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  • Tasbeh va zikrlar
  • Tasbeh va zikrlar
  • Tasbeh va zikrlar
  • Tasbeh va zikrlar
  • Tasbeh va zikrlar
Description of Tasbeh va zikrlar

How is dhikr performed?
It is called dhikr to repeat the names and attributes of Allah, the words that glorify Him, the words or prayers mentioned in the Qur'an and which He intends to mention. Zikr is a state of discovery, which begins with the tongue and continues in the heart after certain repetitions.

What is the purpose of dhikr?
The purpose of dhikr is to remember Allah and try to be close to Him by deepening and consolidating the thought.

What do you say when you sing?
After the prayer, the tasbeeh is said 33 times as “subhanallah”, 33 times as “alhamdulillah” and 33 times as “Allahu Akbar”. A total of 99 rosaries were drawn and prayers were recited on the back. What was said when getting the rosary? While reciting the tasbeeh, recite "subhanallah" 33 times, "alhamdulillah" 33 times and "Allahu Akbar" 33 times after the prayer.

Is it obligatory to pray after every prayer?
According to Islam, prayer is the duty of every Muslim. Praying and glorifying after prayer is one of the Sunnahs of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). ... Muhammad (pbuh) said: "The supplication made after the five daily prayers is accepted."

How much is the rosary?
A rosary is a ring used to count numbers in honor of the attributes of Allah by tying 33 or more beads to a string. It is used in many religions, especially Islam. It is also used to relieve stress. Muslims use 11, 33 and 99 beads of rosary.

What is the meaning of the rosary?
Tasbeh; It is the object form of the Arabic verb from the root “sbh”. ... Every rosary means remembrance once. Rosary is one of the Islamic customs. It is a ring used to count numbers in praise of the attributes of Allah and tied to a string 33 or more beaded beads.

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