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Description of Royal Crown

You have been summoned to the world of fantasy battle royal RPG, ROYAL CROWN where only the strongest survive.
Start your journey in a land of fairy-tale fantasy with dazzling scape and exciting adventure!

Wait, please read before you ‘Freefall’! It will increase your survival chance by 50%!

Struggle to the end to become the final survivor in this fantasy battlefield.
Aim for victory by jumping into battles or, you have the choice to hide in bushes to avoid powerful enemies and look for an opportune moment to strike.
You can also cut down trees to create new paths or ambush enemies by predicting their routes!
Take advantage of your surroundings to make the battle for survival more dynamic!

15 unique classes to choose from to create unique battle strategies!
Go solo or make a team of 3 to own the zone with class synergy and attributes!
There are multiple ways of fighting and surviving depending on the characteristics of the team.
Become the true champions of the battleground with the best team play!

Enough with boring battles and tedious farming!
You and the other players aren’t the only ones in this world.
Find hidden items spread across the zone, or hunt field monsters to gain experience and become stronger!
Collect and cook food ingredients together, cut down trees, mine ores, and even make items that give you an edge in battle!
And beware of the legendary dragon that lies in rest, once it wakes you will face it’s detest.

Answer the call of the arena and fight for survival and enjoy the thrill of endless fantasy adventure.
Will you become a hero in this world of tiny villages, rifts, and fearsome deserts?
Freefall in to the world of ROYAL CROWN Now!

Enter the world of Battle Royal, MOBA, and Action now, let’s GO!

[Smartphone App Access Rights]
- Audio Recording Rights (RECORD_AUDIO)
Access rights required for voice messaging and guild/party voice chat functions.

Official Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/wagUpT4
Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalCrownGL

Version history Royal Crown
New in RoyalCrown 2.0.1
Season 2 Started
New Champion Eden added
New Skin set added
New in RoyalCrown 1.7.1
1. Season 1 Ends
- season 2 will be started after season 1
2. UI/UX improvement
3. Bugfix
New in RoyalCrown 1.5.1
- Basic attack button size increased.

- Deleted unnecessary spectate mode in Training.
- Incorrect Magnetic field alert.
- Unable to see the result page after reconnection in some cases.
- Incorrect ranking fixed.
New in RoyalCrown 1.4.5
- New champion, Melia
- Melia's new Skins: Cleopatra Melia, Ocean Goddess Melia
- New weapon Skin: Toy theme
- New Rank Season: Pre-Season1 starts.
- Voice chat added.
- 4 new languages added
New in RoyalCrown 1.3.0
Bug Fix.
New in RoyalCrown 1.2.1
1. New equipment
- Bloody Dagger: Physical Damage, Crit, physical attack absorption

2. New cards
- Dedication: Increases healing effectiveness.
- Mana Burst: Increases the caster’s magic attack power and mana recovery when using skills.

3. Balancing
4. Bugfix
5. Improvement
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