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Screenshots of JDM Racing
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
  • JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
Description of JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races

Experience the real drive, sense the speed and feel a surge of adrenaline from skidding in a new  racing game from the creators of Drift Legends. Hop into a legendary Japanese ​sport car ​and  begin furious ​street race​! 

Drive legendary Japanese ​race cars​ on various races, tracks. Beat records, take part in different  racing events, pump up your sport ​car driving skills​ and rise from Beginner to Pro League driver.  Collect, win, tune up, and upgrade your dream cars.

● Advanced graphics and design: enjoy 3D graphics, ​realistic driving ​physics, simulating  every aspect of car behaviour.  
● Diverse​ race ​tracks: a variety of beautiful tracks created specifically for ​online racing.  Drag, drift races ​and many more! 
● In-game challenges​:​ ​drag racing​, time attack, sprint, checkpoints, survival, ​street racing  and other challenges 
● Career mode: gain experience starting from the Beginner ​racer​, earn Pro League status  to discover secret cars 
● Unique ​driving​ experience: each car is special - experience the weight and power, find  your balance. We added real engine sounds for every car. 
● Customize cars​: make them exclusive using paint, tuning, upgrades and rims 
● Extra tools: turbocharger, gearbox and tires sounds 
● Control points: choose controls that suit you to handle ​skidding cars​ and make some  impressive drifts 

Enjoy your ​real ​street racer​ experience starting today!​ If You're a Car Enthusiast, This Game is  Definitely for You.

Version history JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races
New in JDM Racing 1.3.2
Major update:
+ added a new week in Daily Events 15a-21s
this is a week of aggressive competition for class "C" cars

+ open Multiplayer Ghost for class "C"
let's see who is the cheater and who is the Father

+ significantly facilitated the track "The Beach"
uprooted some palm trees, poles and benches

+ many small interface improvements

+ changes made to Multiplayer "A" and "B" classes

+ rebalanced some races, it became easier

if you find errors, write in the comments, we read everything
New in JDM Racing 1.2.9
The long-awaited update. A new chapter in the Campaign - Plan C is open
Download and play:
- added 50 competitions in Campania
- added 2 tracks
- added 6 cars from 90-95
- added more than 120 elements of tuning
- added new fashionable 90s wheels
- improved tracks in Multiplayer
- all competitions with checkpoints are weakened
- well-developed interface and game sound
The game was complemented by violent short fights on difficult tracks
New aggressive cars are ready to fill you with adrenaline
New in JDM Racing 1.2.1
update with big fixes:
- completely changed Ghost in Multiplayer
- configured Top in Multiplayer
- reinforced obstacles in Multiplayer
- Improved receipt of weekly Ghost prizes
- reworked the first 3 races of the tutorial
- the prize is now known before the start of the race
- A06 and B06 cars solved problems with Turbo
- fixed sound problems
- fixed some interface problems
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