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Description of Pocket Rogues

Pocket Rogues is a dynamic old school Action-RPG designed in the Roguelike genre. Here, you have to shoot your way out of hordes of monsters by traveling through unique and randomly generated locations and develop your own fortress and heroes.

Real-time battles will challenge any hardcore player, and research for environment and many unusual techniques will engage you for long hours.

Dozens of dungeons filled with unique loot and monsters will be in Pocket Rogues. The game has a lot of heroes for whom you can play, as well as many bosses against whom you will fight, and the battle will be a real test for you. And the traditional components of the RPG genre, such as character upgrade and exploring the world around them, will never let you feel bored!

“For many centuries, a dark dungeon had been beckoning hapless travelers with its secrets and treasures. One after another, they disappeared after having met the true Evil, but gloomy legends only heat up new and new adventurers’ itches. So why not to become one of them?!”


The game is completely played in real time without any pauses between its stages! Move, dodge obstacles and maneuver around a flank! This is an elaborated combat system focusing primarily on the character control and a player’s skills.
There are many classes of heroes here: each has unique skills, specific equipment and their own dendrogram.
Every descent is special! Everything, from locations and monsters to loot and accidental encounters, is generated during the game. You will never get two identical dungeons!
The game includes unique locations: each of them has its own visual style, unique enemies, traps and interactive objects; and you can move freely between all open locations.
Your own fortress: you can build and improve erections in the territory of the Guild Fortress, by opening and strengthening new heroes, as well as gaining access to new game techniques.
Regular updates. The game has been supported and actively developed for a long period of time, in close contact with the community and active players.

Version history Pocket Rogues
New in Pocket Rogues 1.24
* [Generation] Added new monsters: Ghoul, Fat Man and shooting statues (Statue-Guardian)
* [Gameplay] Improved items now have a special outline, the color of which corresponds to their quality (on the floor and in the inventory)
* [Gameplay] All pets got special passive skills: The Dog is now immortal (but can be stunned), Lynx out of combat collects gold next to the character, and Golem can stun the enemy with a blow
New in Pocket Rogues 1.23.4
* [Balance] The formula for calculating the amount required to increase the level has been updated
* [Balance] Significantly increased the cost of selling passive items
* [Balance] Modified cost modifier is slightly reduced
* [Fixed] Many small optimizations and fixes
New in Pocket Rogues 1.23.3
Happy New Year!

