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Description of 卡卡英雄

The innovative card game "Kaka Hero", which is played by thousands of Chinese players, is now officially debut! The new gameplay of hero card and follower card will bring you different game experiences in the past; let you enjoy the unparalleled HD and European magical visual visual feast, you can also experience the intense and exciting battle experience in person. . Players, what are you waiting for? Come and challenge to become the hegemon of this world!

Game introduction Card race: human, elf, undead, wild super strong quality: exquisite and delicate European and American magic epic masterpiece hero card: more than 50 unique talents of the hero card follow the card: more than 200 kinds with strong Skilled loyalty card game price: free

The characteristics of the game are all the same!
Play with thousands of players in the Chinese-speaking world, enjoy the fun of adventure and battle, and start an exotic adventure together!

Innovative gameplay is cool!
Hero card + follow-up card combination innovation game, derived more powerful card group strategy, bringing an unparalleled gaming experience!

Super clear picture quality can't hold!
Perfect and exquisite European and American style, gorgeous and dazzling skill effects, the ultimate super-strong hitting pleasure, comparable to the film-level screen masterpiece!

Fantasy adventure is waiting for you!
Well-designed world maps, labyrinths, celestial passes, replicas, and other levels that are both fun and require different strategies, bring you a different fantasy feast!

Hot blood fights against the sky!
In the predatory war, the divisional competition, the elite race, countless sparks have been drawn from here, and who can stand out in this fierce competition? !

Intimate and welcoming!
Every day, every week, every month, there are a lot of wonderful and intimate things to wait for you to come!

Kaka Hero's Fan Group – If you want to receive instant game information, just go to our Facebook and like it!

Version history 卡卡英雄
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 12.4.1
Add a follow-up card: 纨绔 gambler, cave top snowman

BUG fix:
1. Repairing heroic skills "Decision of the ruling" can not be excluded from the problem of a follower with a solid military buff
2. Fix the problem that the "Ghost Dance Spirit Fox" cannot resurrect the "Ghost Road Linghu"
3. Repair the skills of the "Apollo" follower "Bone Wall" will resist the damage of other friends
4. Fix the problem of the blood volume of the hero in the Legion Treasure Warfare and the blood volume in our team card group

1. "Fantasy" is optimized for each level of the card group to be automatically saved
2. Optimize the equipment skill "Blood Festival" if there is no successful copy, there will be no problem of sacrifice
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 12.3.1
Add awakening hero: "Ancient Hydra" open awakening new follower card: psionic ambassador, cross sacred officer, phoenix walker, evil dragon warlock, death penalty announcer

1. Mysterious businessman, mine hole, small peach house hour list rewards to join the awakening hero fragments
2. The casting process of the hero equipment skill "Blood Festival" is adjusted to not sacrifice the followers if the followers are not successfully copied.
3. Adjust the skill of "Ghost Dance Spirit Fox" "Ghost Dance" as the effect of the follower of miss can not add bloodshed

1. Fix the problem of the hero card skill "Underground Reincarnation" cannot exclude the graveyard card
2. Fix the problem that the follow-up card "Ghost Dance Spirit Fox" cannot be attacked.
3. Fix the problem that the follow-up card "Jie Hai Ji" can still be reborn after being sent by the follow-up card "Ghost Road Linghu"
4. Fix the problem that the following skill "Bursting Wave" can't be affected by the magical increase gem
5. Fix the problem that the skill of the "Essence of the Soul" "Sword" can not generate anger after affecting the other party's followers
6. Fix the problem that the hero "destroy the witch soul" awakening skill "angry curse" continuously launched multiple times
7. Fix the problem that the copied follower "Destroyed Evil Eyes" disappeared without dying
8. Fix the problem that when the "Sword of Victory" is copied, it will not disappear after the end of the round.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 12.1.1
- New gameplay:
The war guide, the wing dragon, the annihilation of the witch soul, the dark sword spirit, when the skill is strengthened to 5, open awakening.

- New followers:
Adding the fire boxing champion, the bard, the martial arts god of war, the deep blue scorpion blade, the scorpion hunter, the evil sword spirit, the shadow stab bloodthirsty, the soulless soul teacher.

- Repair and optimization:
The turntable store adds new shards: Destroyed Devil Shards, Evil Shards, Golden Dragon Knight Shards
Fixed the problem that the "Sword of Victory" summoned by the heroic skill "The Soul" will not disappear.
Fixed an issue where some players could not share on Facebook.
Optimize the performance effects of hero burning, so that the hero's blood volume display is clearer.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.7.5
New Entourage: Royal Astrology, Thunder Leprechaun, Ling Yu Priest, Time and Space Crosser, Hongshi Magician and San Riyue.

