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Description of Fleet.io

Control a fleet of ships in an infinite, procedurally generated universe. Upgrade your main ship by destroying other players and objects in the universe and collecting energy. Compete with other players to become the leader and survive as long as you can!

☆ Infinite, procedurally generated universe to explore
☆ MASSIVE multiplayer! Player with people all over the world.
☆ Simple and intuitive controls
☆ Form a group and work together, or go it alone.
☆ Save your progress

☆ Click to move or select a target for your fleet.
☆ Stay within a solar system for protection.
☆ Pirates get stronger as you get farther away from the start.
☆ Picking up energy not only increases your power, it heals your ship!

New features and improvements coming soon.

Version history Fleet.io
New in fleet 0.6.25
Fleet 0.6.25
- Added Friend Lists!
- Added Russian Translation
- Added Colombia Flag Skin
- Add 2 second delay before attacking when switching from PVE to PVP mode
- Bug fixes
New in fleet 0.5.23
- Added Wormholes! These have a chance to spawn when you destroy a star.
- New level skins!
- All level skins have a slightly different animation
- New Achievements!
- Color code top scores
- Show boss on map precisely
- Many minor adjustments, improvements, and bug fixes
- New languages support
New in fleet 0.4.22
- You can now enable PVP mode and change skins while playing
- Added Achievements! Can you complete them all?
- Added Pylons - Attacking these causes all pirates in the sector to swarm you. If you capture the pylon you gain passive score and XP increases, even while not playing for up to 24 hours!! Other players might capture them from you.
- Improved UI
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.
New in fleet 0.1.15
- Improved control stick.
- Added Groups. Now you can group up with nearby players and find each other easily on the map.
- Leader icon now appears with high precision on the map.
- Solar systems now provide +1 damage reduction from all sources.
- Adjusted power of pirates and planets
- Challenging sectors now have a skull on the map and provide more points.
- UI improvements and bug fixes
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