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Description of Эрудит

ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR MOBILE WORD GAMES is better and smarter than ever before! Words With Friends 2 comes with a plethora of word games and word puzzles to play with friends while training your brain! Connect with loved ones, expand your vocabulary, and show off your spelling bee skills as you search for the highest scoring word in this beloved free word game.

Words With Friends 2 is the ultimate in word puzzle and crossword games! It is free to play, but difficult to master!

Sometimes staying in touch is as simple as playing the perfect word. Download one of the most engaging, free word games and play Words With Friends 2 today! May the Best Friend Win. ™

To play the word games put the words in a crossword puzzle, make as many words as possible on the classic board and get the best score by using the letters with the highest value and placing them on high scoring cells on the board.

This famous board game is enjoyed by millions of Russian speaking players worldwide. One can play this free words game with each other even if you're miles away.
Enlarge your Russian vocabulary, learning and using new words.
Get notified when the player made the move to continue playing.

If you're tired of waiting for your next opponent's move or cheats from other players, you can play solo, or via bluetooth with your friends and family. Make a family tournament competing with each other. No need to score and write down the results, the game will automatically calculate the points.


A classic board game with well-known rules:

► Make up words using the letter tiles
► Put the words like in a crosswords
► Play turn by turn by turn with other players, alone or with your friends
► The built-in Russian dictionary
► Enlarge the dictionary with new words
► Your points are scored automatically
► All points and history of the game are kept in one place
► All your achievements are stored locally
► Achievements and scores boards to see your progress among other players
► Compete and get the highest ranks

► Classic word games gameplay is classical and reminds of crosswords board games: create and place words on the board and boost your score by placing letters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word squares.

► The word games showdown will start when you choose the gameplay: against the AI, 2 players game on the same device, via the Internet with other players or via Bluetoth.
► Challenge your friends and family members who love crossword puzzles and word puzzle games to play.

► Improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills in this word puzzle. Master your skills to make words and beat the opponents.

► This word puzzle game will keep your brain sharp. Play this game on a daily basis, get quicker and smarter in learning new words and recollecting the old ones.

► Add new words to the dictionary in the game.

Word Game: Play with Friends Offline & Online is a classic word game called in Russian Erudit is one of the most played word games in the world. Join the Russian speaking community, enlarge your vocabulary and play with friends online and offline.

Join the telegram channel to leave the feedback and talk to other players:

Version history Эрудит
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.5.1
Fixed Bluetooth
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.5.0
Fixed Bluetooth
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.4.8
Add. attempts in mini-games for bonuses
After playing with the computer, the checkbox is immediately thrown into the menu.
Error displaying words in the voting history.
Errors with crashes.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.4.7
You can enter a description in English.
Fixed data backup.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.4.5
Buying bonuses.
Reworked the Bulletfall timer.
Error correction.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.4.4
Error with the BACK button.
Correct display of data "for yesterday" in mini games.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.3.8
Added a new mini-game: Onslaught Tournament. In the game, you need to score the maximum points in 5 moves, each move takes 1.5 minutes. \ N \ n
From this version the old tournament interface is not available.
Fixed bugs with showing avatars.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.3.3
- Added general classification for mini-games.
- Added section for inviting friends and rewards for invitees.
- In the PRO version, you can limit the spread of the rating when choosing an opponent in online games.
- In the profile section, you can collapse sections.
- Fixed dialog showing changes in the dictionary.
- The settings have moved under the gear icon. \ N
- Information about the number of awarded in each achievement is displayed.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.2.8
Mini games are now available via the tournament button.
The old tournament is fully available until the end of this year. From the new year, the tournament will be slightly simplified. The gameplay will remain the same, but the statistics will be easier.
Achievements will be awarded for the overall rating in mini-games (in development).
Statistics of games with a computer in the profile.
Statistics on mini-games for the day and for the month in the profile.
Fixed bug with updating the dictionary.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.1.6
Problem with the frequency of displaying ads
Working on a new profile with information about the player with achievements
Updating libraries
Working on bugs.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.1.4
Game direct - made a convenient search for a player by name
Auto-interpretation of words only with WiFI
Setting to turn off the sounds of buttons and chips
Errors with freezes
Error dropping letters in two-player mode (in the process of solving)
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.1.0
From the history section of the dictionary, you can immediately exclude words from your personal dictionary.
AI bug fixes
The Buy PRO button does not fit the interface and does not appear if there is no space.
Rendering error - digital noise on some tablets.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 1.0.0
Fixed a bug with a tooltip in online games when the game ended with an error.
Added an option to disable notifications about the best results.
Switch to the new Crashalytics. Updating google libraries.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.93
Library Update, Google
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.91
Dialogue about the end of the turn in the tournament
Error with the settings for playing with a bot after a direct game with a person
Sorting the dictionary by word usage. Weak levels of AI use more familiar words.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.9
Fixed slow loading at startup.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.7
AI has been accelerated three times.
Bug with inviting some players.
Error loading the dictionary.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.4
Contractual games are available to everyone, not only the PRO version.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.3
Added a small tutorial for new beginners.
The asterisks are highlighted in red for better field detection.
Minor bugs and glitches.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.9.1
Completely reworked the negotiated game mode.
Players can now be summoned from the ranking. The game is played in real time, no long waiting times.
You can play simultaneously with different players. The game can always be postponed.
You can play by any rules.
After extensive testing of negotiated games, this mode will be implemented in ranked games.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.8.5
* Introducing moderators, discussion of words in our telegram channel. Join us!
* Display in the dictionary of information that the word has been added or deleted by the moderator.
* Word search shows how often the word has been used by players
* Display a list of words from your vocabulary. In personal statistics, you need to click on the line \ 'Vocabulary \'
* Fixed a bug in the tournament, when some players were given more points (Bonus for word length).
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.8.1
* Implemented different game bags in the game with AI. The alternative bag has a different color.
* Ability to block game chat. You can add any player to ignore. To do this, on the chat screen, while talking with the player, disable the CHAT button at the top.
* Added long word bonus option.
* Ability to disable dialogue with settings before playing with AI.
* The button for creating a new account according to the old scheme has been returned without linking an e-mail.
* Fixed display of the weight of chips in the statistics of letter drop.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.7.8
Bug fixed with purchases, (auto refund)
Tournaments: Added "Past Tournament Winners" section and removed the Today Results section as it encourages duplicate accounts for best results.
Added setting to disable dialogue before playing with the computer.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.6.9
* Fixed bugs in the AI. Scrabble mode
* Added authorization by e-mail.
* 5th test level of difficulty.
* Added loyalty bonuses (at the bottom of the screen) for daily play.
* For any purchase, ads are disabled for a week.
* Added the PLAY button to the rating window.
* Sorting personal dictionary alphabetically
* Added LETTERS button to personal statistics
* Changed icons on the main page
* In the log window, you can see the total amount of points scored per move
* On tablets, letters do not enter the account
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.92
bug with leaving the queue has been fixed.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.91
Updating the ad module, Google policy requirement.
There are no other major changes yet. :)
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.89
Added 4 dictionaries in the PRO version:
- Great Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary (in two modes, only n. And all the words)
- Great Soviet Encyclopedia (in two modes, only noun and all words)
- Dal Dictionary (only noun,)
- Explanatory Dictionary Ushakov (only noun,)
* Interpretations of additional dictionaries are available offline.

