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Description of Factory World: Connect Map

Welcome to Factory World, the ultimate idle game where you can build and manage your own factory empire! Are you ready to become the richest capitalist in town? Get ready to expand your tycoon business like never before!

This game is very easy to control and incredibly enjoyable to play. Your goal is to connect all the industrial points on the map and create a massive industrial chain. As you progress, you'll unlock new territories by earning industrial points, which in turn will reward you with money and keys. Just tap on land patches to buy them. Be sure to look for production properties - they connect into production chains and begin to earn you money.

Open up more lands and expand your factory empire. Each unlocked territory presents new opportunities for growth and profitability. Plan your moves strategically, as you aim to open the entire map and connect all the states, ultimately forming an intricate network of industrial excellence.

Build your first tap tap factory and develop your city business strategy of idle factory management in manager games. Become the head of the factories inc. Open all map and upgrade traffic in your world!
Develop your own oil wells factory, idle digging and idle factory business. Build toy factory, dig deep for mining, buy territory for industry builderment. Connect roads to make manufacturing work and develop your industry!

Produce any goods you want, connect industry dots and become a business tycoon and idle profit in the new challenging factory simulator game Factory World!

Game features:
- Addictive idle games gameplay
- Сonnect game and tycoon mechanics
- Your mindustry get idle cash even when you are offline
- Beautiful animation
- Simple controls
- A lot of biomes producing unique products
- Exciting gaming session

Open all the territory state by state! Connect mindustry states! Start your money making business in the one of the beautiful and relaxing clicker games!

Version history Factory World: Connect Map
New in Factory World 1.29.1
- fixed bugs
New in Factory World 1.28.2
- fixed bugs
New in Factory World 1.27.4
- added localization
New in Factory World 1.25.3
- fixed bugs
New in Factory World 1.24.1
- fixed bugs
New in Factory World 1.21.2
- added new gameplay with connections
New in Factory World 1.20.6
- fixed bugs
New in Factory World 1.19.26
- fixed bugs for new mode
New in Factory World 1.18.10
- fixed bugs
- added skipits
New in Factory World 1.17.5
- fixed bugs
- added skipits
New in Factory World 1.16.2
- edit sdk
New in Factory World 1.15.1
- fixed bugs
New in Factory World 1.13.2
- fixed bugs
New in Factory World 1.0.4
- added new level
- added new manufactures
New in Factory World 0.17.2
- fixed bugs
- preparing for a major update
New in Factory World 0.14.4
- fixed bugs
New in Factory World 0.1.39
- initial release
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