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Description of UniFi Access

The UniFi Access mobile app is a convenient, comprehensive management tool that allows you and other administrators to oversee every aspect of your Access system, including connected doors, user rosters, reader devices, access cards, and security policies. With the app, you can also view real-time access event logs to maintain full vantage of visitor and employee traffic throughout your workspace.

[Doorbell] Receive a push notification when someone rings a connected doorbell.

[Remote View] Greet visitors remotely with the UA Pro, then grant them access remotely.

[Devices] Add new Access devices and configure a variety of settings, including greeting messages, broadcast names, digital keypad layout, volume, and display brightness.

[Doors] Manage individual doors or group them to instantly make sweeping security alterations on the fly. You can also apply door and floor-specific access policies for enhanced building security.

[Users] Add, edit, and remove users with ease. You can also assign individual and group-level access methods, such as PIN codes or UA Cards.

[Activities] Review detailed access logs and card reader video captures to track on-premises activity anywhere, anytime.

[Cards] Utilize existing NFC cards or assign new UA Cards to system users.

Version history UniFi Access
New in UniFi Access 1.0.3
======UniFi Access app Android 1.0.3======
1. Adding sound notification for doorbell event.
2. Default audio off during remote view event.
3. Add AUX relay and input relay behavior setting for UA-Hub.
4. Showing door status, Locked, Unlocked, and Opened. (UniFi Access Application 1.3.34 and UA-Hub FW required)
5. UX optimization
- Device detail optimization
- Device upgrade optimization
- Account and Setting optimization
- Find local console optimization
New in UniFi Access 1.0.2
======UniFi Access app Android 1.0.2======
- Support owner and super admin modify the user's status in the app.
- New User details UX.
- New adopted device UX.
- Add a prompt in the device list when a new device is discovered.
- Optimize pop-up window (A confirmation pop-up window will be displayed when you click "Unlock" in Door > Detail to prevent misuse).
- Bugs fixes and performance improvements.
New in UniFi Access 1.0.0
First Version
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