Hero Skills: Strengthen the "Sword of the Sword" and improve the basic attack and skills of the "Sword Awakening" skill.
Hero talent: Modify the hero talent "soul blast" to trigger the state and disappear after the self-detonation state.
Combat adjustment: Adjust the hero's loss of life value after each round of 50 rounds. The more the number of rounds in the future, the greater the loss increase.
Follow-up skills: Modify the negative effect of “Great Earthquake” to be dispelled by the followers.

Fixed an issue where a sweeping follower could not attack normally after being enchanted.
Fixed the problem that the blazing wave could not generate anger.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.6.1
New Entourage: Killing Madness, Divine Vigor, Demon Apostle, Ice Kirin, Black Inflammation

If you are not involved in this period of the Death Valley, you will not be able to receive any reward for this period.
Fixed UI display exception.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.6.0
New Entourage: Killing Madness, Divine Vigor, Demon Apostle, Ice Kirin, Black Inflammation

The small peach house daily reward increases the charm of the artifact.

If you are not involved in this period of the Death Valley, you will not be able to receive any reward for this period.
Fixed UI display exception.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.5.5
Fixed some bugs that affected the game experience.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.5.0
New Entourage: Golden Dragon Knight, Giant Elephant Brave, Destroyed Evil Spirit.
Gem lock function.

Real-time battle interface and segment inheritance optimization.
The turntable function is optimized.
Legion Mall props adjustment.
Seven-day music fragment exchange adjustment: the evil spirits replace the martyrdom to join the debris exchange.

Fixed a problem with the countdown to the Deathmatch Canyon.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.4.0
Added: New Entourage: Magic Warlock, Hammer of Justice. New hero: Holy Spirit of the Sword. New item: Artifact aura, can be used to upgrade artifacts (this item does not support redemption artifacts). Adjustment: The turntable function is added to the prize pool game (the prize pool is removed from the "carousel new play"). Deathmatch Canyon experience optimization. Some skill descriptions are fixed. Fix: Fix the four-level mystery treasure card for sale and pass the wrong display. Fix the problem of combat sound noise. Corrected the problem of abnormality in the experience of Sun God and Emperor Azul.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.3.0
[new] 4 followers: swords, sputum guns, holy peacocks, destroying evil eyes. 【new activity】 Real-time battle - Deathmatch Canyon (open from time to time) 【repair】 Fix several skills and some display issues.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.2.0
[new] Add 5 followers: Wind Sword Saint, Sanctuary San Yingling, evil scorpion poison dragon, sorcerer sorcerer, Yulin flower essence. 【Adjustment】 The new version supports inheritance cards and enhanced wizard cards for sale. Upgrade the equipment system and cancel the level unlock limit. The mine can produce artifact fragments. 【repair】 Fix the problem of sorting exceptions in the accompanying illustrations.
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 11.0.3
V11.0 update content: [new] 1 Added 7-day carnival function* 2 New Entourage: Evil Diviner, Ramp, Fox Crystal, Poseidon, Heroic Ten Guards* 【optimization】 1 Optimized the reward for the 2 hour list of Xiao Tao House 2 Optimized turntable store rewards 3 mysterious businessman goodwill increase progress bar display * 4 equipment to increase the option of locking * 5 Add a button to invite other players to join the guild function* 6 Gemstone Fragment Entry Optimization* 7 Adjust and optimize some skills The above content with * requires the latest client support
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 10.9.0
10.9.0 update content: [new] 1 new mystery businessman function 2 Altar added follower order maintainer / nautical pioneer / vindictive / bear the wind sword / sword to wear clouds / harvest goddess / pulse elf gun / killing soul lock / spar pterosaur / abyss pioneer / fallen soldiers 3 new followers: 绝海姬, 凌追追者, evil spirit killer, 食魂罗煞 4 new hero: capture the arrow 【optimization】 1 Optimized the turntable function, the reward is more abundant 2 Optimized the heterogeneous space function 3 Optimized the equipment function and increased the corresponding achievement reward
New in com.igg.bzbee.deckheroes_tw 10.8.4
10.8 version update announcement [new content] 1 Added mystery merchant function (specified event time is open) 2 Add an editable deck 3 new followers [Optimized content] 1 Optimized the settings of some skills in order to better balance the battle 2 Daily random events increase the range of buff events 3 Adjust the rules of the Tianguan ranking [Amendment] 1 Fixed an error in the damage value of the ruling 2 Fixed the bug that the Nether Wraith skill of the Underworld guards would be dispelled by the lava of the Hellfire
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