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The gang that used to be loyal to you has now abandoned you, the brothers who were born and died are now in their own hands, the city you once took your life has fallen into the hands of the enemy, and during the five years you were framed and imprisoned, everything was Right and wrong. In the eyes of others, you are already a nobody, and now you have returned, the city is eager for a new ruler, gather your former subordinates, take back everything that belongs to you, and become a legend of the underworld!

☆Dominate the block ☆
"I'll have the final say after this block!"
Build your gang territory on the violent streets of criminals, wrestle their blocks from your enemies, take over all kinds of industries, control all resources, and become the talker of the city!

☆Underworld Hero☆
"Criminal villain? Exactly what we need!"
There are ruthless people from all walks of life in the bar. For us, they are all potential talents, underground thugs, road fighters, and ruthless gunmen. Tame these beasts and let them work for you, become your right-hand man on the road of your black gold empire, and open up the frontier for you. Tutu!

☆Vice City☆
"Wealth is for the powerful"
Our black gold empire only has one city. If you are content with the status quo, you will only be trampled by others, speak with strength, plunder resources from other players to occupy the city, participate in multi-person gang melee, and witness the rise of black gold empires!

☆Family power☆
"Don't mess with me, you can't imagine the consequences!"
As the leader, you can create your own gang, invite like-minded people to join, develop forces together, and fight against rival gangs from different regions. The rules are written by you, and you need to let them know who is the ruler!

☆Beautiful companions☆
"Beautiful car beauty, I want it all!"
Get to know beauties from different countries and regions, and you will provide shelter for them as a gangster; you can date them in private clubs after every day after the bullets, enjoy a private two-person world, and let them fall for your charm in your own way!

Discord: https://discord.gg/rEhdSYQRWD

Version history Mafia King
New in Mafia King 1.0.2
- Fix some known BUG.
- Improve game experience
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