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Screenshots of Slime Legion
Description of Slime Legion

The peaceful monster forest was invaded by the dreadful heroes!
Become a valiant great devil.
Protect the peace of the forest!
Merge your monsters!
Set your favorite lineup!
Protect your castle!
Wipe out all invaders!
Game Features:
~~ Addictive merger game ~~
~~ Powerful tower defense game ~~
~~ Roguelike skill selection ~~
~~ Super fun casual game ~~
~~ Easy and interesting strategy gameplay ~~
Strengthen your monsters and evolve into invincible soldiers!

Version history Slime Legion
New in Slime Legion 1.5.1
1. The new [Boss Rush] event is coming, unlocked at Chapter 6, challenge powerful Boss to get a lot of rewards.
2. The new earth-type full-screen AOE control hero [Crack Rock] joins the battle, and the talent function is added
3. The new poison burst damage hero [Venom] joins the battle, and the talent function is added
4. The avatar name system is released, players can customize nicknames, avatars, and avatar frames
5. Details and performance optimization, some known BUG fixed.
New in Slime Legion 1.5.0
1. New mode: Arabian Nights is now available
2. Monster Talent system.
3. New monster Amy
4. [Festival of Light] event. Join to redeem shards of rare heroes and other items
5. New [Daily Blessing] system. Grant random heroes buffs and stats bonuses every day to help you clear stages easily.
6. Added Damage Report function in battles; With the real-time damage report, players can arrange their monster formation more wisely.
7. Extended main chapters to 100
8. Known bugs fixed
New in Slime Legion 1.4.0
1. Added a character shares dungeon to "Event Stages";
2. The new gameplay "Lost Temple" is officially released.
Explore the temple and get powerful SR characters for free!
3. Added main Chapters to 80 chapters, optimized the scenes of the main chapters;
4. Added new heroes:
- Chubby (physics type hero, unlocked in Chapter 10)
- Rabi (SR fire type hero with high single target DMG, unlocked in Chapter 50)
New in Slime Legion 1.3.0
The main story chapter has been added to 70 chapters, and the boss with a new mechanism is waiting for you to challenge
"Daily Challenge" has been fully upgraded, and there are more challenging BOSS. During the challenge, you can get SSR "Zombie" shares and various rich rewards
Optimized some heroes
The Goddess Festival event is online, complete tasks, and get rewards from the goddess. Rich rewards are waiting for you!
Optimized in-game performance and experience.
Add Google login.
New in Slime Legion 1.1.6
New Game
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