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Description of Эрудит

Familiar from childhood board game in the words Words Offline And Online
Put words as in a crossword puzzle, count points.
Play Words with friends or alone, online, offline, and via Bluetooth, rating games. An updated dictionary, achievements and records.

The rating system is similar to Elo in chess.

To be able to play Words via the Internet, you need to create your profile in the "Profiles" menu.
If you already have a profile, then you need to log in.
After creating a profile or authorization, the game will "remember" you, and you will not need to enter your details on subsequent launches of the game.
If necessary, you can change the password.
The profile name and password must consist of no less than 5, but no more than 15 Latin characters or numbers and must not contain spaces.
Information about your current profile can be obtained by clicking on the "My Profile" button.
The Negotiated menu serves to enable you to play with your friends over the Internet.
One of the players must create a game by specifying a secret word, which must consist of no less than 5, but no more than 10 characters of the Latin alphabet or numbers and must not contain spaces.
Another player joins the game by clicking on the "Play" button and entering a secret word that the first player will tell him.
The type of game (Words classic or Egghead rules) will depend on the settings of the player who created the game.

Version history Эрудит
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.91
Диалог о конце хода в турнире
Ошибка с настройками игры с ботом после директ игры с человеком
Сортировка словаря по употребимости слов. Слабые уровни ИИ используют более привычные слова.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.9
Исправлена медленная загрузка при старте.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.7
Ускорен ИИ в три раза
Ошибка с приглашением некоторых игроков.
Ошибка при загрузке словаря
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.4
Договорные игры доступны всем, не только ПРО версии.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.3
Добавлена небольшая обучалка для вновь начинающих игру.
Звёздочки подсвечены красным для лучшего обнаружения на поле.
Мелкие ошибки и глюки.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.1
Полностью переделан режим договорных игр.
Теперь можно вызывать игроков из рейтинга. Игра идет в реальном времени, никаких долгих ожиданий.
Можно играть одновременно с разными игроками. Игру всегда можно отложить.
Можно играть по любым правилам.
После обширного тестирования договорных игр, данный режим будет реализован в рейтинговых играх.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.8.5
* Вводим модераторов, обсуждение слов в нашем телеграм канале. Присоединяйтесь!
* Отображение в словаре информации о том что слово добавлено или удалено модератором.
* В поиске слов показывается как часто слово использовалось игроками
* Отображение списка слов из вашего словарного запаса. В личной статистике надо нажать на строчку \'Словарный запас\'
* Исправлена ошибка в турнире, когда некоторым игрокам давали больше очков (Бонус за длину слова).
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.8.1
* Реализованы разные игровые мешки в игре с ИИ. У альтернативного мешка другой цвет.
* Возможность блокировки игрового чата. Можно добавить в игнор любого игрока. Для этого на экране чата, в момент разговора с игроком отключите кнопку ЧАТ вверху.
* Добавлена опция бонуса за длинное слово.
* Возможность отключить диалог с настройками перед игрой с ИИ.
* Возвращена кнопка создания нового аккаунта по старой схеме без привязки е-мейл.
* Исправлено отображение веса фишек в статистике выпадения букв.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.7.8
Исправлена ошибка с покупками, (автовозврат средств)
Турниры: Добавлен раздел "Победители прошлого турнира" и удален раздел с результатами за сегодня, поскольку он провоцирует создание дубликатов аккаунтов для достижения наилучшего результата.
Добавлена настройка отключения диалога перед игрой с компьютером.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.6.9
* Исправлены ошибки в ИИ. Режим Скрэббл
* Добавлена авторизация по е-мейл.
* 5ый тестовый уровень сложности.
* Добавлены бонусы лояльности (внизу экрана), за ежедневную игру.
* При любой покупке реклама отключается на неделю.
* Добавлена кнопка ИГРАТЬ в окно с рейтингом.
* Сортировка личного словаря по алфавиту
* В личную статистику добавлена кнопка БУКВЫ
* Изменены иконки на главной странице
* В окне лога, видна общая сумма набранных очков за ход
* На планшетах буквы не заезжают на счет
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.92
Исправлена ошибка выхода из очереди.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.91
Обновление рекламного модуля, требование политики гугл.
Других серьёзных изменений пока нет. :)
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.89
Added 4 dictionaries in the PRO version:
- Great Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary (in two modes, only n. And all the words)
- Great Soviet Encyclopedia (in two modes, only noun and all words)
- Dal Dictionary (only noun,)
- Explanatory Dictionary Ushakov (only noun,)
* Interpretations of additional dictionaries are available offline.

