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Description of Mochu Sky Ranger

Try the award winning language program developed by scientists. Did someone say creative destruction? Learning by smashing stuff?! Yes! Mochu Sky Ranger brings this entire straight into the palm of your hand in a super exciting way! Learn languages through immersive interactive play.

In Mochu Sky Ranger, take flight in your very own helicopter and soar through an adorable 2D world; your mission: destroy candy with yummy vegetables! But wait, there’s more! With each candy you shatter, you unlock a syllable. Smash enough candy to collect all the syllables and learn a new word!

As you fly through the levels of the game, word length increases gradually, providing endless gameplay and exciting fun. Added bonus: each collected word is pronounced in its entirety before transforming into more ammo to shoot candy obstacles with!

This application is great for little ones who are just learning how to speak; they can have fun shooting away while learning precious language skills, one step at a time.

The best part of game? You get to learn all the words in 4 different languages! The same teaching method is used in each language mode, so you can easily break down all the words into syllables. It’s an extraordinary method that provides the best results; we promise!

With 7 candy-filled, veggie-loaded worlds to explore, this game is the best tool to use for you or your kids’ language-learning journey.

Don’t hesitate! Immerse yourself the awesome world of Mochu Sky Ranger for visually appealing, truly impressive gaming. Download it now and immerse yourself in the ultimate interactive learning experience!

• Four (4) languages to choose from
• Seven (7) worlds to navigate
• Educational content
• Interactive elements
• HD graphics
• Pleasant soundtrack, sound FX
• Easy mechanics

About us
Founded by two PhDs with expertise in brain development and language learning, and a team of the world’s top scientist, teachers, doctors and educational officials. Kadho is using the last 50 years of early education and brain development to build games and eBooks to help children learn language.

Over 50 years of science has shown the most critical phases brain development happens early. This time is a window of opportunity for the proper formation and core connections needed for basic sensory, social and emotional processing and understanding. Kadho aims to lead the advancement of child development research and improve children’s lives everywhere.

For more info please visit www.kadho.com

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