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Description of Kare

Application to enhance learning skills and practice in various situations. In everyday life Intensive self-help for children It consists of situational learning, such as home, school, department store, restaurant, etc., for interactive interaction. Leads to the application. And they can take care of themselves for better society.
The application has the following main functions:

1. Learn Step Procedures.
Learning about things related to situations. And the practice of visual, audio and video activities in practice. To memorize
2. Learn Do's and Don'ts (Do not Do)
Learn the rules. And do not practice from the situation. To understand the cautions. Etiquette And social practices
3. Conversation and Speaking (Conversation)
Practice of memorization through conversation. To test the understanding And the language skills and speaking practice.
4. Create custom content, allowing users to create their own learning content through uploading through the website. www.thaispecialcare.com To create a new learning game. On the application. You can share teaching content with other instructors. Unlimited
5. Progress Estimation Teachers who use the application. Can record the assessment of students' progress skills for centralized storage. And analysis of the overall picture.

Goal, skill development and learning.
- Enhance the recognition and learning of the environment from various activities. In each location
- Enhance learning process activities. To lead the practice. And can help themselves.
- Enhance learning about social practices. To adapt It leads to better life in society.
- Language skills And pronunciation

Kare Application
An integrated educational and social application for children with special needs to improve their skills and abilities in different everyday life situations. The application combines educational information in relation to different place such as home, school, restaurant, and shopping mall to develop two-way communication skills for further use in real life situations to help them live in the society.

Application features:
1. Learning about steps in conducting different activities
2. Learning about do and do not in the society
3. Communication and pronunciations
4. Creating customized contents to develop new educational games on the application
5. Evaluations for Teachers and Parents

Improvement skill:
- Support memorizing and learning of objects and environments from different everyday life activities in different spaces.
- Support Support learning learning steps steps steps steps steps steps Support Support Support Support Support Support Support Support Support Support Support.
- Support the learning of the do's and don'ts in the society to adapt and develop their ability for better living in the society.
- Support language skills and pronunciations.

Recently, there are parents in the network of 20 Autistic Thai Foundations all over Thailand that have already started using the application. There has been a great progress with children that show better learning and development.

More information: www.thaispecialcare.com

Version history Kare
New in Kare 2.2.1
Fix bug: Mission does not load
New in Kare 2.2
- Edit the English and Chinese display. - Added a selection menu to switch between missions during each mission. To be appropriate to the trainer who wants to practice a specific play in some outposts. - Fixed for use on Android version 7.0.
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