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Description of Averbados - Juego de palabras

Welcome to Averbados, a word game where you will learn new verbs to advance through the levels, with more than 10,000 crossed words, look for the combined words and advance to the next level.

In this crossword game there are no time limits or pressure, play without haste and look for connected words that you can form with the letters on the panel, there are all the letters of the alphabet, which will appear randomly so you can form your crosswords .

With each combination you form, you will get a different score according to the letters chosen, since each letter has its own value, so each word in this game will have a different value, form connected words that have letters with many points.

You won't be able to repeat the same word in the same level, but you will be able to create a combination already written when you advance in level, so look for connected words that you haven't already written in that same level. Forming verbs

in this word game is very easy , you can select any letter on the board, without a specific order, look for verbs that are valid, if the word game is correct you can confirm it and get your score depending on the letters chosen for the connected words.

In this word game, you must find the verb needed for the maximum score according to the letters chosen, remembering not to repeat the same connected words in each level.

Test your vocabulary in Averbados, train your mind with the thousands of verbs there are, search for crosswords, mix the letters well to form the best connected words. As the levels advance, look for the different word game without repeating, testing your vocabulary knowledge.

You have the option to change the letters on the board once per level, look for new crosswords with the letters that are generated by pressing the button to change letters, so you will have more options to beat the level with new connected words.

Another option of Averbados, a word game, is to double the value of the letters, pressing the x2 button, each letter will have double its value, giving a higher score to the words connected with the letters with the highest value, look for the verbs with the best lyrics

There are different letters on each board, to look for crosswords that you can combine, long or short verbs, but always taking into account the value of each letter, since the letters are as important as the play on words.

Averbados: Spanish word game that will make you think about each letter and each action to perform, look for incredible verbs.

Original soundtrack by Guillermo Cañete to set the scene while you search with each letter to form the right word, music for word games expressly created for this game.

Clean and nice graphical interface, searching for crosswords has never been so relaxing, thousands of verbs are waiting for you to be discovered.

Features of Averbados: word game in Spanish

- Clear and clean interface, looking for words is very easy
- No time, play relaxed joining letters and creating words
- Original soundtrack by Guillermo Cañete, music for word games
- More than 10,000 verbs, search words with the letters to almost infinity
- Offline game, no internet needed to play Averbados, word game.
- Multiply the points with the best letters, find high-scoring words with the right letters
- Change letters if you can't make a word
- Train your mind, mix letters, search for words and enjoy the best word game on Google Play

Averbados: Word Game is the best game to exercise your mind, play with letters, search for crosswords and relax.

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V1.0 - Mejoras añadidas y bugs corregidos.
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