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Description of Juggernaut Wars - raid RPG

Step into the world of Juggernaut Wars world — a massive fantasy RPG! Become a legend! Steel, magic and courage oppose the fury of otherworldly monsters and their minions, and the battles rage day and night!
Can you prevent the invasion of the Devourers and save the missing princess Leah?

Dozens of heroes with unique skills and personalities are ready to fight by your side. Only a true master of role playing games online can assemble a raid team that can overcome all the obstacles, defeat all the mighty bosses and reach the grand finale, where the fate of the whole world will be decided!

MOBA RPG gameplay features:

An exciting campaign: uncover the terrible secrets of the Cult of Masks and save the world from the sinister Devourers! An adventure worthy of the best MMORPGs awaits you. Expect countless battles in forests and deserts, fetid swamps and mysterious ruins. The locations are designed in a classic RPG arena games style and are sure to delight true connoisseurs of fantasy atmospheres! Fight hordes of enemies and defeat evil bosses across epochs and worlds!

Stunning graphics, unique visual style and rich special effects! This MMO’s characters sow chaos and destruction in vivid, truly awe-inspiring battles! This is an action RPG where the hurricane of fighting never stops for an instant, and each hero of this RPG game is an outstanding character in their own right. Few RPG adventure games can boast such a range of unique characters — from paladins and priests to ninjas and bandits, from ancient mages to supersoldiers from other worlds! In this RPG world, magic of medieval fantasy collides with science fiction and steampunk!

Many different game modes: arena games, quests, side storylines and mine takeovers. There’s enough work for all your heroes! This is an action RPG and MOBA games crossover where heroes level up and unlock unique skills that can change the course of battle! But it isn’t just your heroes’ magic and skills that will help you in this online RPG. Collect and upgrade gear to make your heroes even stronger. As is proper for an MMO, you can expect a variety of different weaponry and armor, along with elixirs and other magical items!

A range of tactics and strategies: clever usage of hero abilities can change the course of battle. Juggernaut Wars is one of action-packed free RPG games where battles flow dynamically, but still stand out with their deep tactics and strategies. It’s an action RPG with MOBA elements, where you have not just one hero at your command, but a whole MMORPG team. Every battle, every arena, every raid becomes more fun as you unlock new ways to control your heroes!

Not just RPG games, but RPG games online! Overcome treacherous competitors on your path to the top of the leaderboard! But like in any MMORPG online world, not only enemies await you, but allies as well! You can exchange resources with other players in the Friends Store and get hero stones, and you can chat from level 20. And of course, you can join clans to achieve new victories along with your loyal friends!

The enemy carefully guards the secrets you must unveil. But each victory makes your raid team stronger! Level up your heroes, collect artifacts, join the battles of the angels and unlock new warriors! You can prove your mastery not only in the campaign, but in other game modes too. In this RPG online game, you won’t get bored!

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Version history Juggernaut Wars - raid RPG
New in Juggernaut Wars 1.4.0
Warriors! Update 4.7 is ready! Here’s what’s new:
- Hunting Season – a new type of special event with valuable rewards! Slay enemy warriors in battle to work your way up the rewards chain. A new Season starts every month!
- Hunting Season Store – a new shop to replace the Friends Store. Here you will find all the familiar goods, besides, soul stones for many rare heroes have been added to the rotation!
- Other bug fixes and improvements.
New in Juggernaut Wars 3.1.0
Version 3.1.2Bug fixes and other improvementsHeroes ????• Five heroes received unique equipment.• There are bright color patterns available for Adele!Improvements ⭐️• New trader Spirus in town!• Duels available again.• 50 wooden chests can be opened at a time.
New in Juggernaut Wars 2.3.0
Patch 2.3.1 - General improvements and bug fixesThe Coliseum:- Use all of your heroes in the new battle activityThe new chat:- Talk to other players in the global chat- Challenge players from the chat to a duel- Push notifications for private messagesImprovements:- Link your game progress to Google Play in order to save it- Two new regular quests- You can now set up the FPS- You can now see your opponent’s squad when choosing heroes for a battle- New sounds
New in Juggernaut Wars 2.2.2
Patch 2.2.2 - Bug fixes and improvements.Tournaments- available from level 60- notifications on available attempts added.Clans- altar logs and combat log filters added- notifications on deploying squads in competitions, - hints for choosing heroes, battle score info, list of players not taking part in the defense- raid and competition awards are now sent by e-mail.Improvements- daily rewards moved to Missions- Event notifications- hero search window improved.Warriors! To battle!
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