* [Gameplay] Added Main Attributes - each class now has a key characteristic that gives it greater bonuses than the rest
* [Misc] Added tips for interactive objects
* [Misc] Changed the sprite of the Personal Chest
* [Misc] Several small edits of the environment
New in Pocket Rogues 1.23.1
* [Gameplay] Each character now has characteristics - Endurance, Strength, Agility and Intelligence
* [Gameplay] Added character statistics screen displaying its current characteristics and active effects
* [Gameplay] Current skills can now be improved directly into the dungeon
* [Gameplay] A Personal Chest has been added to the Camp to which items can be put
New in Pocket Rogues 1.22.2
* [Gameplay] Added Manual Crossbow - a new class of a weapon. When equipped, replacing the power attack of the character of the melee on the shot
* [Gameplay] Increased inventory size at all levels of improvement: the minimum is now 15 cells (there were 12), and the maximum is 40 (there were 36)
* [Gameplay] Updated death screen
* [Gameplay] In endless mode, a quick restart of the dungeon after death is now available (in the Ultimate version, restarting is available in any location)
New in Pocket Rogues 1.22.1
* [Halloween] Added new mini-boss - Pumpkinhead; entrance to the arena with it is generated in most dungeons
* [Halloween] Added new helmet - Jack-o'-lantern
* [Halloween] Some skeletons can now have a pumpkin instead of a head
New in Pocket Rogues 1.22
* [Halloween] Pumpkin, Nightmares and Witches are added to the generation of all locations
* [Halloween] In the generation added pumpkins, from which Candies, Lollipops, gold and crystals fall out
* [Gameplay] Added Mana Cauldron and Life Cauldron to generation, which can be used to increase the corresponding attribute by 30 seconds
New in Pocket Rogues 1.21.5
* [Misc] Now all sorts of magical effects like a ball of fire are sources of light (if “Other Lighting” is turned on in the settings)
* [Fixed] Problems appeared on screens with resolutions lower than 1280x800
* [Fixed] Many small fixes and optimizations
New in Pocket Rogues 1.21.4
* [Balance] If you use the torch in stealth mode (Archer skill), then stealth decays, and vice versa
* [Fixed] Random effects worked incorrectly for items that do not change the appearance of the character when they are worn
* [Fixed] With the "AutoLoot" setting enabled, you could not take more than one stack of the same used items
New in Pocket Rogues 1.21.3
* [Misc] Improved stability
* [Balance] Grimoires can receive random enchantments
* [Fixed] Crashes were possible when the Key to Crypt of Emptiness was dropped
New in Pocket Rogues 1.20.1
* [Misc] Increased the brightness of the lighting emanating from the character
* [Misc] The standard positions and the size of the skill buttons from version 1.19 are returned
* [Fixed] In the Crypt of Emptiness can drop old unused torches
* [Fixed] Disabling pop-up labels in Settings might not work
* [Fixed] Fixed a description of the skills of "Rumble of the Battle" and "Throw Shield"
* [Fixed] Dialogs close again when remote from NPC
New in Pocket Rogues 1.20
* [Gameplay] Completely reworked all Warrior skills
* [Gameplay] The lighting system is introduced
* [Gameplay] In the generation of most dungeons introduced the altars of Fury and Protection (giving a temporary bonus to damage and defense)
* [Gameplay] Torches became used items
* [Misc] Completely redesigned Settings menu
* [Misc] Many interfaces are refined, many elements are now animated
* [Misc] Many small visual changes
New in Pocket Rogues 1.19.4
* [Fixed] Fixed bugs that could lead to crashes or hangs* [Fixed] Icons of skills after loading the old game could be displayed incorrectly* [Misc] Replaced control stick* [Misc] Cells of used items are now aligned to the left, not centered* [Misc] The form of displaying the amount of gold and crystals is refined* Many small fixes and optimizations
New in Pocket Rogues 1.19.3
* [Gameplay] Now the used items (food, potions, grindstone) are stacked in several pieces in one slot* [Gameplay] Selectable used items are now automatically added to free quick-access slots (pockets), if any* [Gameplay] The system for generating enhanced mobs (7 versions: Mother, Leper, Mad, Plague, Mighty, Ghost and Bloodsucker) is returned and improved.
New in Pocket Rogues 1.19.2
* [Gameplay] Now the used items (food, potions, grindstone) are stacked in several pieces in one slot* [Gameplay] Selectable used items are now automatically added to free quick-access slots (pockets), if any* [Gameplay] The system for generating enhanced mobs (7 versions: Mother, Leper, Mad, Plague, Mighty, Ghost and Bloodsucker) is returned and improved.
New in Pocket Rogues 1.19
* After clearing of 5/10/25/50 floors in endless mode, the ability to continue from this depth is added* Each weapon now has a minimum and maximum damage* Fixed save to file on device* Many balance adjustments, bug fixes and optimizations
New in Pocket Rogues 1.18.2
* [Misc] Added displaying of all Wands* [Fixed] Mobs were moving too fast* [Fixed] Motion of creatures can be .. strange** [Fixed] Some of the bosses were losing performance
New in Pocket Rogues 1.18.1