Words with the letter E are now normally used with replacement by E (in the Scrabble mode)
Fixed a bug with the statistics of letters to the computer when replacing
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.83
Changes in the tournament:
1) You can watch how other players played
2) The result "for today" is no longer visible, when solving it, you must rely only on yourself.
The work with the network part is slightly improved, there should be fewer failures and disconnects.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.81
Implemented replacement stars in online games.
If you got a player with the old version, then replacing the star will not work.
Fixed chat. To work correctly chat also requires an updated version of both players.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.74
* Error displaying the list of top players (skipped a few places)
* Error with empty chat message
* Error with scoring at the end of the game in Scrabble mode
* Error with hint in about online game.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.71
* Fixed a bug with artifacts on the field, after continuing the game
* Accelerated work with the server, the online game starts faster
* Chat message sent instantly.
* When waiting in a queue, events and time to start are shown.
* Graphics are removed from voting for words, they distract and do not allow a person to think about a word.
* Fixed a bug with the rating (omissions of some positions)
* Fixed some tournament bugs.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.67
* Added monthly tournaments. Every day, players are given a score, maximum points. Every month the tournament starts
again. The tournament in March will be the first trial.
* When playing together, as well as statistics of personal meetings.
* Added sound and vibration warning.
* When playing with a computer, it is issued.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.58
• Option "Good Letters"
• The dictionary is updated once a day,
• A window with a dictionary change is displayed.
• Fixed Bluetooth
• Advanced settings are not reset when switching rules to Scrabble.
• When playing with step-by-step input, a bonus of 7 chips is given.
• Added the option of the minimum word length in the game.
• First level - puts only one word.
• Tips for those who just installed the game.
• Errors with the departure on some devices
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.51
• Personal dictionary editor.
• Search in game
• Tips in the game
• Setting auto-scale value
• "LARGE ACCOUNT", now refers to online games. (Current results will be reset)
• Detailed information in a rating, on rivals and games. (Click on player name)
• Description for deleting a word in the dictionary editor
• Set up a dialog asking for recall. (shutdown)
• Animation of waiting while the computer is thinking.
• Added one star (only 3, so in the rules) in offline games.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.44
• Fixed online game in Scrabble mode
• Dialog animation option (in game settings)
• Improved AI, accelerated.
• The problem with advertising in the paid version.
• Error with chips on hand
• Icon - closer to the old style
• The notification window for online game is now opened, the name of the opponent does not disappear.
• A window with a warning about a thoughtful computer.
• The difficulty level is reset to 2 if it was 3 or 4 (now 2 corresponds to 4 earlier)
• Auto exit setting, disabled by default.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.36
• Improved AI complexity on levels 3 and 4
• Achievement of “Big Score” only at levels 3 4 and original words. \ N
• Moving chips "on hand" smoother.
• Scale and field shift do not open the word description.
• Voting inscriptions for adding and deleting words.
• Quick access to player statistics.
• Added statistics to computer games.
• Statistics added personal achievements.
• The rating indicates how long the player has logged in.
• Connection errors.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.22
-Online game does not crash if you switch to another application
-Notification during online games, shows the rating of the opponent and the exact time on the course.
-Achievement of achievements only works when playing online or playing with a computer
-Achievements are counted only if the original dictionary was used.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.13
Error correction
Achievements can only be reached using original words from the dictionary. (cleaning up achievements is possible soon.) until debugged.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.5.12
Added top 10 achievements.
Scrabble rating now appears if you switch the rules of the game in the settings.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.4.5a
Support for android 8 (version of api 26), Google requirement.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.4.4c
Removed jerking when dragging chips.
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.4.4a
Fixed crashes on Android versions below 5
New in com.oxothuk.erudit 0.4.3a
Support android 7 Disconnected ads that resulted in crashes
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