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Description of Numio

Numio allows consumers to take full control of their Ethereum cryptocurrencies with faster and cheaper transfers 💸

Why does this matter? Fees are a deal-breaker in crypto transactions. If fees are too high then people look elsewhere. This was apparent in February 2021 when Ethereum Gas fees hit an average of 22 for a simple transaction. That’s why, after researching where Ethereum may head in the future, Numio incorporated the Layer 2 scaling solution, zkRollups, allowing users to make instant payments with significantly lower Gas fees. It turns out that we are good company with our decision, as Vitalik Buterin later stated* how he expects zkRollups to ‘win out’ in all use cases'.

There are plenty of news reports about centralized crypto services losing customers’ crypto or freezing accounts. It might be down to a hack, a rogue employee, or manipulation, but they all have one thing in common, centralized services are in full control of your wallet and everything in it.

With Numio, you generate your own private keys within the app and can download them at any time - we have no access to your crypto, period.

Over 300 Ethereum Tokens
You can send and receive 10+ different ERC-20 tokens on our zkRollup powered Numio Wallet ⚡ and a further 300+ tokens on our Standard Wallet .

Current Numio Wallet ⚡ tokens include;
… and more

Purchase cryptocurrencies
You can add debit/credit cards and use them to make in-app crypto purchases. Load up your wallets in just a couple of taps!

Ethereum Layer 2 purchases are coming soon!

Choose your own security 🔒
Choose between assisted cloud backup, or manual (DeFi) backup.

Assisted backup is an easy to use and highly secure cloud backup, secured by NIST Grade biometrics. However, not everyone wants a cloud account, and not everyone wants to use biometrics, and why should they?

For those that don't, we have a manual (DeFi) backup option – just create an account with the information of your choice, manually store your Recovery Key, and away you go.

KYC (Know Your Customer) checks are not required to use Numio.

No registration fee
Downloading and signing up for Numio is free - we won’t charge you to make an account.

Import Wallets
You can import your current wallet into Numio. Allowing you to track your portfolio and take advantage of the cheap fees, and instant transactions, offered by zkRollups.

Send to names not account numbers
Instead of long, complicated account numbers, you can choose your own username and use that for sending and receiving payments.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) was a must for all our products. Current third-party authentication systems are clunky, and not particularly user friendly, so we designed and built a better version that doesn't require searching through codes.

Our app uses on-device biometrics linked to public-key cryptography, so you can interact with logins, and confirm payments, with the touch of a finger.

We want Numio to be easy for anyone to use, whatever their technical ability, which is why the app has been designed with simplicity in mind.

NumioCloud ☁️
Our proprietary cloud software utilizes zero-knowledge proofs (zkProofs) to secure and protect virtually any type of data; from private-key backup and credit/debit card data, to identity documents for KYC/AML. Locked up and secured with on-device biometrics, you have full control over what happens to your data.

When undertaking KYC at third party platforms the documents never leave your device, just the attestation, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no nefarious party has a copy of your passport.

Future additions
DeFi features including trading, swaps, pooling and lending.

Follow Us
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GetNumio

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@getnumio


Version history Numio
New in Numio 2.0.9
- Bug fix for advanced backup users
New in Numio 2.0.7
- UI updates to wallet screens
- Enter in a USD amount or token amount when sending tokens
- Ability to choose imported wallet when purchasing crypto
- Additional sign-up option added
- All supported tokens on zkSync added to L2 wallets
New in Numio 2.0.6
v2.0.6 Changelog
- New interface for 3rd party Numio logins
- New L1 tokens added: UTU and Secure Pad
- New zkSync L2 tokens added
- Hide me from search privacy feature
- Custom keyboard number size increased for accessibility
- Wallets now show deactivated tokens if not in wallet
- zkSync web to Numio L2 notification enhancement
- Removing a wallet balance bug fixed
- Splash screen enhancements on iOS and Android
- Bottom navigation UI adjustments on Android
New in Numio 2.0.5
- Wallet generation time cut in half
- Introduced new keyboard for numerical input
- Token list selector modal UI enhanced
- Increased tap area and size on various UI elements for accessibility
- Update app modal design enhancements
- Fixed some tokens not showing after importing wallet
- Trigger vibration when a payment is sent or received
- USD value was added to various inputs
- Swipe up to dismiss a notification
New in Numio 2.0.3
Complete redesign and UI/UX overhaul
Added 300 Layer 1 tokens
Added 14 Layer 2 tokens
New in Numio 1.5.3
User Authentication update
New in Numio 1.5.1
Registration and recovery improvements/fixes
New in Numio 1.5.0
Refactored to reduce app loading time and other performance improvements.
New in Numio 1.3.2
Welcome to Numio!
- Instant Peer to Peer Transfers
- Ethereum Layer 2 Enabled with zKSync
- Added PHNX, wBTC, ETH, USDC Assets
- Instant KYC Verification
- Import External Wallets
- Transfer Internal Accounts
- Enhanced Biometric Security
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