* [Christmas] At all locations you can meet hostile Spirits of Winter and Frost Spirits* [Christmas] At most locations you can stumble upon the Festive Tree with gifts* [Christmas] Each hero gets to the end of the holiday a unique festive cap for free
New in Pocket Rogues 1.18
* [Gameplay] Added system of hiring pets* [Gameplay] Added displaying the characteristics of subordinate/summoned creatures* [Gameplay] Submission: The duration of the skill now appears as an active effect
New in Pocket Rogues 1.17.3
* [Balance] Breath of Death: At the point of use, spends 2 points. mana instead of 1, similarly with Hellfire* [Balance] Master's Wand: damage increased to 6 (was 5), price reduced to 1100 (was 1200)* [Fixed] While using the Breath of Death, the character could not turn to the target* [Fixed] The fire shells of the shooting traps were displayed incorrectly* [Fixed] When the corresponding spawn trap was destroyed, the larvae were created outside the map
New in Pocket Rogues 1.17.2
- Added support for Android Oreo- Fixed crashes in some dungeons when playing Necromancer- Fixed "jerking" when moving- Many small improvements and bugfixes
New in Pocket Rogues 1.17.1
* Added a new class - Necromancer!* Added new unique items to the Necromancer: Grimoires and Wands* Many small fixes and optimizations
New in Pocket Rogues 1.17
* Added a new class - Necromancer!* Added new unique items to the Necromancer: Grimoires and Wands* Many small fixes and optimizations
New in Pocket Rogues 1.16
* Added a new bulding: "The Cartographer's Shack" (opens access to the minimap)* A new event between the floors - "Treasury"* Several new interactive objects were added to the generation
New in Pocket Rogues 1.15.3
* [Balance] Now attacks from the back cause 50% more damage to any creature, and from the flank - by 25%* [Balance] An additional check of the target is disabled, because of which the mobs was could detect the enemy even outside their field of vision* [Fixed] Small fixes and optimizations
New in Pocket Rogues 1.15.2
* [Locations] Added a new location - "Borderlands"* [Misc] Added a lot of new music and sounds* [Fixed] Many small fixes
New in Pocket Rogues 1.14
* [Gameplay] Added tutorial location* [Items] Added the ability to disassemble all items of the same type* [Items] Some items received a description that is displayed in the inventory* [Items] For some items, the "Unique" property has been entered, meaning that the item can not be destroyed (for example, the "Nether Crypt Key")
New in Pocket Rogues 1.13
* [Characters] Added a new melee class - Berserker (available for gems)* [Misc] Local saving to file replaced with cloud sync with Google Account* [Items] The class binding has been removed, but a binding has been introduced to the type of weapon
New in Pocket Rogues 1.12
* [Gameplay] The reward and complexity of daily quests are now increased if you perform them every day* [Creatures] Added new mobs: Maimed Wolf, Guardsman-Warrior, Guardsman-Archer, Bies (Adamantite Garden), Imp (Cript of Emptiness), Werewolf (Abandoned Prison), Archilich (Burial Mound)
New in Pocket Rogues 1.11
UPDATE # 1.11* [Gameplay] A daily quests system has been introduced* [Misc] The boundaries of locations are increased so that when you approach the edge of the map, the buttons do not overlap the view* [Misc] Minor changes in some room generation parameters* [Misc] Some interfaces have become more "neat"* [Misc] Added several new sounds
New in Pocket Rogues 1.10 Fix 5
1.10 Fix 5* [Shop] Summer discounts for ALL sets of crystals (up to 50%)!* [Misc] The text description of location on the World Map is always same size and scrolled* [Misc] After uninstalling and reinstalling, the game prompts you to load the old save (if it is in the "PocketRogues Saves" folder)* [Misc] Minor edits to the interface* [Shop] Increased the number and price of gold purchased
New in Pocket Rogues 1.10 Fix 4
1.10 Fix 4* [Balance] Rebalance for some of the mobs* [Balance] The chance of falling Recipes increased to 7.5% (was 5%)* [Misc] Added the ability to create local saving on the device* [Misc] Added buttons to go to the official group on Facebook (eng) and on the forum 4pda (rus)* [Misc] Increased touch zone for the stick of movement* [Misc] When a recipe is found, a pop-up message is now displayed* [Settings] The "Autosave" option in the settings on the base screen
New in Pocket Rogues 1.10 Fix 3
1.10 Fix 3* [Gameplay] Added system for purchasing items (on the character selection screen)* [Gameplay] Introduced a system of recipes, finding which, you can buy new items* [Balance] A rebalance of some items* [Shop] Temporary discount of 25% on the set "Treasury of the Crystals"* [Misc] The "List of Changes" window has become slightly larger* [Fixed] Temporarily disabled the ability to remove the frame restriction* [Fixed] Inventory did not display weapon speed
New in Pocket Rogues 1.10 Fix 2
!! The new built-in ad network requires location data. Sorry for that.[Base] Added support for promo-codes (so far in test mode)[Balance] The ability of the "Blade Fan" now when used inflicts additional damage to nearby targets[Balance] The radius of view of the mobs in the Crypt of Emptiness locations and Burial Mound was returned to the values from version 1.09[Fixed] Killing the mob in the arena with the boss restores health and creates an arrow-pointer
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