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Description of Pocket Game Developer

This app is under construction and we are constantly updating it. Please try it out and overload us with feedback! We have a discord server that we are very active on. You can get to it from a button in the app.

Choose from a few types of games and make them your own. There is lots of improvements being worked on right now. Including:

- Visual Scripting Language
- Making the editor not bad
- Sharing games with other Pocket Dev users
- Exporting games and publishing outside the app

Version history Pocket Game Developer
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.17.04
Some quick fixes to crashes and the ui editor
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.17.03
- UI Editor : You can make your own UI Scenes now!
- You can edit numbers by typing now
- Fixed the bounce object
- Put a collider debug button in the level editor
- Fixed the collision editor
- Added scaling to decorations
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.16.02
- Death animations
- Respawn checkpoints
- Dash ability for the platforming player
- Bug fixes
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.15.05
This update has a lot of stuff. It is listed in the app.
If you find problems PLEASE join the discord and tell us. We are really trying to fix broken stuff right now. We know there is a lot of broken stuff. :)
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.14.02
Nothing fancy just some bug fixes. I also got rid of the santa hat on the icon but I was in a hurry and couldn't find the normal icon image so now there is a new image and I hate. I will fix it later.

Thank you!
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.14.01
This is not a release it's just a patch. Some crashes and NPC falling through the floor fixed.
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.13.07
Small patch to fix level end objects
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.11.08
Check the release notes in the app for what is new. This is patching that because we did something wrong. whoops.
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.10.05
- Performance in-game should be MASSIVELY better
- Added several new monster types
- Fixed knockback for the player and monsters
- Fixed several issues with monsters
- Added a drop property to projectiles so you can toss them. Forgot to rename it. It basically just turns on and off.
- Fixed an issue with drawing and opacity in the brush tool
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.09.04
- You can now make levels!
- Automatic magical backing up games every time you open them (so that if your game dies you can recover it from your last open)
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.06.25
Version 2.06! Checkout the patch notes in the app. Let us know what you hate and if you like anything that too.
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.04.18
- Added Default games.
- NPC object (only works in TopDown game for now)
- Added a zooming panel to the sprite editor!
- Added shooting to the top down player"
- Added physics properties to player objects (acceleration and gravity).
- Added scale property to the monsters so you can make huge monsters
- Added scrolling to the animation frame panel and the animation panel"
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.02.50
Monsters are back
Monster death animations
Runner game air jump animation
Runner game speed changed to constant speed
Added speed boost objects to runner game
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.02.36
You can now name your games! FINALLY
Started the background editor. You can pick a color for the background now.
You can also set a game icon! Click the gear in the level editor.
Some bug fixes, but not very many.
The app still sucks.
But goodness did we have a good time.
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.02.13
- Pinch zoom and scroll around with two finger in the level editor
- Hold down on a game button for a couple seconds to bring up the menu to delete
- Scrolling in menus
- You can edit the collision box size of objects. Hold down on the object button for a couple seconds to edit
- This update should not break any games. The next one still will. But maybe that is the last time
- Most buttons have a visual change when you push them now
- Discord Server!
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.02.10
ACTUALLY fixed game corruption issues this time (somehow it didn't get included in last build)
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.02.05
Animations should work now!
The player should update its speed when you edit it.
You have to erase the player and add it again for those changes to take effect.
These changes will not actually break any game! Yay1
New in PocketGameDeveloper 2.01.02
Fixed minimum SDK version
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