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Screenshots of com.maple.netherdungeonsASIA
  • 幽行玄城
  • 幽行玄城
  • 幽行玄城
  • 幽行玄城
  • 幽行玄城
  • 幽行玄城
Description of 幽行玄城

Youxing Xuancheng is a dungeon exploration game. The game battles are dungeon turn-based, and the scenes are highly free and random, creating a real adventure experience for you.
In the game, you will play the role of a descendant of the "Missing Fighting Expert", gathering talented people from all walks of life to explore the mysteries of the legendary Xuancheng.
[Game Features]
In the dungeon, every step or use of skills needs to consume a certain amount of supplies, which is a very test of whether the player can reasonably arrange limited supplies, and safely escape from the tomb before the supplies are used up, so as to bring out the Unearthed treasure. With the theme of tomb robbery as the background, with the dark style and creepy background music, players can quickly integrate into the characters and immerse themselves in the thrilling adventure.
Various character occupations, weird and dangerous monster levels, RogueLike's underground palace events and traps, plus the design of black market, treasure hunt and other functions, the ever-changing of each tomb is enough to make people feel the excitement of adventure and the sense of accomplishment when successful. The compact game rhythm and rich game content are definitely worthy of players to explore it.

Version history 幽行玄城
New in com.maple.netherdungeonsASIA 1.5.001001
1. 對據點角色介面UI進行了大幅優化。
2. 為角色新增了Live2D人物動態。
3. 新增釣魚小遊戲功能。
4. 裝備倉庫增加可擴容的途徑。
5. 增加了週常任務系統。
6. 為主線地城增加了“關卡目標”獎勵。
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