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Step into Valor Legends, where diverse gameplay seamlessly blends together. Whether you're in the mood for light-hearted mini games or thrilling RPG adventures, we've got you covered. Join us and discover!

Welcome to the workshop of Twist &Mend where intricate challenges await! Immerse yourself in a maze of tangled and twisted iron sheets and grimy ropes, all intricately woven together.
Pinned to the metal board are discarded iron pieces and rings, presenting a complex puzzle match. As a seasoned repair expert, your task is to skillfully maneuver screws and untangle each twisted iron piece from the jigsaw of obstacles.

Navigate through 64 meticulously crafted levels, facing a mesh of tangled iron and ropes at every turn. These tangled and twisted iron pieces stack, overlap, get wrapped in ropes, and tightened by screws. Untangle a rope, free a piece of iron, and experience the intricate yet rewarding world of Twist & Mend.

Amidst the web of ropes and the tangled and twisted iron, can you decipher the pivotal move to solve the puzzle? Do you have the vision to find out answers in the twisted maze? The brainpower to untangle layers of complexity? Finding order within this tangled world of iron won't be easy. Get ready to challenge your intellect!

Engage in this brain-teasing and delightful puzzle game now!

Over 70 Heroes from five distinct factions await! Build your squad, level up the heroes and train them to supremacy

✔️The idle gameplay gives you plenty of relaxing time!
Set up your lineup and the Heroes will defeat rivals automatically.
Send Heroes to bounty offer to get bonus while you are away.

✔️Simple Strategies. Easy to operate.
Deploy your heroes on the right rows in tactical battles, with just a few swipes on the screen.

✔️Endless adventures ahead of you.
Embark on your amazing adventure in the Oasis to fight the Shadow forces, and reveal the mysterious truth of Oasis.

Explore the Mysterious Realms! Collaborate with other players online in the Guild War! Challenge players around the world in the Glory Arena!
Loads of specially designed events are held regularly.

Feel free to join our community for the latest updates and exclusive gift codes!





Version history Valor Legends
New in Valor Legnends 26.0.172389
[What's New]
1. Introduced the Forest faction theme to Treasure Dig.
2. Added a limited-time Halloween event, Spooky Adventure.
3. Added a new phantasm for Shinobu and another for Margaret.
4. Various bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 25.0.169342
Bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 25.0.166409
[What's New]
1. Added two new features, Astral Cards and Hero Resonance.
2. Added a new event, Anniversary Bash.
3. Added a new hero, Qhesvia the Soul Cannoneer.
4. Added a new phantasm for Sota and another for Amaterasu.
5. Various bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 24.0.162998
[What's New]
Added the new mini-game: Twist & Mend
New in Valor Legnends 24.0.156455
[What's New]
1. Added Legion Warrior, Carney the Harbinger of Frost.
2. Added a new event, Beach Party, with 3 new hero phantasms.
3. Added Talisman skills for Undead and Shadow factions.
4. Added new tiers and levels to Magic Expedition.
5. Various bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 23.0.153387
Bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 23.0.149396
[What's New]
1. Added a new feature: Talismans.
2. Added a new game mode: Fortune Isles.
3. Optimized some of the Heroes and features.
4. Various bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 22.0.147078
Various bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 22.0.143622
[What's New]
1. Added a new Dragon boss to Campaign Chapter 1.
2. Added a new hero, Arlo the Troublemaker.
3. Adjusted the Guild Technology.
4. Optimized Guild Dungeon and other content.
5. Various bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 20.0.134947
Bug fixes.
New in Valor Legnends 20.0.131152
Game performance improvements.
New in Valor Legnends 17.0.123632
1. Add the new hero - Brovi;
2. Added the Anniversary Party event;
3. Added the Returnee event;
4. Added the Hero Hiring feature;
5. Added the Gear Breakthrough feature;
6. Added the new avatar and rare avatar attributes;
7. Optimized the Guild Dungeon;
8. Optimized Windholler;
9. Optimized the display of Kingdom Adventure.
New in Valor Legnends 16.0.117357
Optimized game performance.
New in Valor Legnends 16.0.116483
[Update Contents]
1. Added new heroes;
2. Updated the game interface and UI display;
3. Added a recurring event: Windholler
4. Added the Guild Invite feature;
5. Added Nightmare mode in Realms of Tales;
6. Fixed the occasional bug of locked Magical Ruins in Treasure Dig.
New in Valor Legnends 14.0.102746
[New Additions]
1. Treasure Dig: a new undead faction to play;
2. Dungeon Rush Event optimization:
2.1. Added progress preview;
2.2. Change movement method to scrolling screen;
2.3 Optimized the dungeon scene;
3. Heroes: New Legion Assassin Narrisa & Shadow Warrior Khuulka;
4. New Hero Trial.
New in Valor Legnends 13.0.96616
[New Events]
1. Christmas Event: details and schedule will be announced later;
2. Kingdom Adventure - Dungeon Rush: details and schedule will be announced later;
3. Kingdom Adventure - Treasure Dig Event: details and schedule will be announced later;
[New Hero]
1. Added the New Hero - Nun of Desperation · Lucia;
New in Valor Legnends 11.0.86491
Descendants of Eternity! Welcome to the Oasis! Let's fight the Shadow Forces together! Let's make the global launch a tremendous success together!
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