struggling to keep its freedom!

Game Features
[Resource Management]
Effective utilization of resources is key to growing your village and climbing the ranks of the raid league. Resources like gold, wood, and wheat are sparse in times of war.

[Daily rewards]
An attentive and diligent ruler deserves gratitude, so make sure to claim extra rewards for free every day!

[Online Matchmaking]
Liberating land from the demon army gets tiresome sometimes, why not test your wits and luck against another player? Building your empire necessitates war with other less than friendly kings and queens.

You will need to upgrade buildings to unlock new mechanics and content and also strengthen your forces. Build the foundation of your future empire!

[Combat Mechanics]
Solve Match Puzzles to summon your forces on the battlefield. Each colored glyph represents one of your 4 hero types so make sure to line your glyphs accurately to summon the highest number of heroes possible.

[Multiple events and game types]
Some of the resources in the game can be won through different in-game events that run throughout the week. So make sure to participate if you want to progress quicker in the game.

[Look and Feel]
Awe inspiring graphics together with stylish hero and monster designs make for an unforgettable experience.

[Social Experience]
It is difficult to fight off an onslaught of monsters and other invaders so make sure to forge friendships by joining a guild. You can accomplish many goals with your guild’s army and grow stronger together.

Build an empire worthy of a king, upgrade hero cards, organize internal affairs, and strategize for the best deck in this never-ending struggle for power. Join established guilds or forge your own clan, the choice is yours! Tower defense with the help of legendary heroes! A wide variety of troop types, craftable gear, flexible hero combinations, and strategy on a macro scale awaits!

NOTE: Empire in War is both free to download and free to play, however it does offer in-app purchases of items and upgrades for those who have less time to spend on the game and wish to advance quicker.

Version history Empire in War - Strategy Game
New in Empire in War 1.7
+ Improving the search and membership of alliances (active alliances in priority)
+ The possibility of conquering the land and looting with the cards that are in the inn.
+ Fixed the difficulty of the initial stages of the lands
+ Game mission changes
+ Fixed the problem of the village disappearing in some cases
+ Appearance changes in the loot section
+ Fixed the problem of displaying user alliances in the ranking
+ Fixed reported bugs
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