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  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
  • キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム
Description of キャプテン翼 ~たたかえドリームチーム~ サッカーゲーム

"Captain Tsubasa", which was serialized in Jump and became a manga loved all over the world, is now available as a free soccer game!
Form your own dream team with your favorite players and play hot matches with players from all over the world!

Tsubasa's "Drive Shoot" and Hinata's "Tiger Shot", as well as many other special moves that appeared in the original work, are recreated in powerful 3D! Don't miss the cut-in and voice acting!

■Relive the original story in scenario mode
Enjoy nostalgic stories from those days, as well as the latest stories! !
There is also an original story!

Tsubasa Ozora's new challenge-"NEXT DREAM" starts!

"Captain Tsubasa" new story by original author Takahashi-sensei

Tsubasa's next field is the "Champions League", a battle to decide the No. 1 club in Europe! !
In addition to familiar characters such as Genzo Wakabayashi and Kojiro Hinata, new rivals will appear one after another, so
let's see how the hot battle goes with your own eyes!

■Various online competitive
ranked matches that you can play with "Captain Tsubasa" fans all over the world: Compete with players from all over the world in real time and aim for the world's No.1!
Group match: Get together with up to 32 friends and play freely against each other!
Friendly Match: You can enjoy playing against friends and federations with free rules!
Quick Match: Even beginners can enjoy playing with teams prepared in advance!

Build a team Strengthen your team by linking your favorite players, formations, and team skills!
Create your own dream team by customizing players, uniforms, and more!

Strengthen and nurture players through player development training! If it is between the same players, it is also possible to teach special moves!
Get items in the "Assault & Latent Skill Scenario" and awaken the potential!
You can break through the ability limit and strengthen the skill field with the "Player Enhancement Scenario"!
Assemble original tactics with well-trained players and show off your best soccer to your rivals!

"Captain Tsubasa" is a popular soccer manga that has had a great influence on world-class stars and many players who represent Japan. Please enjoy this full-fledged competitive soccer simulation game.

▼"Captain Tsubasa ~Dream Team~" is recommended for the following people▼
・You like playing sports games
・You are looking for a soccer game that is easy to play ・You are looking for a
popular soccer game that you can enjoy for free
・Among sports I love soccer
・I have played a soccer game that uses strategy and tactics ・
I want to play a popular free soccer game or sports game that allows me to develop characters ・
I want to create my favorite formation with the characters of "Captain Tsubasa"
I want to play a soccer game in the world of "Captain Tsubasa"
・I want to enjoy the original story of
"Captain Tsubasa" ・I practiced by imitating the special move shot of "Captain Tsubasa" ・
I like competitive simulation games

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【Access to external storage Access]
 Permission required to save game data to external storage.
 * On Android 6.0 or later, it works without problems even if this permission is "disallowed".

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