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Description of โรงเรียนทรูปลูกปัญญา

The application of intelligence. It was made to accommodate the staff of True Volunteer. And the school teacher in the project. Save and save data With the help of the school in real time faster and faster, the information will be useful. In analyzing the results of using digital media for intellectual learning. It also can be used to plan the development of the media for maximum efficiency. School location Including news videos. You can also comment on various activities. Under the concept of intellectual children as well.

Application Features I think that's a good idea. Are as follows
1. Add and edit school information with quick results.
2. Record the media usage of the children's intelligence faster and easier.
3. List of contacts And look at the details of the schools participating in the program.
4. Search for a school location from google map.
5. Collect information from the project. And teacher news Include the movement. Of activities Under the concept of intelligent children.
6. Collect the vdo sample of the media.
7. Introducing the monthly program from TrueVisions.
8. The Intelligent Media Survey
9. Contact Information
The information collected from the app will be useful for analyzing and improving the project. Keep up the good work.

Version history โรงเรียนทรูปลูกปัญญา
New in com.trueit.android.trueplookpanya 3.3
Add privacy policy
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