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Description of ไพ่เท็กซัสไทย HD

An app that combines popular casino games. Including Texas card games, Hi-Lo slots, many horse racing games, all in one app and there are other games that will be updated and added more and more in the future Enjoy playing without getting bored. You can also play games easily. Just use a Facebook, Line or Google account to play the game in just a few clicks. Give away free login rewards every day. New events updated every month with a chance to win many special mystery prizes

- Texas Holdem Card Game The most popular game that has been played for a long time. Easy to play, there is a system to analyze the chances of winning cards. Do not complicate your own calculations. Beginner players are easy to understand.
- Cute item system. Update new every month. Send to friends or competitors easily. There are many to choose from
- a card table in the living room. background pattern Characteristics of the back of the card Adaptable to your style
- Friend system, private message chat Or used in the racing room with a cute, cool and unique frame
- Hi-Lo game, a traditional Thai game Who have been playing for a long time, easy to play, get chips quickly, have a jackpot to win a lot of chips
- golden chicken slot game Crazy slots King of the road slots, easy to spin, win big prizes, huge chips
- Horse racing game, choose your favorite horse. and encouraged to cross the finish line The lucky horse will bring you many rewards!
- Fruit slots, popular classic games that are well known. Easy to get big chips At your fingertips
- lucky slots Move to the main page of the game. make it big and clear And more easy to play
- slot Alice, new arrival, cute, bright Ready for you to win a big chip from Alice
. Let's have a dice duel!

If you want to ask or would like to know information about activities More of Texas Thai card games Come and be friends with us at
Line ID: @ipokerth

Version history ไพ่เท็กซัสไทย HD
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.8.1
1. New update of Sic Bo dealer.
2. New pattern slots, Alice slots
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.8.0
1. Update the new dice dealer
2. New textured slot Alice Slot
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.7.0
1. Update mini-games can be played in the MTT tournament room.
2. Update new games, fruit slots.
3. Update the repeat bet button and improve the game performance of horse racing games
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.6.0
1. Update new horse racing games.
2. Improve game performance
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.5.0
1. Improve shop function.
2. Improve the friend system.
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.4.0
1. Improve shop function.
2. Improve the friend system.
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.3.1
what's new
1: Improved shop window style.
2: Added a way to login to Google
3:Improved game performance
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.2.0
1. New activities, the dealer gives away ten billion chips.
2. New update Sic Bo game
3. New update of Texas card game bull
4. Improve game performance.
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.1.0
1. Update the new game. King of the Road Slots
2. Improve game performance have a more fluid system
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 6.0.0
1. Fixed bug stuck in slot game.
2. Increase the stability of the system. Add a taste of the game better.
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 5.0.14
1. Fixed a bug in slot game.
2. Increase the stability of the system. Add a taste of the game better.
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 5.0.12
1. Update the jerky hangs increase the flow of the game
2. Fixed a bug to report problems. Making the game more stable
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 5.0.11
1. Update new slots Improve the style of play, many awards, play without getting bored.
2. Use all new game windows. Sharper and more beautiful images
3. Develop the game with special effects. Increase stability to play smoother.
4. Fixed the problem of crashing during game play.
5. Improve the game play more fun according to the opinions of players.
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 4.2.9
Enjoy the game better. The system flows more smoothly than before.
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 4.2.8
1 、 Improve the gaming experience
2 、 Various bug fixes
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 4.2.6
Game Development Test
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 4.2.1
Improve the room. Improved to make playing cards better.
New in air.com.coalaa.itexasth 4.2.0
1. Invite FB friends to win a chip immediately. 2. New Hall version. 3. Fixed a problem in the room.
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