Words with the letter E are now normally used with replacement by E (in the Scrabble mode)
Fixed a bug with the statistics of letters to the computer when replacing
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.83
Changes in the tournament:
1) You can watch how other players played
2) The result "for today" is no longer visible, when solving it, you must rely only on yourself.
The work with the network part is slightly improved, there should be fewer failures and disconnects.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.81
Implemented replacement stars in online games.
If you got a player with the old version, then replacing the star will not work.
Fixed chat. To work correctly chat also requires an updated version of both players.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.74
* Error displaying the list of top players (skipped a few places)
* Error with empty chat message
* Error with scoring at the end of the game in Scrabble mode
* Error with hint in about online game.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.71
* Fixed a bug with artifacts on the field, after continuing the game
* Accelerated work with the server, the online game starts faster
* Chat message sent instantly.
* When waiting in a queue, events and time to start are shown.
* Graphics are removed from voting for words, they distract and do not allow a person to think about a word.
* Fixed a bug with the rating (omissions of some positions)
* Fixed some tournament bugs.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.67
* Added monthly tournaments. Every day, players are given a score, maximum points. Every month the tournament starts
again. The tournament in March will be the first trial.
* When playing together, as well as statistics of personal meetings.
* Added sound and vibration warning.
* When playing with a computer, it is issued.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.58
• Option "Good Letters"
• The dictionary is updated once a day,
• A window with a dictionary change is displayed.
• Fixed Bluetooth
• Advanced settings are not reset when switching rules to Scrabble.
• When playing with step-by-step input, a bonus of 7 chips is given.
• Added the option of the minimum word length in the game.
• First level - puts only one word.
• Tips for those who just installed the game.
• Errors with the departure on some devices
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.51
• Personal dictionary editor.
• Search in game
• Tips in the game
• Setting auto-scale value
• "LARGE ACCOUNT", now refers to online games. (Current results will be reset)
• Detailed information in a rating, on rivals and games. (Click on player name)
• Description for deleting a word in the dictionary editor
• Set up a dialog asking for recall. (shutdown)
• Animation of waiting while the computer is thinking.
• Added one star (only 3, so in the rules) in offline games.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.44
• Fixed online game in Scrabble mode
• Dialog animation option (in game settings)
• Improved AI, accelerated.
• The problem with advertising in the paid version.
• Error with chips on hand
• Icon - closer to the old style
• The notification window for online game is now opened, the name of the opponent does not disappear.
• A window with a warning about a thoughtful computer.
• The difficulty level is reset to 2 if it was 3 or 4 (now 2 corresponds to 4 earlier)
• Auto exit setting, disabled by default.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.36
• Improved AI complexity on levels 3 and 4
• Achievement of “Big Score” only at levels 3 4 and original words. \ N
• Moving chips "on hand" smoother.
• Scale and field shift do not open the word description.
• Voting inscriptions for adding and deleting words.
• Quick access to player statistics.
• Added statistics to computer games.
• Statistics added personal achievements.
• The rating indicates how long the player has logged in.
• Connection errors.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.22
-Online game does not crash if you switch to another application
-Notification during online games, shows the rating of the opponent and the exact time on the course.
-Achievement of achievements only works when playing online or playing with a computer
-Achievements are counted only if the original dictionary was used.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.13
Error correction
Achievements can only be reached using original words from the dictionary. (cleaning up achievements is possible soon.) until debugged.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.12
Added top 10 achievements.
Scrabble rating now appears if you switch the rules of the game in the settings.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.4.5a
Support for android 8 (version of api 26), Google requirement.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.4.4c
Removed jerking when dragging chips.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.4.4a
Fixed crashes on Android versions below 5
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.4.3a
Support android 7 Disconnected ads that resulted in crashes
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