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Description of Clash of Lords 2: ล่าบัลลังก์

Are you ready to step into the battlefield and grab all your opponents?
Your heroes in the Clash of Lords 2: The hunter must fight against the harsh enemy army! You have to plan and command well to defeat and step up to be the master of war over all the lands! Get ready to get into battle!

The Throne 2 Strategy Game This is a fun new game for you! Build more than 50 hero heroes with their unique forces. Build and defend your base. Then join the fight alongside friends. Fight in both PvE and PvP formats with more than 10 modes! Okay then, let's go!

Game System:
✔ You are the commander! Command to use heroes immediately in the fight.
✔ Match the Hero with the Force with a unique army system.
✔ Choose the type of play you like! With more than 10 modes, PvE and PvP, you can enjoy the game as you want.
✔ Combine the power with your friends! Join Guild And enjoy the players from all over the world! Get ready because you can fight with many foreign friends.
✔ Free Play! Just log into the game every day and you will get new heroes. And many gems!

More: This game uses internet connection to play.
For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/clashoflords2th

Version history Clash of Lords 2: ล่าบัลลังก์
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.161
1. เซ็ท Glyph ใหม่: Fifth's Party
2. ธีมฐานใหม่: Joyous Jubilee
3. เพิ่มฟังก์ชันอัพเดทธีมฐานซึ่งจะช่วยเพิ่มความสามารถในการป้องกันฐานขึ้น ให้กับธีมต่อไปนี้
a)Lasting Prosperity
b) Snowy Mountains
c) Joyous Jubilee
4. ฟังก์ชันใหม่: รีโนเวท
b) สิ่งก่อสร้างที่จะสามารถรีโนเวทได้ในตอนนี้ได้แก่ Sniper tower และ Canon
5. สิ่งก่อสร้างใหม่ในฐานกิลด์ : ถ้ำกิลด์
a) ผลิต Reinforce core ซึ่งเป็นวัตถุดิบจำเป็นในการรีโนเวทสิ่งก่อสร้าง
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.160
New features:
1. New Glyph set: Fifth's Party
2. New base theme: Joyous Jubilee
3. Add the base theme update function which will increase the base protection capability. For the following themes
a) Lasting Prosperity
b) Snowy Mountains
c) Joyous Jubilee
4. New function: Reno
Upgrade accessories to receive bonuses, power and skill.
b) Buildings that can now be renovated include Sniper tower and Canon
5. New building in the guild base: Guild Cave
a) Producing the Reinforce core, which is the raw material needed to rebuild the structure
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.159
New features:
1. Unlock the Enlightenment for Blitz Bomber.
2. Added skill upgrades (UI improvements) for Tidal Guardian and Xaphan.
3. Upgrade the new Guild bot system
4. Event Valentine
a) Add a friendly point system
b) Accumulate friendly points and redeem for special prizes With unlocking frames and special avatars

Improve and balance:
1. Guild base
a) Guild stores will be able to enable / disable automatic refresh.
b) Guild base construction can be used while upgrading.
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.158
New features:
1. New Hero: Officer Reigndeer
2. New activity: turbulent snowman
a) A tumultuous snowman has stolen all our holiday gifts!
b) Eliminate the turbulent snowman that will appear on your base to earn points. And can redeem points for special rewards
c) Collect holiday bags for use in tribute chests
3. New activities: those who come back on holiday

a) Adjust the Lucky Spin prize
b) Increase the number of rings received from hiring a hero
c) Edit the display of various status of the hero in the information page.
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.157
New features:
1. New Hero: Officer Reigndeer
2. New Activity: Snowman
a) Snowman has stolen all our holiday gifts!
b) Get rid of the boring snowman that will appear on your base to earn points. And the points are redeemed for special prizes.
c) collect the holiday chaplet for tribute
3. New Activity: Returning to Holiday

a) Lucky Spin Reward
b) Increase the number of Rings earned by hiring a hero.
c) Edit the status of the hero on the info page.
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.156
New features:
1. Unlock the Enlightenment for the Blockhead and Glory Priestess.
Added Enchant UI to Penthesilea and Imp Mistress.
3. Depot's Deposit Adjustment
1) Improve rival system. (Matchmaking)
2) Increases battle revenge.
3) Reduce power consumption.
4) Reward rewards for bonus missions.
4. Improve gameplay and balance:
1) Increase energy recovery rate in Alchemy Workshop
2) Reduce the gems in the accelerated time in Alchemy Workshop.
3) Add Affiliation in the Hall of Fame: Medical Corp.
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.155
New features:
1. New Features: Powerful Devices
a) Extract the power to increase the difficulty (edge ​​color), increase the power.
b) and unlock powerful spells when power is reached.
c) Customize various status bonuses. With the power.
d) unused device Can be converted to matriline. These matrilines are important ingredients in the extraction process.
New Features: Legendary Armory
A) Add building Arsenal in the myth (Hall of Fame for Equipment)
B) Powerful equipment can be assigned to the legendary arsenal. To win a special prize
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.154
New features:
New Hero: Xaphan (Obtained by Event Only)
2. New Features: Demon Army
2.1) The devil's army will invade your base incessantly.
2.2) Defend your base from the demon army and then award it based on rank.
2.3) Share the demon's chest (received by the demon army) to your friends and earn more!
3. New Battle Royale: Shrine of Anarchy (unlocked after the next reset)
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.149
Updated Version 1.0.149:
New features:
1. New Mode: Despot's Depository
2. Unlock Enlightenment for Ravager and Air Elite.
New Features: Frame and avatar for players.

1. Improved UI rendering of various rankings.
2. Improvements in the Coliseum
3. Improve combat round in Battle Square.
4. Add Hero and Heroes options to the Hall of Fame.
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.148
New features:
1. New Hero: Tidal Guardian
2. Increase the system to get points to participate in Battle Square.
A player who loses a fight will be awarded points to participate in the event at any time based on the outcome of the player's fight.
After receiving points to participate in the event. Points are automatically converted to Battle Square.
The higher the Battle Square, the more points you will earn.
3. New Activity: Despot's Depository

1. Add "Mark All Read" button in Resource Raid and Battle Reports.
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.147
New features:
1. New Equipment: Repulsive Rod
2. New Glyph: Soccer Storm
3. New Function: Hall of Fame
a. Appointment of Enlightened Heroes.
1) Appointing a hero with level 220 to get a star, and if it gets a lot. It's very rewarding.
2) Appointing a hero who is in the same team, all of which give the hero a bonus.
3) You can see the hero that other players have appointed from the page rank in the Hall of Fame.
New in com.igg.android.clashoflords2th 1.0.146
New features:
1. Increases the maximum hero level.
1) Hero can be upgraded to level 220.
2) Increases the maximum level by using holy crystals with heroes of level 200 and Enlightenment to level 25.
3) "Guild Defenders" can be created in the guild base.
4) Send high level Enlightenment to level 25, training in the guild defense to receive the crystal.

Customize and Balance:
1. Other: Improve UI of daily activities and rename daily activities.
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