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Description of Solo Knight

Solo Knight is a hardcore Diablo-like game that has been designed and polished for 5 years. Come and create your Build from more than 200 pieces of equipment and 600 perks. Massive contents await you to explore.

- Introduction:

Solo Knight is a Diablo-like game designed for players who love to hack and slash. You are going to explore the hazardous underground world and fight against different monsters and strange creatures. You can use resources that you collect such as gold coins, equipment, and smelt stones to strengthen yourself. Try to create your own BD via a different combination of perks, runes, and affixes.

-Game Features:

· 200+ equipment—— every equipment comes with an exclusive skill
You can collect more than 200 pieces of equipment. Each of them comes with a unique skill. You can change your equipment at any time you want. Let’s try some different combinations and experience a wide variety of battles.

· 90+ runes—— DIY skills! It‘s all up to you!
Besides a lot of equipment skills, you can also use different runes to change and strengthen the effects of your skills. For instance, runes can be used to increase the number, size, and speed of projectiles. It also allows your weapon to penetrate more enemies, or split up more projectiles when you hit your target. What's more, you can even summon a totem to fight for you.

· 600+ perks——create a growth route of your own.
In this game, you will have two basic perks to represent offense and defense respectively. More than 600 perks provide you with countless options and possibilities. Try to plan your growth route with limited perk points, and find the best way out.

· Leave it offline—— you can strengthen yourself as well.
We designed offline gameplay for our players who are limited by time. In addition to online gameplay, you can also get offline benefits based on your equipment level. Even if you don't start this game for a long time, you will collect resources as well.

· Seasons—— massive contents await you to explore!
The new season will be released every 3 months. In the new season, you are going to experience a brand new system, gameplay, equipment, and perks. All these new elements allow you to create a unique BD. Up to now, we have released several seasons, and we still keep designing more for our players.


It was a silent night with heavy snow. My uncle who was one of the prestigious members of Solo Knight unexpectedly came home from a mysterious place. He took out a shabby parchment which was said to be written by Max, the head of Solo Knight.
There was a blurry mark on that paper. My uncle told me that was the very place where his old friends were located.
Everything's going so adventurously. We finally arrived at the location. What we were facing was way beyond our imagination. Monsters and strange creatures were hiding in the darkness. We had to struggle to survive. Coincidentally, we discovered a vast and miraculous underground world.
My story as a knight starts from now on. Endless darkness and abyss await us to explore together.

- Contact us:


Version history Solo Knight
New in Solo Knight 1.1.454
- Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with us on June 21st, where you can enjoy gift exchange event and a fortune roulette in the game
- A 7-day sign-in event with the new limited Master Panda skin as a reward is coming soon in the Dragon Boat event
- Now you have the option to disable the Void Gate pop-up in the settings
- Added a new mining boost pack that provides you with ores, shovels and a mining bonus
New in Solo Knight 1.1.446
Fixed other known issues
New in Solo Knight 1.1.423
Fixed other known issues
New in Solo Knight 1.1.402
- Added an entrance confirmation when challenging the Void Portal
- Now you can choose to skip tutorials and cutscenes in Settings
- Added quality options for equipment exchange in Loot Handbook
- Fixed other known issues
New in Solo Knight 1.1.390
Optimize some interface display
New in Solo Knight 1.1.363
- Fixed other bugs
New in Solo Knight 1.1.320
- Season 7 is now availiable

