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  • Ace 7PK gametower
  • Ace 7PK gametower
  • Ace 7PK gametower
  • Ace 7PK gametower
  • Ace 7PK gametower
Description of 王牌7PK gametower

The classic machine that has been popular for generations in Taipa is taken with you and you can play with it if you want to play!

7PK's original name is 7 poker, and each board will issue 7 cards. As long as 5 cards are combined, such as three, straight, flush, and gourd, you can get the corresponding awards. As long as 7 of 5 have a bonus, the chance of winning is more!

The only poker game with formulas to follow, brainstorming, courage, and people will win if they win!
Among the 7 cards issued by the card, the first 3 cards can predict which cards will be played in the last 3 cards. The game also provides the card formula to control at any time. Players can try the water temperature first and then, and meet the favorable temperature. The situation is bold and all-in, it is a strategy-based poker game that can be sure to reach the goal after playing the game.

There are also free bonus games for Lucky 7 and Top Ace. As long as the collection conditions are met, you can enter the Fever Game, not only bet completely, but even guarantee that you will win the prize! The bonus is screaming and it’s not going to stop~

Free download, new registration to send i coins, daily system automatic replenishment of coins ~ let you play a happy!
Players are welcome to sign up for the gametower membership for more surprises and good health.

Every Wednesday from 9:00 to 12:00 to maintain the management method of the game software of the Republic of China, the software is classified as: protection level

Version history 王牌7PK gametower
New in air.com.igs.SPK 3.0.0
Game optimization
New in air.com.igs.SPK 1.0.79
Version 1.0.79 Added Android 6.0 quick login feature Fix possible display exceptions Version 1.0.71 Optimization interface Version 1.0.70 Restart bingo card Version 1.0.69 Add slot machine, good luck gold, red diamond VIP gameplay~ Version 1.0.57 Add Bingo gameplay~ Version 1.0.56 Performance optimization! Version 1.0.54 Added quick login feature! Version 1.0.50 Performance optimization Version 1.0.47 Promotion event New leaderboard revision Version 1.0.44 Add Caijing Mall
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