- Added Guild system

- Added Essence and Essence crystal

- Added Enhanced Runes

- Adjusted Rebel system gameplay

- Adjusted the reward of Dungeon Trials
New in Solo Knight 1.1.311
- Season Eve Event is now availiable.
- Optimised some situation about did not the return to the Mine after battle.
- Fixed some known abnormal situations.
New in Solo Knight 1.1.238
Fix the abnormal problem of some books
New in Solo Knight 1.1.224
●Spring Festival event will start soon
●Optimized drop mechanics of T11,T12 Dungeon shards
●Reseted the purchases of Expedition-Regional Shop
●Canceled the supplies of the Ghost Department disband
●Added Ghost-Training Department training attributes selection function, now you can set the training attributes
●Added the skipping button of Mode-Defense to start the next wave
●Added potion automatic use function
●Added suit appearance option in the skin
New in Solo Knight 1.1.216
●Added Stone skill--invincible shield cool down
●Increased the Rebuild Stone drop rate of T11 and T12 Dungeon
●Adjusted the Tentacle Staff and Seal Staff skill
●Fixed the issue of Master Monthly Card payment
●Fixed the reward distribution of season rank rewards. Please update and login to the game to claim
New in Solo Knight 1.1.206
●Upgrate to S5 Expedition, demons rise together, and exploration ushers in a new round of impact
●New T11, T12 dungeons,replace a great number new affixes, while you can choose multiple one, the higher the difficulty, the more reward
●New weekend Arena
●New equipment, perks, equipment attributes and rebuild
●Add Christmas suit and a variety of new skins
●Optimizated and adjusted equipment, perks, ghost and other systems
●Christmas event - damage challenge is coming soon
New in Solo Knight 1.1.196
1. Fixed the issue of free items distribution in the store
2. Fixed the location refresh problem of the S4 expedition map
3. New hints for adding excess rebuild stone in forging
New in Solo Knight 1.1.189
·New season race is coming
·Now the first time double reward bonus applies to every gem item in the shop
·Reset the purchase times of Season shop-Expedition
·Bosses on seasonal floor have chance to drop advanced smelt stones instead of enchant materials
·You can now check the loot and skills of the enhanced and elite monsters on the season floor in the floor details
·Added some bonuses for the beginners in event page
·Fixed some bugs
New in Solo Knight 1.1.178
●Fixed the bug that The Void is not appeared when using joystick operation
●Fixed the abnormal strength of Rugged Hairy Beast
●Fixed the bug that Healing Wand can not take effect to the character
●Fixed the abnormal effect of Soul Totem
●Fixed the abnormal effect of the random attribute of duration
●Fixed the bug that the minions summoned by Attaching Blade can be killed in the battle
●Fixed the bug that the second enchanted of the Death Heal can not deal with two targets
New in Solo Knight 1.1.152
●Added an alert for exact cool-down time for Expedition mode
●Added display for boss exclusive equipment drops
●Fixed the bug of abnormal effect of Dark Mantle skill
●Fixed the bug of losing item's icon in smelting under some cases
●Fixed the bug of abnormal display of ancient coins when out of the expedition stronghold battles
●Fixed the bug that the player cannot move normally with the joystick in some cases
●Fixed the abnormal effect of Mana Reserve perks
New in Solo Knight 1.1.046
Add feedback collection,you can get 200 gems by submit feedback or share comments after reaching 24 levels
Add T11-T12 shards refresh function
Support using other music player to play music in the background while playing
Optimize the positions of fire path and ice path effects
Fix some skills would be interrupted when attacking bee,such as King's Beard Bow and Spell Wand
Fix the bug that when knocked back, the attachment status created by the Attach Shoes will be interrupted
Fix other bugs
New in Solo Knight 1.1.025
1.Uncle will join the fight from floor 4 to 8
2.The offline loots is free now.
3.Added the extra bonus function to get your offline loots immediately
4.The save panel now pops up automatically everytime you encounter a ghost
5.Increased the frequency of the appearance of stone thief and rune thief
6.Fixed bugs
New in Solo Knight 1.1.015
[New and Optimize]
1. The filling status of new smelting stone is reserved
2. New copy, endless floor show monster attribute
3. Optimize random attribute view UI in forge page
[Fix bugs]
1. Fix problems that cannot challenge endless levels
2. Fix the boss level and the gold monster level after saving the ghost
3. Fix leaderboard information synchronization
4. Repair S2 numerical calculation problem
5. Fix the problem of equip cannot be forged
6. Fix other bugs
Redeem Code:SOLO2021
New in Solo Knight 1.1.005
[Season 2: Ghost League]
1. Open Season 2: Ghost League, come and rescue the ghosts to help you
2. Added a lot of new equipment
3. New season card rewards
4. Added T11 and T12 copies
5. New equipment lock
Other new feature can be found in the game settings page
Redeem Code:SOLO2021
New in Solo Knight 1.0.117
●Added a new resolve system and currency exchange system
●Redid the skills of some bosses in the first 200 floors
●Fixed the bug that ranged weapons and totems sometimes failed to hit flying monsters
●Optimized some skill effects
●Optimized the display when the character is blocked by obstacles
●Fixed the bug that some minions didn't participate in the battle when using Ghost Wand or Attaching Blade
●Hover Blade's spin speed and attack interval time are now affected by attack speed
New in Solo Knight 1.0.110
1.Fix the problem of the boss on floor 140
2.Optimize AI, automatically switch reasonable target during moving
3.Optimize projectile visual effects
4.Fix the quality problems of craft books
New in Solo Knight 1.0.097
●Healing missile no longer get the bonus from the projectile perks
●Modified the description of the Switch Axe skill
●Now the word [low life] represents the situation that the hp<=30%
●Modified the attack movement distance for the enchanted Double Blades
●Dodge bonus for flying bugs reduced from 50% to 30%
●Fixed the bug that character will be stuned with the Stone Armor in some cases
●Fixed the bug that Regenerate stones are often randomized to the same attribute
●Fixed other bugs
New in Solo Knight 1.0.093
1. Modify the smelting stone to material, it can no longer be equipped, and the quantity can be stacked
2. Enchanting materials are no longer displayed in the pack
3. Several new talents have been added, and equipment has been adjusted for balance
4. Fixed known bugs
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